Saturday, February 17, 2007

Picture of Jer and Sam at Gatorland
Saturday Nite
Here we sit. Went to dinner late; then to Target for a quick stop. Dinner was wonderful, as usual. Smokey Bones is right up the road not too far and they do have great ribs. The food took a little while, but the place was really busy. The Daytona 500 is tomorrow and many people stay here in the Orlando area. Quite a few folks could be seen sporting race wear. We had to wait over an half an hour for our table. BUT we were not disappointed. Yum, yum.

Of course anyone who has ever traveled or eaten with our family would know... we eat good, darn good. Last night we went to a place called Vito's. White tablecloths, black-tied waiters(resses). HUGE steaks and chops. I had pork chops, they were incredible; almost 3" thick, fire-grilled, some kind of grilled pepper mix that included a hot variety. So you had a fantastic grilled taste coupled with a zesty pepper flavor and a melt in your mouth texture.

Not Saturday, Sunday
Well, here we sit again...same place different TV show. Tonight it was Cracker Barrel for dinner. We went there after the rodeo, and after horseback riding early in the morning. We had a very busy day. My bones are very tired, and pretty darn bounced about. An old quarter horse is a whole lot bumpier than my Paso Fino. Cool is not the best a her gait, but her on a bad day is Cadillac smoother than the trail horse I rode today. I just thought she was bumpy. We have two paint horses at home, now they have a jumpy trot, but as trotters go they are smooth. Jer's Appaloosa is pretty rough. Today's ride took the prize for most likely to bruise my bottom. I wisely took four ibuprofen before we left to ride; I just took four more a few minutes ago. Sort of a preemptive strike. Well, not too preemptive, I am already starting to ache big time.

It's funny though, all this pain only makes me long to ride my own equines. I am getting homesick for them. Pain can often be a catalyst to work, or to pursue a better quality of...of anything we are involved in. "No pain, no gain." An often spouted axiom, is based on scripture, maybe not directly from the first time spoken, but God does promise us increased character, greater spiritual strength, and a more intimate relationship with our Savior when we persevere under duress, hardship, and personal trials. So every time my bottom or legs or back start to ache I will have to remember how much fun we had enjoying the early morning Florida sunshine, the family fun that was had; all well worth a few pains. As with the pains of life the reward often equals or surpasses the painful trial. And so the gain definitely justifies the pain.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Whooppee...I am back! Well no, I am in FLORIDA! But, I am back on my blog. I feel like I have been snowed under. OK, not snowed under; it was 75* hear yesterday. Shewww, it was hot. We went to see alligators, and later we went to Dixie Stampede AND I go a whiff of my favorite cologne...HorseSense.

I have to run for now, we are on our way out the door, shopping. We had to bundle up today, long sleeves and jeans. Burr.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cool White Sand

Well, take two. I began the tale of Travels South a few minutes ago, but somehow backspaced myself out of the working window. I wonder how different the old Apple computers work. Do they zap stuff into cyberspace as easily as the PCs or is it all about my incompetence?

Anywho, we are in Florida...just arrived here a few hours ago. The hotel is right on the ocean. I was determined if I was going to be in Florida I was going to see the ocean. By the time we checked in and took our stuff to the room it was dark. So, we tramped off behind the hotel, through the pool area, across a walkway, and up over a gazeebo. The walk continued over the dune and dumped us out on the cool sand. Of couse I had shoes on up until that time, but kicked them off just to feel the sand between my toes. The sand was not warm but I am on vacation and I am having fun. At the very least I am going to experience the ocean, the sand, and everything sunny and warm.

The walk to the water seemed to go on forever; it must have been over a hundred yards. The dark night and the cool temps gave an almost somber sense to the evening. Jer was little nervous to walk into the darkness with the sound of the ocean so far distant we could hear it, but the longer we walked it was if the waves kept creeping out. The white caps could be seen we never did get to them. The waters edge seemed miles from the roar of the rolling ocean. Toes in the shallow cool ripples was as close as we got to the big water.

I am getting tired, and worse that my throat is a bit sore. Please pray that goes away real quick. More tomorrow when we get to our house. I hope I do get to see Soppress and Felipe, I guess we can stop at the farm either way.

I think my Bible is in the car. Will have to look for a Gideons....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cold Enough Yet?

