Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teenagers, Toddlers, and One Woman's Sanity

I like to title something I write before I begin plucking away. I suppose I believe it gives me direction, like a goal to shoot for or some such notion. Besides it is easy to be quick witted and creative with a mere sentence; the challenge is to be able to produce a longer piece of work that holds up to the title teaser. So if I fall short of my preset goal the delete tab frees me from feelings of failure and self depreciation.

From the baby room, I hear a tractor engine and the chatter of the little farmer at work. The younger brother already asleep is oblivious to all the plowing and harvesting happening in the next crib. Both boys step into turbo drive just before bed, as if trying to squeeze every ounce of activity out of the day. Or, they simply want me to step over the edge.

Shucks, I had wanted to pen so much more; but alas, the lids are droopy and the brain is numb. Evening included an extended discussion on grades, homework, true honesty, and losing television privileges. Tentative conclusions were reached and a glimpse of humility spotted just over the horizon. Tomorrow holds the Hope of new adventures, larger victories, and a riding lesson at 10 AM.

The vet did come last night and administer the usual gallon of mineral oil to three gallons of warm water through a tube and into the belly of the over fed filly. Mia's diet for the next two days consists of banamine paste, and a few fistfuls of hay, no grain. She is most unhappy watching her two barn mates much down sweet feed and a heap of hay. Oh the pain of consequences.

Monday, October 19, 2009

OK, its like this...I am in the barn hanging out with my three year old filly, Mia, who very recently ingested way more goat feed than a horse is supposed to. Have a call into my vet, who is on the way. Just grooming, brushing her; more to calm me than her. Her barn neighbor the not so friendly Zulu, named accurately for the African warrior, stretches her long black neck around the corner to snap out a not so friendly nip at my soon to be ailing friend. Defending my rightful sovereignty as Queen of the Barn, I take a swing at the nasty mare. I miss of course. The rubber curry comb clutched in the defending arm is lost in the momentum and swirls across the yard. My ever-faithful dog Howard, who was nowhere to be seen only moments ago sweeps into view making off with the blue treasure almost before I realize I have lost it...Of course.
And I wait for the vet.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh where O where have I been. Wish I knew. This summer has flown/crawled by, flown mostly. Jen started back to school today with classes beginning on Monday. Jer goes back September 1. Oh nuts.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Brio

Monday morning past, we welcomed Zippo's Cool Brio Bar into our barn family. The little filly was born just after 3:00 AM, as predicted by good friend Barry Beatty. After checking new mother Summer at 1:30 with nothing exciting going on, Jer looked out the observation window just after 3:00 to discover the wee one just kicking her way out of the birth sac. Rushing to call me on the cell phone we kept missing each other as I was trying to call him to see what was going on. Jer was sleeping in the barn and I was at home with daddy-no-arms. Ha...We have a bed and a day bed in the barn office. I will have to continue later as my patient needs a pill and I need to go to bed. Just wanted to post these pics...God is so good to continue to bestow such precious gifts on one so unworthy...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Time Passing

What a beautiful wedding. So much time has passed, and so much has happened. Our lives are full of God's goodness and love. My family is growing and I am loving it. Having daughters, in-law or otherwise, is the best. My sons are happy and blessed by these incredible women that God has blessed them with. I know, never end a sentence with a preposition. Oh well, least of my worries. Our lives are enriched by Jen and Hannah. It's like coloring in the circles that are our lives.
I miss writing. I can't seem to stretch my hours to include the time needed to consider my thoughts and weave them into words. Every day is an adventure; be it with babies, boys, men, or equine. Of course I still have Howard the Wonder Dog, and Lucy, and Lucy the Cat. Each human or animal keeps my life full of laughter wonder. I am filled to the overflow.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

