Friday, January 15, 2021

Fresh Five Minute Friday prompt


Earier today I was outside attending to my horses and chickens; oh and one lone barn cat, (who's prodding provoked me into delivering him the  inside cat's more expensive better tasting kibbles). It was then i noticed a surprising green. All else dried and crunchy, swirling, blowing, with the icy wind. I had decided to drag my frozen deck furniture closer to the house, thinking I might later tarp it. The bright green held my eyes. So out of place this time of year. Yet there it was nestled under a forgtten glass side table and a broken down wooden crate. How could all of summer be brown and dead, whilst here hidden from the elements, green plants blossomed. Not blossoming, but alive and green. 

Often around this time of year, maybe expecially this year, the outside seems lifeless. Summer so distant, its warmth forgotten. At least myself, my insides seem to shrivle and dry up. I plead for the Lord to give me fresh vison. Fresh hope. My love to come alive. To brighten my soul and affect others to see His fresh grace.

So this morning the lord provided a peek into His freshness, available to me if I look a little harder. The green was safe from the bitter winter, close up to the house, perhaps sensing the warm on the other side. Wise enough to shelter beneath a sturdy shelter.  

Plants and trees and such have been used throughout the bible to point  to a lesson God wanted us to learn. Outside my bedroom window there is life. Sheltered. Protected. Lord, may we huddle close to your warmth. Tuck ourselves into your holy spirit. Covered by your unfailing love.