Burrr....The temperature in the barn rose all the way to ten degrees today. The farrier was here this morning and we were in the barn for almost two hours. Jeff said he was not cold. I was OK until the last twenty minutes or so, then my toes started to lose feeling. I lied and told him I was bothered by the temps. But by the time we went into the office for me to get a check to pay for the work, I was more than a bit cold. Why could I not be "man" enough to just say yep, I'm cold. I mean I am a woman...what's the big deal for me to admit to a man that I was cold. And, it was what, ten degrees? Now, I do dress for the weather, multi-layered, good boots, a hat and a hood. Heck, I don't care what I look like. Sheesh...What kind of pride problem do I have?

I have to get to bed. I overslept this morning and I cannot do that tomorrow morning. Jer has a two hour delay but as of yet school is not canceled. I enjoyed having him home these last few days. Of course today I was busy in the morning and then did not get a chance to spend much time with him this afternoon. I had big plans for today, big plans on what I had wanted to accomplish. I must remember that tomorrow is another day. And regardless in just a few days we will be on vacation. Anything I do not get done before then, will just have to wait till we get home. And moreover, God is bigger than any of my failures. I do have my share of failures, but Jesus has already perfected them by His perfect life and His sacrifice on the cross. My prayer is that the Lord would show me the balance between resting in His Grace and standing up and stepping out in faith to become more like Him.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Me and my Girl

So what you think? Meet Cool and I down in Lexington VA last summer. We were looking pretty fine, uh-huh! The picture is a little blurry; and it didn't used to be one I liked much. But, after looking at it today I decided we did not look so bad after all. She always looks good, but the costume I am wearing was a bit uncomfortable and I felt like a geek. Geek or not you can see the love in my eyes, hers too if you look close enough. Believe it or not she was considered to be overweight at this show. We won't discuss what I was considered, which might be why the get up was not so comfortable. I remember thinking then she was a bit chubby, but the picture sure doesn't show it. I must have it bad 'cause when I look at pictures like this I get all emotional, as if Cool was my kid or something. Weird huh?

We made it to church in time for almost half of worship. I was so jazzed. It was so good to be in corporate worship. The power of God invades and captures. My spirit was lifted and revived. I will miss my church when I am in Florida, which by the way we leave for in only five days. Whoopee! I am excited, but I miss my home, Ned, my horses. Like I said, my church.
My dear friend Cynthia became a grandmother on Friday past. It's almost like I became one too. Ali has been my almost daughter for over fifteen years. I am so very proud of that young woman. God has given her a beautiful baby, but Ali is a great momma. She handled little Isabella like a pro, gentle but confident. Her sweet care was a joy to watch.

The night is again blustery to say the least. The crisp clarity of the last few eves is gone, the swirling winds are stirring up fallen snow. Blowing white coupled with overcast skies have created a heavy misty blanket of cold. Tonight my equine friends seemed a little more content to be inside. I hope to open their doors for a few hours tomorrow. Even though they were not kicking the doors down to get out, I know they must be getting cabin fever.
OK the dog needs to go out and I need to stretch my legs. I just had a funny thought though, I can post photos of us sitting around the pool enjoying the warm sunshine while I am in Florida. The pool is located right out the back door in a screened in lanai. I hope that won't cause anyone any problems....

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oh What a Nite

Pitch black, bright almost full moon, sharp piercing cold, its night again. Something about night that stirs deep emotion...Checked on the new heater in the office, seems to be working OK; but the horses are strangely quiet, their breath showing long and steamy. The peace outside the barn is fierce, but inside eerie silence. The horses seem to almost sense the coming frigid temps; expressive round eyes beg for a change of venue.

God is so good. All the time. I can trust Him now during the bitter cold. The animals do not have the hope of tomorrow. I wonder if they remember that it has been cold before, only to warm back up. How much do horses know to anticipate? They sure know when breakfast and dinner time is supposed to be.

I seem to be rambling. I am getting tired. I know that I am sure glad that God has reveled Himself to me. He has shown me His goodness and made me glad.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Winter Winds

Walking across the yard this evening I could hear the wind snarling in the distant corners of the night. Heavy darkness and fast-falling snowflakes smother all sounds local; the eerie roar of the wind and desperate peals of a few hounds trying in vain to frighten off the coming Arctic chill are the only sounds. Already the barn seems farther away than the several dozen yards I had just hiked and the black quiet settled deep into my heart. How cool is it when, an Arctic freeze, heavy snowstorm, and deep black night bring a peace and calm so sweet that all is invisible except for the beautiful face of Love, and the face belongs to Jesus.