the last few

Funny, the last few pictures I have posted are some of my very favorites. Those two boys are such a delight...in pictures anyways. In real life they are a whole lot of work. Just pure simple, backbreaking, neck-stretching, bend and reach and chase, and spank; work. And, a sweet delight, even in real life. Just bring on the motrin and the heating pad. Ha.
I also like the view from my front porch. In the weeks and months prior to moving up here I did not know if I would be able to leave the home of half my lifetime. I had cried a hundred million tears and relived a bazillion memories; happy and sad. So much of who and what I am came from that old house. But God is so good about getting us through those situations for which we can hold no hope of our own. As excited as I was about the new house, deep roots grew around the house and were bound into the heart flesh of my soul. Yet never once since the first night we slept in this house on the hill have I ever looked back. My California Colonial ranch became home from moment one. And I am forever grateful. I could not ask for anything more. My God is more than faithful; he is generous and kind. I am blessed. And I am home.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Big enough

a sink large enough to bath two babies and still have room for fun. They were not "Home Alone"
Bruises from playing like country boys, not abusive grandparents. Though the one on DrewAllen's forehead was inflicted by his older brother and a door. Today Kaleb came around the back of the Gator and hit his head on the tailgate. Jer told him he was OK and not to worry about it. After only a very few tears he was not worrying. Later though, I did note a little bump and some broken skin. He could have gotten away with a few more tears, if Grammy had paid more attention. While his little brother sat discontentedly in the stroller, Kaleb helped carry manure and give grain and water to the horses. He even called for "Mia" in the field. Any language for him is a great blessing to a grandma's ears.

Below, this morning's second baby arrived with a little help from Grandpa Drew. Still sticky from its bumpy arrival, after only a few minutes of rolling around in the hay it was up walking and eating. A day in the life....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Resting in His Care

So much has happened in the last weeks and months, I am at a loss as to how to describe or denote all of the excitement, crazy emotions, weary toiling, or Grace of God. That Grace has been the overriding factor and evidence of all that has transpired. Our new home is like a palace, not in size but in majesty and beauty. All details come together to create a warm and comfy environment that is a blessing to me and all my chicks, large and small. I still do not have any photos, not downloaded to my computer anyway, maybe this weekend. I want to be able to write, that is one of my passions and also I believe by confirmation from several other persons, unknown to each other, a call on my life. Yet my weariness overtakes my fingers and my brain. Please God, show me how to use the hours of each day in a way that brings glory to you and peace to me soul.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Its as close to official as I can hope for. We are moving on Saturday. So many thoughts, fears, hopes, worries, excitements, WORK, things to think about, to plan, people to feed, babies to care for. Please pray for our stamina, peace of mind, peace of mouth (for me). My biggest fear is that we (I) will not be ready on Saturday. I do not want to frustrate those who have graciously agreed to help. Again, I walk in Faith in a God Bigger than me....

Monday, March 02, 2009

Come O Spring; Come!

Too bad I cannot whip up a poetic sonnet to express my mournful desire for warmer weather. I am on my way downhill to napville, and as usual just want to quickly peck out some profound words to stroke my writing ego and maybe bring a smile or word of encouragement to someone. Procrastination and my usual lack of daily planning have once again placed me in the "do I write or do I sleep?" position.

I can hear the wind howling outside and know from earlier experience how frigid cold it is out there. I was up at the new house this morning and watched some paper and leftover building supplies waving violently in the fierce breeze. Yet inside I could barely hear the roar. Not a hint of the deluge could be felt within my sturdy new walls. Hearing the wind howl and knowing I am indoors protected from its icy onslaught gives me a secure and cozy feeling. Watching evidence of the wind up on the hill, and not hearing or feeling its effect gave me pleasure knowing my new home was safe and secure; warm and snug.
In God's presence there is always safety beyond my understanding or conceivable knowledge. Sometimes when the storms of life rage I remember God's care and take comfort in His Presence. But that is not always my first thought. Rarely my first thought; fear, anger, resentment, ingratitude typically flood my heart and mind. Some other force, or friend usually have to remind me of Our Father's care and His constant protection and oversight. Should I not more readily take comfort in a Powerful Omnipotent God, than the sticks and plaster of a home that will one day burn in the earth cleansing fire? Oh dear my feeble heart. Thank you Lord Jesus that you are always my protector whether I am walking in confident awareness or lazy fear. You remain the same.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

