Saturday, February 27, 2010

memories not forgotten

A picture of an old friend, but one who was a friend for only a short time. browsing through photos hoping to find a writing inspiration as if this morning's Chambers" reading was not worthy of was, very much so. So much so that I wrote it all day in my head. Now, seems like work, and maybe requiring more thinking energy than I have for this late in the day. As it always seems, I have some profound thought/s I can hardly wait to share with the waiting world only to weary of the work of it all.

Now this mare, she was a fine woman. Strong, vital, energetic, willing, but all the while expecting you to prove yourself worthy of her labor. I myself never rode up on her sturdy back. She came to stay while I was grounded from a larger fall; breaking my collar bone and confidence for a long season. I watched her work, carry others around; proudly, confidently, with purpose and dignity. For only a few short months she lived in my barn and under care. Somehow she slipped away one early afternoon in an equine hospital in Ohio.

It was a sad, very sad event in my life. Did I miss a sign? Was my lack of experience at the time a factor in Ginger's tragic death? My friends and the experts all say it was just one of those things. A fluke. Did I get to see the hand of God, or witness His Wisdom Unfathomable? NO! Not then and not now. Do I proclaim is Goodness, YES, as I always will. Do I understand? No again, but I am so in love with Him and confident in His Greater love for me that the answer does not need to be found in this life. I rest in Him.

Monday, February 22, 2010

These are the good 'ole days

Kaleb and Jeremiah almost three years ago

I feel like I should be singing the song from Fiddler on the Roof; Sunrise Sunset. Swiftly do the years pass. And yet, each day is filled with all the meat and cheese of life. Filling, satisfying, frustrating, terrifying. Wonderful, amazing; Gift of God.
Embracing each new dawn hoping to catch even a glint of the Plan Eternal, peering around the curtain anticipating assignment to even the most menial of tasks; knowing that His Kingdom will come and His Will shall be done. Hallelujah I have been awarded a part in the Holy Pageant.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pilgrimage North

Left sunny Florida on time, just after 9 am. Course, we left our guest house, villa if you may, at 9. Were in Florida a few more hours. Continued north through Georgia and into South Carolina. Now snuggled into a Holiday Inn Express in Columbia SC, I am so ready for sleep. Tomorrow looks to be a long day. We hope to get as far north as possible knowing the weather is ready and waiting to slow our travel. I know this is short but am travel weary. Missing my baby boys I am sad to leave the sun behind but anxious to feel sweet chubby arms around my neck.

Monday, February 15, 2010

This One's for You Vic...

I have not been the blogger I should be, and I am real sorry about that. We have had a busy week here in the Sunshine State...not so sunny since we have been here. I keep telling myself and everyone else that "I am not complaining", but that is most likely not so true. I mean we drove all the way down here, rushing out of the house a half a day early, driving deep into the night to stay ahead of the snow; only to be forced off the road and into a Hampton Inn sometime around 4:00am, sleeping only a few short hours before we headed south again. We did wake to find the highway closed due to snowy conditions which caused several accidents, at least two involving tractor trailers. The delay allowed me a morning nap and Drew the chance to do what he does, phone calls, and Fox news watching.

Still, somewhat hazardous, initially travel was slow. Frozen snow and ice clumps rattled the our innards and reminded us of the highways of western PA. Normally by North Carolina we should be experiencing warmer temps and a few posies at the rest areas...

Guess its getting late. Will have to continue my lament tomorrow. Began the process of packing while watching HOUSE reruns and my new guilty pleasure "24"

Just got word my travelers landed safely in Pittsburgh. Now they have to get their bags, drag them through the snow, try and find a Tahoe under a mountain of frozen white. Hopefully the roads will not cause them too much trouble.