Sunday, September 05, 2021

Five Minute Friday:City

Night Life 








Lost Souls aplenty 








Just like in the country 

We all need Jesus 

Redeem hearts dear Jesus  

May Your Love abound 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Five Minute Friday: Teach

 A little late to the table. I am going to try and sneak this in. Yesterday was a day full of lessons. Even tho I prayed for a successful for first day of school for both boys, nagging doubts plagued my day. For the younger my doubts were minimal, mostly what did he have on under his sweatshirt. The older was beginning his ninth grade year in a new school. Different from the one he had attended since kindergarten. He needed the added support that the public school offered. His Christian school provided Godly teachers and curriculum, but did not have the resources required to move him through high school addressing his autism. 

Surprisingly when he came home he was light hearted with a positive attitude. With everyone one but me. He hated it and was NOT going back. I smiled, I had expected his backlash he directed towards me. Inside I rejoiced knowing the day had gone ok. 

The younger came home half good attitude and 100% hungry. God surprised my doubting heart. And I was grateful. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

Five Minute Friday: Accountability

 I tend to live a bit of a hermit’s life.  It can be cozy, but also quite lonely. Not much accountability either. My personal and spiritual lives suffer from lack of input from others. In reality one should not have a personal life and a spiritual life. One, I, ought to have a life. A life open to service and also inspection. When my thoughts and emotions are known only to myself, they can become distorted. Drifting from the true and concrete to smattering of hazy, unfettered ideas and wrong thinking. If I’m in a hard place and only turn on inward for my consul and comfort, I have nothing to give myself. I it’s imperative that I reach out to friends or family to secure realistic and compassionate support. In return I can pray and seek God honestly. Right thinking is a result of the love and care of others. It is essential I be humble and receive graciously what God has gifted me. 

Monday, August 02, 2021

Five Minute Friday:Drive

 Recently I was faced with a significant decisions. My fourteen year old grandson needed some extra support academically. He is functional and autistic. He wanted to play high school football in the worst kind of way. Two options, the first logistically and financially way past challenging. The second, enroll him in public school, taking him out of the school and social setting he has known since kindergarten. He could play football at the local high school and get the IEP he needed to give him the education and life skills necessary for him to be successful post high school. Deeply entrenched in his life long comfort place, he was willing to forgo football and stay where he was. Long and short of it, through prayer and counsel, the will of God became clear. And was there ever a battle. 

But God, gently prodded his young heart. And here I sit. Half and hour from home, committed to driving Kaleb to practice four days a week. The future is never for sure. A step of faith and the driving begins. 


Joshua 1:9.  Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Above is one of my cling to verses. Many years back someone spoke those words over me. The hard stuff of life was beating me down. I felt as tho I was the losing one at end of the battle. I was commanded at a time of weakness to be strong. To be courageous. To not be frightened or dismayed. All at a time when my heart was discouraged. Terrified and anything but strong. And yet, God said, you will be; strong, courageous, fearless, emboldened. 

How can it be? “For the Lord God is with you wherever you (I) go!”  In fact I was then, as I am today; regardless of how I feel, or think. I am already all the things God commands me to be. Despite circumstances or trials of life. I am because He is. In His weakness I am made strong. 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Five Minute Friday: Order

 Sigh* Yes, order. So I have spent the last half an hour searching for a verse I know is either in Proverbs or Psalms; or somewhere in the Bible. Pretty sure it’s one of those, Psalms or Proverbs. Goes something like, “For where there is order, there is peace.” In my vague memory, the general gist was something like, if your home is in order, tidy, orderly, well managed; then there will be peace in the home. 

Order equals peace. 

I have a girl, like my daughter, who cleans and brings order into our chaotic home. Beds, laundry. Floors. Lunch or dinner when I can’t. The house will be in perfect order when she is finished. And I will breathe peace  Rugs are vacuumed. Clean tablecloth. No dirty dishes or fishing equipment on the counters or dining room table. I like when I come home after she’s worked, I walk in, house smells fresh. I feel at peace. Free to sit outside or take a nap. Rest for my soul. Released from the pressure of doing what was needed, but so challenging for me to accomplish.

 I love order, but it is difficult for me in my home, my family, my mind.  Maybe if  my thoughts were in order, I will have peace of mind. Jesus sends us His peace. And if I am quiet, open to hear and feel His presence I can expect His order and His peace. 

Ok, like the formatting on this disjointed piece. Can’t figure out how to fix it. Not in o

Monday, July 12, 2021

Five Minute Friday: Summer

 Psalm 74:17  
You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth;  you have made summer and winter.

Spring and fall 
Summer and winter
God hems in the earth
Sets it’s boundaries 
Each season makes possible 
The one to follow. 
Winter snow enriches the soil 
Allowing glories of spring 
Cleansing rainstorms 
Enrich the fields
Introducing summer’s production of food and flowers. 
The existence of humans depend on the cycling seasons 
Autumn paints the hillsides then
sheds its exquisit foliage 
Creating a fertile compost to receive the winter’s crystal blanket. 
So it begins again. 

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Five Minute Friday: Deserve

 Coming from an extremely Orthodox Church background growing up; we were taught fervently that we deserve nothing. We were completely void of any good and wretchedly sinful. And yet oddly, Galatians was the theme book. I embraced Jesus knowing I needed saving. But it wasn’t really about Jesus the person. The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He definitely did the saving, yet our sin nature always present, with no hope of debt relieving grace. Hence the conundrum. At least from a young teens perspective  

 I remember the end of all my dad’s praying, “Almighty God forgive us for we are wretchedly sinful and unworthy, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Years later I encountered a nondenominational church whose  people used Jesus first name. A lot. I was stunned and taken aback  It felt strange to say it. Jesus. Even the third person of the trinity, His name was spoken OUT LOUD!  All very strange  Holy Spirit. And, I could get saved; in a personal way, by a holy but real person.

Honestly, I believe I came into “the saving knowledge of faith,” when I was a teenager, but never given tools or teaching on how to walk out the Christian life. 

Now, I understand I do not in anyway deserve salvation. But Jesus, first name; suffered on the cross, died, and rose for my salvation. AND, placed in me a new nature  His!  Of course sin is still a battle  I know the end and who wins. Sanctification is my journey not a destination  I. Am. Not still a wretch. I am an heir with Christ. My eternity is assured  my soul is set free.