little rewards

Life is full of small rewards, like when your son USES a napkin. We can choose to live life in hesitant anticipation of those mountain moments that do not come around very often. Or, we can relax in the small daily smiles that are the source of a deeper joy when taken as God has meant them to be; the substance or our lives. It is so easy to get caught up in the busy tasks of daily life and miss the hidden blessings that can be found in even the most mundane. I was skimming through some pictures from Florida looking for something to post and this one caught my eye. I do not know how many times while we were away that I found myself saying, "Jer, put your napkin on your lap." After living for several decades with menfolk, I was quite blessed to find one of them actually wiping there mouth with a napkin. Especially one so young as Jer. As moms we have an entire litany of instructions that flow from our hearts to our lips onto what we believe to be deaf ears. So for me to observe an unsolicited act of compliance brought a sweet smile to my face and touched my heart. It may seem as if I am being a bit tongue in cheek, and while there may be a wee bit of that, the picture truly blessed me.
Life can be full of trials and difficult challenges. Some folks have deep hardship. I do not want to make light of hard stuff, but laughter and small smiles are some of God's greatest gifts and finding them in the shadows of life make them even sweeter. Finding this picture wasn't hidden in the midst of a tough trial but in the mundane. I want to challenge myself to be constantly on the look out for happy moments. May God Bless each of us with bright spots and daily smiles.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

on our way home

Saw snow for the first time this afternoon, first time in two weeks anyways.
Snuggled in at a Sleep Inn in southern West Virginia. We have about 5-6 hours left to drive tomorrow. I am very ready to get home to my kids, babies, horses, and hounds. I know the weather is brutal at home, but I will just have to get used to it again.
I love my life in the north, the cold cold not so much, but i enjoy my outdoor chores and even the changing seasons that go along with them.
The physical work keeps my mind and body working more efficiently. Not as efficient as they could mind you, but better than they would otherwise. All day I think of stuff to write; I brought my computer in but now I cannot think of what I wanted to say. Too tired to distracted.
Fox news is on...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

The above sign is posted outside out backyard pool. On the entertainment center propped up in front of a fake plant is a snapshot a rather large reptile. On the back the writing reads, "Entry 11/10/07 the alligator that ended up in our pool" Now, we haven't seen any signs of the creatures and that's OK with me. Some odd ball water fowl here and there, wonder if they are sparse because of what we have not seen.
Other pics are from Universal Studios yesterday on Jer's 13th birthday. Took me till after I was in bed that I realized he turned 13 on Friday the 13th.
I am feeling a little bit better than I was earlier in the week, well not much better really. I have been staying ahead of the symptoms with Motrin and Sudafed. Exceeding the recommended dosing on both, and still stuffy and bleary eyed.
Too tired and bleary eyed to go on.
Will be home Saturday of Sunday. My younger baby grew two new teeth since I have been gone and as well as this trip is going...sans the sickness, I will be very glad to see my babies.
Who knows maybe I will be moving soon after my return.
Oh, and the pizza shop is due to open early March, the 12th I think.
Nite all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Computer in the Rut

Woke up with a cold this morning. Truly, I knew when I went to bed what was coming. Drew has been sick since the trip coming down. He worsened after arriving and only seeming improved today. Coughing, fever, chills, snotty nose; all the worst of cold and flu symptoms. As I drifted off to sleep last eve fear gripped my aching body and my troubled soul. Would I too be afflicted so miserably? I dread sickness with trembling trepidation. Waking, and then working through my daily tasks are daily a bit of a challenge, when I add sickness to the trial I am one unhappy momma. As I woke through the night with a increasingly scratchy throat my anger at Drew and his insensitivity in passing his viral disease on to myself. How dare he sneeze and hack into the air we were forced to share? What thoughtlessness. Uncaring disregard for my well-being. Callous oversight.
Waking in dismay, I cleared my throat and quickly dressed in street clothes as apposed to my usual swimsuit and towel. The local drugstore was my destination. Stocked up on new and cutting edge homeopathic and traditional cold remedies I now await a speedy recovery. By the grace of God I will not progress to the agonies suffered by my dear dear husband.

