Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nice Little Butter Dish

Isn't this a sweet dish?
Drew and I are in Gettysburg with his aunt and uncle. Right now we are just hanging around in the hotel watching TV. I have been to two auctions and eaten out twice today. Oh, and also visited a little outlet shopping mall. At the outlets I bought two little coordinating outfits; so very cute. They may become Christmas outfits or at least get the boys pictures taken in them. So I guess you could say I spent a little money. Drew did not come with us to the auction this morning and I only spent $10. Now this evening we went together and the bill went up, way up; but Drew bought several things he wanted. I really wanted this nifty little butter dish to match my new dishes that I bought for my new house. Not match really, just go with. http://cgi.ebay.com/Anchor-Hocking-JADE-ITE-Covered-Butter-Dish_W0QQitemZ370095000545QQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116
I don't know how to insert a link but the above address will connect you to an eBay sale that will describe a similar dish. And well, we got a bargain. I had left a silent bid while we left for a while to rest. When we got back to the sale I had not won the butter dish. I did spy it under the chair of another buyer. As the evening progressed I could tell he was a dealer by what and how he bought stuff. After bugging Drew fairly shamelessly he did inquire about buying my coveted item. I was told "not to break it as it was in mint condition and it was worth at least a hundred dollars. I almost chocked. But my sweet husband bought the dish, for half the suggested retail price.
I was hoping to use the dish but now I am a bit nervous. The similar dish on sale on eBay is listed much higher than the $100 suggested.
OK, getting tired. We are relaxing and having a good time.
God in His Mercy has richly blessed this grateful daughter.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grandmothering is not for wimps

Above are the long anticipated pictures from my visit to my dads. There are more, we may get to them later, but the second baby is almost asleep so I will follow soon.The trick is to fall asleep the minute they do to best optimize their down time. Kaleb just quit thrashing and fussing in the next room, at least I can no longer here the crib banging off the wall or the wails of agony that accompany the, "I am NOT going to sleep" routine. DA is s-l-o-w-l-y drifting off to sleep in the chair beside me. NO, I do not make him sleep in the chair. Remember, his car seat is sitting on the chair beside my bed. I could put the car seat in the other crib in the "nursery" but then the little guys wake each other up. And two up at 3 AM is truly no picnic.
Drew made the comment that if someone had two kids the ages of our guys all the time that they would have to hire two full time helpers. I had to laugh. Sure validates the term full time mom, or the phrase "No, I do not work OUT of the home". He helped me with the baths and bedtime routine tonight. But then this morning before church he said he worked up a sweat putting socks on Kaleb. He never even made it to the shoes. Don't think that I do not appreciate the help he gives. Cause I do...I mean every little bit helps. Right? And the side humor...his struggling with the menial tasks does make the chores lighter.
OOhhh, deep breathing has comenced and I believe snoring is around the corner. Gotta go...to sleep that is. No bodily fluid pun intented, but you may take it that way if you like.
Oh yea, my dad has chickens and we brought eggs home...

Friday, October 17, 2008

snuck in

I tried a different way to sign in. i am to tired to get out my computer. I can do this while lying with my head on my pillow. Even with a laptop you cannot do that. Crazy day today. Zulu came up with a huge gash on her front left leg. Had to have the vet out. She got a pile of stiches and has to be on stall rest for 10 days. She is liking being in the barn but I'm not sure how long she will like not going out.

Erin checked my mare Summer and she is still pregnant. The baby is the size of a football. Heh...That's cool. Christy N was here and rode Janet's horse and Dory this morning. She said Dory is doing well enough to ride. So most of the horse news is good news.

Babies will becoming tomorrow. It is sometimes an adjustment at firs if they have been gone for a while. And since they went home Monday morning it will be strange for a bit. But I do miss them after a while and am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.
I know its early but I am going to try and sleep soon. I would like to try and read now before I get to whipped.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm a rambling girl

I know I should not go on and on like on the last post; I will try and keep this brief. In the past it was my habit to do most blogging right before going to sleep each night. Unfortunately now, sleep comes before all else. I try and stay awake to peck out at least a some feeble attempt at a funny story or two, but alas it is not to be. Even now as I type away Drew has come to bed and is waiting for me to shut of the light. The funny tags for the pictures are just a brain wave or two from my conscious thought. So lets see who can come up with the most witty caption for each pic.
In case anyone did not know...I am fifty now. Yep, one half of one century young.
This has been a busy week for me, an eye doctor appointment yesterday, a vet appointment I had to cancel today, and an appointment at Family Counseling tomorrow morning. I have to reschedule the vet, and an upcoming appointment on Monday in Pittsburgh that I must have forgotten about but cannot fit into my life right now.
Babies come back tomorrow or Saturday until Tuesday or Wednesday. Kaleb had strep throat, and was quite under the weather for a week or more. He seems to be doing better now. I am sure he will be full speed ahead by the time he gets back here. Now I am much too tired to continue. God's grace continues to abound; obviously or I would not have gotten this much out.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Techno Queen

Not really...but a can always dream On my way out to Sunday afternoon dreamland, and I discovered I was already signed in. One baby sleeping. One talking to himself in his crib. No, not Drew! I gave Jer a two hr reprieve from his TV grounding since he is on moniter patrol. I wanted to make go outside but I wanted a nap more. I,ll console myself by letting myself think we will take a walk later. There, That's done. Naptime!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lost Pup

Please pray for my dear friend Cynthia. As if her recent car accident was not traumatic enough, her family dog of ten years had to be put down this afternoon. He had cancer and was in very poor health. We all thought it was doggie bronchitis or some such anti biotic curable ailment. She is very sad, and now has no companion to sit with her through her recovery.
Babies went to Grandma Bev's tonight. Seems so quiet. Restful though. I am weary worn, but looking forward to a few days to rest and regroup. Can't wait to see my house, Drew says the plasterers are done. Hope to get up tomorrow. Also, due to the increase in the size of my part time family; we are trading in my little Lincoln SUV on another Suburban. Not my choice of a car by any means. But praise God we are in a position where we are able to buy what we need. I swore I would never drive that large a car again. More challenges and changes; all in the Hand of a God who knows so much better than I what it is that I need.