Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anger Rising

Growing up cow

OK. I am calmer now than when I sat down. Read through Mel Sherf's blog and then bounced around to a few web sites depicting calamities in Africa and Afghanistan. So now that I am not so focused on myself I can't rant with nearly the same enthusiasm. Nothing like seeing real pain and suffering to take the steam out of ones own self pity. Ha. I guess that's why God says LOOK to the needs of others. Its really too bad I had this really witty line about crying out for an article that Rob gave me on anger...

I am so angry, angry, angry. I just want to sin, sin, sin. Oh Rob, Oh Rob, Oh Rob...if only I had that article you gave me on anger. Where is all that paper when I need it? If I had that article now, I would stuff it in the shredder so fast ink filled smoke would fly.

Now, wouldn't that have been funny? I could have vented in a kind of humorous way. Declaring my anger, relishing it a bit; even confessing it as sin; without really having to recognise it as the self serving treachery it is.

Oh well, I guess God knows best. I saw and was affected by the pain and suffering of others. Now my focus is on them, and on praying for their relief, for God's mercy to fall on them...probably better than me praying for his wrath to fall on my, umm, ahh, on the parties to which my anger was directed. I will have to deal with the issues in a responsible, Godly, loving, kind, forgiving, long suffering manner. Alas, such is my lot.

Praise God for His Mercy in my life.

PS I need a word besides "really" to use for emphasis. Suggestions?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Nite

Two dogs scratching...
Hello dear ones.
Sleepy mama tonight. I want to keep writing, but am way past done tonight. Picked out roofing and siding "for sure" today. Windows are next ASAP. I have to get to Dave right away. I just wanted to check on a picture in one of the many books I have invested in. Summer is going by way to fast.

Today was a stressful day for many reasons; reasons I cannot get into on this public forum. Please just pray for us. So many transitions during this "season" in our family. We all need Jesus real bad...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Jer at Dayton Fair Grounds (local show)Kaleb at Grandma's or Baby Red Eyes
Hannah at the same local show as Jer

For everything there is a season...

The spring/summer season is passing way to quickly, but for me the evidence of the passing of the seasons of our lives is quite poignant just now. Too many days have passed since I last left an entry on this blog of mine. Writing is such an important part of my life that it seems sad that I leave it go for so long. Yet the minutes of the days just seem to slip through my fingers and tomorrow is here before I am finished with today. My friends are so dear and keeping in touch with them, again, so important to me. The love and bond that God gives to us as Christians is so very precious. No matter what is happening or not...happening knowing that someone else cares, prays, and wants to hear of our triumphs and our trials warms the heart and soothes the ragged soul.

My children are having children. I have one talking about buying a home and getting engaged. Jer is 12 and old enough for Jr. High. Drew and I have been married 22 years. Twenty-two+ years we have been in this same house. I had never lived anywhere else for more than four years. Yes Vic, I so want to purge and simplify my life and home. Just not sure where or how to begin. I have, begun though, but I am falling short of truly going to the bone. And I want to...go to the bone. It will be freeing. I know that.

I have no more recent pics of the house. It looks the same from the front, but I will have to get my camera up to the hill and snap a few of the "back yard." The sun or non-sun porch is framed in and the patio roof is complete. Again I cannot say how blessed I am to have such a fine carpenter as Dave doing my construction. His creative talent and attention to detail is incredible, and I will have a fine home built with hands that love and serve the Lord. What more could anyone ask for.

We WILL have septic of some sort, just not exactly sure where or what it will consist of. So for those who may hesitate to stop by for fear of a path into the woods leading to a small wooded shed, need not worry. Indoor plumbing will be installed.
Ben is well. His eyesight is improved, not restored, but better. Beginning to search for a house, and an engagement ring I believe. Ned is working hard on his internship, still employed in the tech department of the IUP library. He is sharing much of his free time with one of my favorite persons, Hannah Caldwell. Randy continues to try and find his way.
Jer is spending his summer in the barn and on the horses. His riding has improved greatly and is a joy to watch. Allen and Stacey are enjoying their new son and he is growing and gaining weight like a champ. I am very proud of them. We need to find them a house or apartment closer to us so grandma can spend more time with the boys and Gigi. The back yard of my new house is going to be a grand play area. Adventures will abound.
Sleep is pursuing me. God's timing in all things is the right time. In His Wisdom I will rest. A fire by night and a cloud by day will guide me along this life course.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On the Road Again...

The harvester wagon is a bit in the way but this is my house this evening. The windows look small, they are not. Ha, way too cool. Maybe that is every one's theme song. "On the road again". I was in Ohio on Monday. Went to see my little filly that is in training our there. I am very excited about her progress and looking forward to bringing her home soon.

Vic...there are many closet country fans in the church; they just all suffer from "fear of Mark".

My new puppy...Howard Howard is an eight week old Labradoodle. Mock away Rob. Drew did. But now he loves him. A Chocolate Lab mom and full size Apricot Poodle dad created a batch of some of the cutest puppies ever. We are having a blast with him. Very smart. Not house broken but deals with his crate and "goes" outside whenever he is taken out, which is often. Drew begged me to let him sleep with us last night. It went OK until morning when he did not get taken outside quite fast enough and peed on the bed. Tonight he is in his crate. We bought him from the family that owns/runs the farm where Mia is. She thinks he could grow up to eighty pounds. Yikes. But that is why I chose him. He is very laid back, almost lazy. Does play but in kind of a clunky, "I'm a big dog kind of way." Hilarious.

I am trying to upload a picture of Hannah riding on Monday. She drove along with me to help drive and to learn and help me remember what was going on with Mia. She also texted Ned a picture of Howard and with his encouragement I was brave enough to bring him home without asking Drew first.

Hannah and Flash

OK. Time for bed. I'm a little sad the last few days. Ned got his apartment in town last week and he finished moving out on Sunday. I miss him terribly. Tonight, instead of making sure the door was unlocked and leaving the porch light on, I locked the door and turned out the light. Sighed a deep sigh and said a mom's prayer. He's in a cute little place and pursuing God diligently. I am blessed.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Horse Show and Other Stuff

Getting readyFront wall is up (all are now)
View from living room window

Competing on the rail