Monday, December 29, 2008

Less than two weeks

In less than two weeks from today my son, will leave his home and begin a new chapter in his life; creating a new family, his own. I can scarce type out the words without the emotion of it all welling up hard and strong from my deepest parts.
Even now my youngest grandson lies beside me on the floor kicking and jabbering and life is being lived all about. Kaleb has already escaped from his crib and skipped his way downstairs and into the kitchen; all the while grinning and proud of his Houdini-like talents. I believe he thinks that the sweeter he looks when he shows up free the less likely he will be returned to his cherrywood bar prison. An older son and his fiancee, struggle with the financial decisions of life and my heart yearns to make it all easier.
Like any life changing event, life walks on. We can keep the pace and continue on the journeys God has laid out for us, or we can allow ourselves to be sidetracked by the changing seasons and squalls of living. But then I ask myself, what is living, clinging only to the soft and easy of life? Most likely that could be done, wandering around in a self-created fog of fantasy, allowing for minimal pain; but not accessing the true joys and deep seated contentments that come from endurance and long suffering. Every moment of breathing must be embraced as a God given gift; cherished, caressed, savored. Knowing that all things work toward the the good of those whose life foundation is built on the Cornerstone Jesus. Truely there is no other who will fill, satisfy, heal, or carry our hearts, none other than the Godchild whose birth we celebrate during this Christmas season.
So while my young man son, becomes a husband, the bridegroom to his young wife, I am blessed, and overjoyed to know that their home will be built on the Foundation. I am blessed he has found a kindred soul who will love him and all his humanness. A sweet woman of God who has chosen to set herself beside him and walk out their life journey together.
With all this joy and happy contentment filling my heart, why then will the tears not stop? Why does my heart tremble as if broken? Nothing could be further from the truth. But it is at these crossroads, milestone moments of life, that all of life reels past our mind's eye and our heart's passion. I see that dark haired infant with the long fingers and toes. I remember my mother, mother-in-law, Skip; I want to hold them each close and feel them close. I want to hold on to all that life has been, and yet not miss a moment of today, all the while anticipating the adventure of tomorrow. How do those without Jesus keep all of living this life in perspective and not implode with it all?
Finally, my babies sleep. The talking book is silent and the singing mobile is still. Thank you Heavenly Father for this day, all its laughter, joys, and disappointments. You are a good God, and I have a good life.
And, it five months I get to do this all over again...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

two days after the day after or A Very Kurig Christmas

The holiday and all its festivities has passed; gifts have been given and received. The giving as always far exceeds the getting in my book. Watching Jen jump up and down over her Kurig coffee maker was the best. Drew bought Ben and Jen, and Ned and Hannah a Kurig coffee maker. Jen was going to put one on her wedding registry. Kaleb and his cars/tractor riding toys was hilarious. Seeing him go from one to the other was a blast.
We are watching a movie that Ned and Hannah bought for Drew and I; "The River Wild". Gotta go the good part is coming up

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Cooties

Before I was fully recovered from my tumble, the snot, slobber, drool, and other baby body fluids had did their duty to me and infected me with a horrific head chest virus. Yuck! As I am just beginning to feel better I will try quickly to catch up a bit. Of course that must be done in the next few minutes as I turn in to a zombie at ten...four minutes from now.
Yes, the wee one is sitting up alone; not too sturdy, can totter over easily. But, it is so fun to see him burst with joy at his new trick. He was the sickest and is now the wellest. Praise God. Kaleb who also had infected ears is coming along, along too well I suppose, as he can now crawl out of his crib and gently let himself to the floor. Very quiet and very sneaky he is. We are working very hard to convince him that his acrobatic stunt is not in his best intersests for several reasons. Discipline being one and not busting open his face being another.
I wish I could go on, but it is past ten...Oh and Ned graduated from IUP this past Sunday. Yea Ned!
I am nearing ready for Christmas. And my house is only a few short weeks from being move-in ready. So much excitement. Ned's wedding is coming quickly also. I am a blessed woman. My life is full of the Goodness of God, His Joy, His laughter, His Grace, the blessing of family, a growing expanding family. I can truely scarce contain the heavy contentment of my sinful heart.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The short of it

OK, Wednesday I fell off of Dory, fell off getting on, mounting. Never got all the way in the saddle, the horse went forward, then went forward faster, into the barn and at nice trot too. I fell to the right, landed on my nice brick paver floor. Landed hard. Went to ER. Nothing broken. Very sore for several days. Still today some. First day I did anything much.
DrewAllen is sick, with bronchialitis. Baby asthma maybe. Too early to tell if it will develop into that. Spent the time I wasn't Vicadon snoozing helping my blessed helpers care for our wee patient. Jen took off work Friday to care for both of us, was here Saturday too.
Ned got a deer, and turned 22 on Saturday, getting married in 4 weeks. His IUP graduation is this coming Sunday. House is coming along. Trying to pick out lighting and such in my free time.
Bed time.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Heating Pad Blues

here I lie, resting on a warm blue pad. My bottom and lower back enjoying the calming radiant heat. The past five days have been quite laid back and also very eventful. Two entire parallel universes have been spinning out of control both within the confines of my droll country girl life.

I just spent 20 typing out the whole story of the above mystry drama, only to have it all disappear into cyber dust. oh well. to late now!

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Uncles these are not all the uncles. I should be posting a few from our holiday Thanksgiving Day this Saturday past. As I have not loaded them onto my computer I cannot. So we must be satisfied with some older shots of the uncles. I thought it would make a nice follow up to the "Aunties". The one of Kaleb and Ben is from last summer which makes it very outdated in baby growth days. But it is all I have and very very cute. Ned and Kaleb are reaching new heights, and Jer and Kaleb are "horsing around". Clever and witty are very tired tonight. But I wanted to peck something out in honor of the holiday.

We did have a grand day on Saturday. All the people I love best were here. Now if you were not here do not assume that means I love you less...but geeze it was all my immediate family. Less Allen of course; which was very sad for me. So to make up for his absence I ate a double portion of noodles and gravy, his holiday favorite, twice. Sacrifices a good mom will make.
Truly though it felt strange not to have him there for the family dinner. They had make to them all the year before.

My faith is weak in many areas, but my hope is that recovery and restoration will be achieved by God's Grace, in His time and by His Perfect Will. I cannot fathom in my flesh how that will play out; but I am confident that all this current chaos will and is being used for all our good. We will see Jesus more clearly as my weakness becomes is His increase. I have the highest degree of respect and admiration for Bev, Allen's mom. She has been very brave and is carrying a heavy load. Thanks dear friend for setting such a good example of cheerfulness and sacrifice. I am continually amazed how God has used us all in ways we could never have imagined. For that I am grateful, along with the life I live that so very blessed!
Below you will find a little photo of a little guy with very little on...