Thursday, May 07, 2009

the last few

Funny, the last few pictures I have posted are some of my very favorites. Those two boys are such a pictures anyways. In real life they are a whole lot of work. Just pure simple, backbreaking, neck-stretching, bend and reach and chase, and spank; work. And, a sweet delight, even in real life. Just bring on the motrin and the heating pad. Ha.
I also like the view from my front porch. In the weeks and months prior to moving up here I did not know if I would be able to leave the home of half my lifetime. I had cried a hundred million tears and relived a bazillion memories; happy and sad. So much of who and what I am came from that old house. But God is so good about getting us through those situations for which we can hold no hope of our own. As excited as I was about the new house, deep roots grew around the house and were bound into the heart flesh of my soul. Yet never once since the first night we slept in this house on the hill have I ever looked back. My California Colonial ranch became home from moment one. And I am forever grateful. I could not ask for anything more. My God is more than faithful; he is generous and kind. I am blessed. And I am home.