Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ok then, where have I been? Hard to say really. Hiding maybe. Waiting for some grandious flood of meaningful word groupings to flow out of my stiff hands and fingers. Waiting for something important to say. Sound like self-pity? I hope not. Maybe more like pride, not wanting to be seen as one spewing dribble. Laziness perhaps...writing is a discpline; lately my self discipline is not so disciplined. 'Fraid that has permeated other areas of my life. Even now I am sitting, planted more like it in front of the TV. I was working on a quilt that should have went to a baby born last summer, early summer. Spring maybe. I hope to get it done in time for his first birthday. :)
Well,I must get off to bed. Now, that I have opened the gate, perhaps I will contiue to push on and write again soon. Thanks Tori for the egg on.