Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mamie-mama. ( found this in the draft box from February.)

And so with only a few minor adjustments, I can post something through a few tears, without reaching to far. 
I am so blessed by Five Minute Friday. By all my young mama friends on Facebook, without whom I would not make it through a day. I read the stories of spilled Cheerios, soggy sheets, elementary school projects, packing lunches, forgotten permission slips, and a thousand and one other minuscule and monumental tasks to be completed by young moms with young children. I'm encouraged that I am not alone in my constant battle to keep my head above water in the never ending flood of lost socks, broken toys, vomit filled lunch boxes (ok that only happened once) glad of that, the daily battle to get to school on time, clean and on a good day with teeth brushed and hair combed.  Difference being, I have young children. And I have grown children. I have  one teenager still at home, and nine grandchildren, if you count the two that live with me as my sixth and seventh sons. And I am fifty five, not young by motherhood standards. Afflicted by a chronic form of MS, symptoms of extreme debilitating fatigue, heat sensitivity, and rendered brain scrambled by stress; I am domestically and clerically challenged, further complicating my success at parenting and marriage. 
     Because oh yea, I also have a husband of almost thirty years who by is own admission is not a "kid person" he loves his children, did the little league thing all the way through rec ball with his post high school sons. Wrestling matches, football games, camping, fishing in Canada. Runs his own business, coal brokering and handling. Because of economy and the War on Coal, layoffs have put him back in a loader ten to twelve hours a day. He is worn out and rundown. A man of faith he knows in his head but struggles to live in his heart. He worries. About finances. And our son also with MS not so chronic, potentially more progressive, already affected with moderate loss of sight. Same son who labors by his side every day, struggling to keep the family business running. Stress abounds at the Shelocta tipple. Not healthy. For sons with MS or husbands with high blood pressure, arthritis, and property taxes that just increased 500%. Four more sons, one on parole, and now back in jail, the reason why we have two young ones. One game commissioner, Wildlife Conservation Officer, whose every call most likely involves a weapon in someone else's possession.  A rebellious teen. And a lost soul we adopted to late in his young life to undo the heart damage he had suffered.   
As a wife and mother to so diverse and complicated crew, i cannot endure one moment not graced my by my Jesus. 
I need my young friends, I need my sister peers. With grown children. With "issues". And Jesus. 

So, I guess that is it. Same now as then. Jesus come closer, cause I need you now.