To add insult to agony, my own personal laptop has suffered a tragic in injury. Unsure if it is mortal I wait input from my dear son Ned. I am about to get a morsel of breakfast/lunch before I open my newly purchased devotional...Meditations on Sin and Mercy, not sure of the title, but I am painfully sure it will convict my vengeful attitude and bitter heart...
Smiling in humility,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Santa Virginia

No more Santa...Yes Drew did get his beard trimmed. Ali did clean him up before we left. I am not on my computer or I would upload a few new pictures. I guess this one will have to do. The weather down here in Florida has been wonderful; sunny, warm, almost too warm for me. We have lounged by the pool. Jer has been swimming but not so much as in the past. We were supposed to have heat in the pool, but it seems like maybe there is a problem as it has not warmed up a bit. I was in yesterday and my skin did not de-ice for several hours.
Ate way too much this evening, ribs and BBQ sliced turkey. Double broccoli but still way too much meat and good stuff. Probably why I am dozy sleepy. I am deeply blessed to have gotten to come on this vacation. Glad God knew best, since I didn't want to come.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

South on 4

The big day is finally here. We are only a few hours, less really, from our Florida destination. Seems like it took us forever to get here. We did to add in an extra day, which means we had to go to Target to buy underwear cause I miss-figured the days we'd be in a hotel. Now we have more underwear packed mind you, but it is in the larger more inaccessible bags.

Jer and I played on the beach at St. Augustine last evening for a little while. He did not want to go, but then ended up rolling in the sand and filling his brown curls and his underwear with the dirty white grains. The shower was a slow drainer so the tub looked like a coal miner had showered by the time Jer was finished. I should have posted last nite from the hotel, but by the time we got in from dinner, I was wiped out. You know from riding, eating, taking a short walk on the beach. Is that a sign of old age or a sick mind? Who cares really....

Truly though, much of it was grief. I lost a friend last night. Not lost, I know where she is, in Heaven's Presence. But she is temporarily lost to me and her large loving family. Jer had gone to visit her with me before we left, I was so very proud of how he handled himself and how he tried to reach out to me last nite. In my maturity and exceptional mothering skills, I mumbled a few thank yous and crawled between the white sheets.
Gotta go, my battery is to die soon.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

snowing a bit

How can someone be homesick if they haven't even left for vacation? I should be in the barn with Jer. Instead I am doing nothing; well writing, but not much of anything. More nothing than something, cause I think my brain has already drifted off to sleep. A no-nap day. Kinda busy.

In case anyone needs to know: someone without a PA state ID card or any kind of ID card can fly on a domestic flight without an ID. Sound like a tongue twister? Try living it for the last 48 hours without getting a straight answer from any government agency. Finally called AAA and got a polite, considerate, hopefully accurate answer. Do nothing. Sure wasted a lot of time and energy doing stuff to find out nothing was what I needed to do all along.

Going to a soup dinner at Skip and Julia's old church in an hour or two. Still have Drew's stuff to pack and gather some last minute toiletries. My computer cord is broken so I am using an older replacement one; the first one broke also, well, frayed apart at the seem. The one I am using now will not allow the AC power adapter to charge the battery. Don't ask me. My brain matter is mush. Maybe I do need this vacation, and I know I sound ungrateful for now wanting to go. Gonna take a short nap...

