Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No School

The picture is not from today but the activity could have been. The nasty weather led to canceled school. I snuggled in for a good half day indoors. Slept late and napped early. Drew drove me and the babies to town so they could go to Grandma Bev's and I could pillage my way through Tractor Supply. I so love that store. Just picked up the necessities, dog food, cat food, fat horse food, skinny horse food, and a bag of bunny food. Drew nabbed a bag of cow supplements, and I grabbed a clearance priced hoddie. Doesn't get any better than this.
Found a dog sitter for Howard, so glad about that, a possible lead on a hotel for Lucy. Got to see my sick friend, should post about that but can't quite do that yet. Was most likely the hightlight of my recent life, except of course for "the wedding". Family crisis was discussed, not solved or anything like that, but discussed is good. I took a shower yesterday, that is two so far this week, if you start the week on Sunday. I even prayed for my family a bit, was yesterday; but I am making progress. Our God is so very, very good!
And, I am writing something today. When I am tired, lazy, and kinda depressed I tend to not write, but here I am typing away, however briefly.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Two weeks out

The happy newlyweds have been married just over two weeks and are now on their honeymoon in Gatlinburg Tennessee. I sure hope it is warmer there than it is here.
I wrote the best post ever the other day...only problem was I wrote in all in my head; not a very safe place to store important information.
Much on my heart but not too awful much making it into the gray matter of this weary writer. I am thinking I am much better than I feel, but to be on the safe side I am going to sleep early again tonight. No babies, but they will be back tomorrow. So its best to rest up in advance for any impending sleeplessness to come.

Things on my plate:
building a new house
moving out of an old home
moving into a new home
choosing a variety of miscellaneous items to finish new home
planning for care of babies while in Florida
planning for care of horses while in Florida
planning for care of two dogs while in Florida
caring for babies between now and Florida
keeping Jer straight
keeping me straight
trying not to think I need to keep Drew straight
carpooling every day
current barn chores
daily meals
taking a shower at least three times a week
going to visit a sick friend
going to visit a friend with a new baby
remembering to read my bible once in a while
storming the gates of heaven on behalf of family and all the above mentioned items
current family mini crisis
preventing mini crisis from become major crisis; should see second one above, too big a task for me alone
keeping Kaleb out of toilet
keeping Kaleb out of everything else he should not get into
stop looking for more things to put on my plate

Good thing God knocks me off a horse once in a while to keep my eyes on Him.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

another day bites the dust its been a while. And, this will be short. Alas, it is almost ten PM, the time of night I turn into something very ugly. So very much has happened is just a few short weeks. I am so excited about how kind God is...yes Rob, He sure is.
I should be able to write reams and reams of words about His Kindness, and the excitement it brings into my life. I am a blessed woman, but I must turn out the light so that I can heed a commitment I have been trying to stick to, haven't done it once yet, to get up by six-thirty AM. I have to rise early to beat the babies. They went back to Bev's this afternoon, but I need the practice every day. Otherwise, I have no quiet time, or any time for any thought. Today I fell asleep in front of the TV with Isabella and I watching the Baby Einstein video, "on the farm" I passed out, she ran off to do little girl stuff. So Lynne tells me. It was when she gave me a corner of her blankie to rub on my face that I crossed over I think...Talk about the Kindness of God, how many of us get to share a blankie with a sweet baby girl.
Oops, 10:o7

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What's in Your Diaper

It has been decided by group consensuses that seven consecutive days with babies is a few days too many. Not that it can't be done, and it will be done again in the future I am sure. BUT, it can become a bit overwhelming round about day five or six. One starts to wonder if teeth can be brushed every other day and still avoid decay...I mean enamel will just have to suck up and be strong when fatigue waxes and time wanes. Not sure that is a good metaphor, but the drift is obvious. That above mentioned seven days might not be so bad if there was not a holiday thrown in there; like New Year's Eve, you know the one where staying up late is like required. Also, one baby the bigger one, had an ear infection or some childhood affliction that involved fever, fussiness, and fitful sleep. Grandma is tired, but in awe of how our Kind Heavenly Father, heals babies and sustains their feeble caregivers. What a joy it continues to be to have these sweet boys living in my home and burrowed into my heart. How did Bev put it; when she is away from them for too long she starts craving them. Ha, that is a good way to word it. I do miss their laughter and adorable smiles, but for tonight. I am not thinking about what's in the diaper, but how good my bed feels...