Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What can anyone say? Many folks are saying many many words. Words, way too many; too many empty words; words spoken simply to fill space and time before real information is available. Real information about a horrendous tragedy that has gripped a nation and terrorized young people in Virginia and college campuses all over the US. The term "talking heads" had always seemed a silly label given to media members by peers whose heads happened not be talking at the time. My definition of the word has not changed, but the talking heads seem more aggravating than usual during this current national crisis. The aroma of my baking dinner rolls is reaching the family room, means I better check them...more later.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Days of Slaughter Rock

Back when the older boys were younger they used to fish in the creeks by our home. The surrounding woods and fields were their hunting grounds. Rabbits, squirrels, and other woodland mamals were all subject to their Mark Twain-like childhood. Most furry critters were able to scamper or dart away out of reach of pellet guns, snares, and later small shotguns. The fish were not usually so fortunate. In our front yard thirty yards or so from the house, there was and still is a large flat rock. It covers a pipe Drew had run from his garage floor drain. Countless fish and more than a few forest creatures met their fate on that flat stone. I suppose most were dead before they reached the rock. But it was here they were prepared for the fire or the frying pan. I am sure my young Tom and Huck killed more than a few defenseless varmints for no good reason, but many were grilled, broiled, fried up, or otherwise prepared for eating. Ben and Allen roamed the woods and fields in search of conquests and adventures, finding a wide variety of both. Yes, they shot stuff they shouldn't have, trespassed on the neighbors property I am sure. Much of went on out there will probably stay out there hidden in the secrets young brothers share.

Today my young men have grown up problems, and bigger worries plague this mamma's heart. Skinned knees, concussions, stitches, even broken curfews seem like a lifetime ago. Little troubles for little boys. Simpler times, easier nights. I know God's grace will abound in the lives of my sons. He holds their futures and loves their souls more than I ever could. Deep in my spirit I trust their tomorrows to my loving God. Today though, I cry out for the faith to trust their days to His plan and care. Grown up problems and mess-ups can result in serious consequences. Draw them to you Lord Jesus and have mercy on their messy lives. Redeem their foolish choices and bring glory to your Kingdom by the great works You will do.
Bring your peace to this mother's soul. In Jesus Name.

I miss the days of Slaughter Rock.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Welcome Grand baby (son)
My oldest son (step) has a girlfriend who is pregnant with his first baby. Sonogram on Tuesday identifies it as a boy. Boy oh boy! I am so excited. It is kind of a bittersweet excitement as both son and his girl have had and I believe still could have addiction issues. I am trusting God to protect this little guy. Caleb Daniel, Daniel after one of Allen's best friends who died, of an overdose. Caleb was Joshua's partner in the days after the Exodus. Years ago when Allen was a pre-teen maybe, we were at a Celebration Conference and Allen had a prophetic word where he was referred to as a Joshua. I reminded him of that today and suggested that God was sending him his partner. We have to keep planting seeds. I have known for some time that the baby was coming but hearing about the sonogram makes it real. Knowing that so far he is doing OK. Stacy said the doc said the baby weighs four pounds already. I don't know if that is enough for seven and a half months, but he has about eight or nine weeks to grow.
I am having a baby shower for them at the end of the month. I still have much planning to do; not one off my strong points these days. Anything that requires prethought can be challenging. I have been wanting to catch up on my blogging, but I have just been distracted and kind of brain numb. Nothing like new life to spur my on. Pray for this wee one, that his parents will desire real change in their lives and ask God to lead them to new life in Him.
Time for me to get to bed. Grandma tires easily.