Friday, January 29, 2010

off your butt sandy

Not the exact house we will have in Florida, but one similar. Hoping the sun shines like that though.
whole day of not doing much of anything...tomorrow will be different. Needed today I think, at least that is what dear friends and family kept telling me, as I sat around and did nothing rather well. I think I have even let my fire go out in the wood burner.
Tomorrow I have to plan, pack, pray...not in that order necessarily. I have began to get a few details lined up, but time to ramp up and put 'er in gear. Weather has been fair in the Sunshine state, not amazing. But, I do promise ahead of time not to complain about the cool 50* temps or whine about the cloudy weather. I am sure I will be blessed for that be grateful...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

winter in the barn

Bundled up and ready for anything. It was chilly but our guys are real troopers. Even after playing, fighting, and chasing the cat, they were still willing, sorta, to pose for these pictures. Getting the two of them together looking happy and still can be a task. Good thing for digital photography cause I deleted quite a few. Course they were from my phone camera. Notice the muddy boots. Gotta love dirty farm boys. I have decided that toddlers are like puppies; one is a blast, a great deal of work, but fun to watch, to enjoy playtime, and the silly antics of the small and cute. BUT TWO, oh my...they are over the top. What a weighty gift. The responsibility, the laundry, the poopie butts, the endless serving of mac n cheese. Yes, they may make a mess, or many messes, pee on the new carpet, but what the heck the Stanley Steamer guy needs the work. The smiles are endless and joy immeasurable. No mom, no Grammy, no Grandma, would ever trade jobs with anyone. Thanks dear baby boys for keeping my life adventure exciting and oh so blessed.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kimmel' s to the Core

love to eat

Love to drink

Very appropriate captions for the boys two favorite activities. Yes, Kaleb's shirt is a bit on the small side; shows off those baby muscles nicely though don't ya think? DA always has to have a spoon or a fork, but always eats with his other empty hand. So does that make him left-handed or right-handed? Do we judge by his fork hand or his food hand? Either way he knows how to get it into his mouth. He can even eat yogurt with his fist. Messy, but efficient.
Bev and I spent some time talking today. We are definitely in agreement on the "this is sure stressful" part of the "what to do with a baby girl" conversation. those quotation marks are kinda senseless, sorry. It is past ten. should have written instead of watching Law n Order.
My anxiety level has been elevated. I should make up a color coded level chart like the terror alert to give the family a heads up before they enter the house. I could hang a banner over the back door so they knew how much armor do don before coming inside. I am not sure if it is something physical from my thyroid issues, regular old anxiety disorder, or perhaps a bit situational. Or perhaps a mix of all three. I considered calling a doctor today but wasn't sure which one, so I decided to wait on a sign from God. Picked up the phone and it was a recorded message from the shrinks office reminding me of an appointment I had forgotten, tomorrow morning....Guess we will start there. God's mercy abounds and He is a present help in time of need.


Thursday, January 07, 2010


Spose we all gotta grow up sometime. Baby horses, baby boys, grammies, sons and daughters.
Winter seems to have set in kinda serious like. The view from where I am sitting is white and gray with a few brown undertones. More snow is foretold to be on its way into the area; soon.
I have missed writing and felt the push to get back at it. My time and brain function do not seem to follow the same schedule. Even now nap time is calling loudly. But the house is quiet, even the dogs are not make annoying dog noises, licking, chewing, snorting, scratching. Two large dogs can produce a symphony of annoyances. I cannot believe I spelled that correctly the first time. Spellchecked twice and no apparent glitches. Thoughts are a bit random. Yep they are.
Another Allen and Stacey baby is on the way; a baby girl is to be born mid to late April. The blessed parents are incarcerated, again. History thought to be a great teacher, supposing the student is attentive, seems to be repeating itself. Perhaps one would be tempted to inquire of this writer what the plans are. We are waiting for God to reveal that in a blaze of fire in the sky. Cause at this point no one here has a clue. I am confident there is a Plan, and it will be revealed; but my feeble selfish mind and heart cannot see past their own brick wall of denial. Groaning prayers are offered up knowing God's Glory will be revealed in my weakness.
Alas, I love using that word in literary works, potty and bed are winning this battle. But I did write, albeit, weakly.