Oh, and the cat...just kinda how I feel today.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No School

The picture is not from today but the activity could have been. The nasty weather led to canceled school. I snuggled in for a good half day indoors. Slept late and napped early. Drew drove me and the babies to town so they could go to Grandma Bev's and I could pillage my way through Tractor Supply. I so love that store. Just picked up the necessities, dog food, cat food, fat horse food, skinny horse food, and a bag of bunny food. Drew nabbed a bag of cow supplements, and I grabbed a clearance priced hoddie. Doesn't get any better than this.
Found a dog sitter for Howard, so glad about that, a possible lead on a hotel for Lucy. Got to see my sick friend, should post about that but can't quite do that yet. Was most likely the hightlight of my recent life, except of course for "the wedding". Family crisis was discussed, not solved or anything like that, but discussed is good. I took a shower yesterday, that is two so far this week, if you start the week on Sunday. I even prayed for my family a bit, ok...it was yesterday; but I am making progress. Our God is so very, very good!
And, I am writing something today. When I am tired, lazy, and kinda depressed I tend to not write, but here I am typing away, however briefly.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Two weeks out

The happy newlyweds have been married just over two weeks and are now on their honeymoon in Gatlinburg Tennessee. I sure hope it is warmer there than it is here.
I wrote the best post ever the other day...only problem was I wrote in all in my head; not a very safe place to store important information.
Much on my heart but not too awful much making it into the gray matter of this weary writer. I am thinking I am much better than I feel, but to be on the safe side I am going to sleep early again tonight. No babies, but they will be back tomorrow. So its best to rest up in advance for any impending sleeplessness to come.

Things on my plate:
building a new house
moving out of an old home
moving into a new home
choosing a variety of miscellaneous items to finish new home
planning for care of babies while in Florida
planning for care of horses while in Florida
planning for care of two dogs while in Florida
caring for babies between now and Florida
keeping Jer straight
keeping me straight
trying not to think I need to keep Drew straight
carpooling every day
current barn chores
daily meals
taking a shower at least three times a week
going to visit a sick friend
going to visit a friend with a new baby
remembering to read my bible once in a while
storming the gates of heaven on behalf of family and all the above mentioned items
current family mini crisis
preventing mini crisis from become major crisis; should see second one above, too big a task for me alone
keeping Kaleb out of toilet
keeping Kaleb out of everything else he should not get into
stop looking for more things to put on my plate

Good thing God knocks me off a horse once in a while to keep my eyes on Him.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

another day bites the dust

OK...so its been a while. And, this will be short. Alas, it is almost ten PM, the time of night I turn into something very ugly. So very much has happened is just a few short weeks. I am so excited about how kind God is...yes Rob, He sure is.
I should be able to write reams and reams of words about His Kindness, and the excitement it brings into my life. I am a blessed woman, but I must turn out the light so that I can heed a commitment I have been trying to stick to, haven't done it once yet, to get up by six-thirty AM. I have to rise early to beat the babies. They went back to Bev's this afternoon, but I need the practice every day. Otherwise, I have no quiet time, or any time for any thought. Today I fell asleep in front of the TV with Isabella and I watching the Baby Einstein video, "on the farm" I passed out, she ran off to do little girl stuff. So Lynne tells me. It was when she gave me a corner of her blankie to rub on my face that I crossed over I think...Talk about the Kindness of God, how many of us get to share a blankie with a sweet baby girl.
Oops, 10:o7

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What's in Your Diaper

It has been decided by group consensuses that seven consecutive days with babies is a few days too many. Not that it can't be done, and it will be done again in the future I am sure. BUT, it can become a bit overwhelming round about day five or six. One starts to wonder if teeth can be brushed every other day and still avoid decay...I mean enamel will just have to suck up and be strong when fatigue waxes and time wanes. Not sure that is a good metaphor, but the drift is obvious. That above mentioned seven days might not be so bad if there was not a holiday thrown in there; like New Year's Eve, you know the one where staying up late is like required. Also, one baby the bigger one, had an ear infection or some childhood affliction that involved fever, fussiness, and fitful sleep. Grandma is tired, but in awe of how our Kind Heavenly Father, heals babies and sustains their feeble caregivers. What a joy it continues to be to have these sweet boys living in my home and burrowed into my heart. How did Bev put it; when she is away from them for too long she starts craving them. Ha, that is a good way to word it. I do miss their laughter and adorable smiles, but for tonight. I am not thinking about what's in the diaper, but how good my bed feels...