Saturday, December 29, 2007

Technically bad photo, but one of my favorites
Saturday Night and I ain't Got....

Ain't got what you might ask, well I ain't got hives, or warts, or fleas; Lucy might but she keeps them to herself. Ha. I ain't got nobody bugging me, right now. Ned is out with some friends; Jer is in his room listening to Odyssey CDs. Drew is snoring on the couch and I have been trying to search the Internet for some info on the nephrosplenic ligament in horses. It is a ligament that connects the spleen to the kidney. Cool and Ginger both got their large colons wrapped up around this ligament, displacement its called, causing their digestive systems to slowly self destruct, which ultimately caused their deaths. I been missing Cool and was trying to make sense of it all. So I guess what I ain't got is my horse.
Mostly, I can deal with the loss, Grace abounds; but some days, like today it just all seems to cruel. The pictures, I love to look at them, but they don't have her musky horsey smell. I know I did not lose a human relative or friend, an animal is just an animal...but they can also be dear friends. She gave me her best and that was a challenge for her. Cool was not one to give anything easily. She had deep seated fears and insecurities and she kept her true self all to her self. Until she allowed me in, tentatively, slowly she allowed herself to trust me. And eventually, I think she even loved me some, as best a horse can. All that long day she remained calm as I stood near. Ned had told me to stay close to her and I did. Up until they led her through those swinging doors I had my eyes fixed on hers. Walking, moving caused her great pain. Every step up until those last few had been halting, forced. When I asked her to move forward that last time she did, without the earlier hesitation. So much so that it caught me off guard, almost startling me. My breath stuck dry in my throat as she disappeared behind the swing of a door.

Sorry for the blue post, its been brewing for a while.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Here We Go

Well here we all are, some of us anyways. Ned has more pics; I wil have to get him to email me some of the ones he took. Gabrielle is in the pretty red dress, by herself and playing with Ned, Ben is relaxing on the loveseat in the kitchen...of course I got him with his eyes closed, and Drew doing what he loves best.

I started this blog entry yesterday, or maybe Christmas night, not so sure. See, I did a dumb thing yesterday. Yea right, like what on earth could she do now?...Bent over to hook a strap on Zulu's coat, never a problem when she is in her stall or cross ties; out in a turnout right next door to a handsome gelding, well all bets are off. I bent over, not thinking, really really not thinking, Zulu and Joey are starting to get into it, her back feet fly, do I. All my air is pushed out of my lungs and even hollering for help is near impossible. Jer says I screamed like a girl, but I cannot imagine that. Ha! Sheldon and Jer were in the barn; Jer ran for Ned and Sheldon helped me gather up what was left of myself. I sat for a minute and then decided to hobble to the house. Poor boys, they must have been scared to death. I know I was.
Several hours of ER time later, I was pronounced break and bruise free. Internal bruises anyway. I have a small two--three inch hoof shaped bruise on my abdomen and a much smaller purple mark on my elbow. I cannot imagine what broken ribs are like 'cause I am having enough trouble laughing, coughing, or ahhh moving.
More later...I think that's enough for now.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So far so crazy

Pictures tomorrow. Everyone is in bed, asleep? Hopefully. Drew is waiting for me to turn out the light. Allen's gang was here, what fun, but crazy. The GRANDchildren days have begun. Yippee! But, Wow!
Pictures and stories to follow.
Happy Jesus Birthday. Good night dear friends.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just for You Rob

Gift for Kaleb that I assembled yesterday, even remembered the batteries

Hummmmm....what to say, what to say!
My day started for real around 6:50, fresh coffee made by Ali, already brewed in the kitchen. Played with Isabella, wow what a cutie! Watched Jer pout his way through a haircut. Ned says Jer is old enough to have control of his own hair, hence no haircut. I say when Jer can control his hair, he can have it as long as he wants. Run Jer up to the bus at 7:30, back to the house to yack with Ali and suck in another cup of coffee. Oops, forgot, short conversation with Ned before he left for work, before I took Jer to the bus. To the barn, hay, water the equines, heckle Sheldon while he picks the stalls, I usually clean two while he does the other three. Sew a horse blanket, heckle Sheldon some more. Take Sheldon home. Bake some cookies, you know the kind where the dough comes in a tub and you just glob them on the pan and remember to take them out of the oven. Wrap a few gifts. Nap. Fix dinner. Wrap a few more gifts for some friends whose home I am to be at by 4:00. Do evening horse chors. Send Jer back to the house to change, way too much poopie mud on his pants to "wipe" off. Drive Jer to Murphy's to meet Ben for tutoring. Taks stuff to Goodwill. Pick up gift certificates, stop at CVS for three small gifts, back to Murphy's. Get Jer and visit with the coolest family around. Drive through, YackDonalds. Eat in car. Dollar Tree for gifts for Jer's little friends, and teachers at school. Martin's; me in car, Jer gets the soda for his class party. Home. Sit on couch with Drew. Up to bed. Blog for Rob. Day over. Ahhhhh

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is the tree that Ned built....
Complete with the ornament tubs that I should have moved for the photo.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snowy Days and Mondays

Yes, I have not been diligent to write. I have not even checked my email for two days. I must share tho, Ned stopped on his way home from work and bought me a Christmas tree. I have been wanting to get one but have not been able to get out when it has not been raining torrents or snowing a blizzard. Plus, it takes a few more muscles than I have to get it in and out of the truck, drag the stuff out of the attic, trim up around the bottom of the tree with a hack saw, stand on your toes hanging by one hand from the ceiling to top the bristly green giant. Now, my living room is strewn with boxes, ornaments, plastic tubs, and fake greenery; but I have a fully decorated Christmas tree, with red and green lights, pointsettas. and a red bow tied to the top. Thank you Ned; today you were my hero.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Early to bed early to rise
(older photo that serves here)

I went to bed last night around eight-thirty. Yes, I was up before six. Laid in bed for a while until restless guilt drug me from my favorite comfort zone. I need the Lord this morning. Every morning right? What really woke me today was some serious anxiety. Racing heart and thoughts, shortness for breath, pounding chest, and of course my personal favorite, that sensation in your head like it is just going to implode. Whine, whine, whine, yep that's...not gonna be me today. I need to get in the word and read the truth of God, not my personal reality which screams this day is gonna suck. Ha! Sounds like me. But the God who lives in me is more than able to equip me to rise above the trouble in my personal land, and bring victory to my body, spirit, and soul.

Jesus, captivate my thoughts and fill my mind with your word, your truth, your thoughts, that I might live this day for your glory, the good of my family and friends, and the furthering of your kingdom. Amen...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meet Lucy the Cat...
That cat on the wall, that cat on the wall, that cat should not be on that wall, oh no she should not.

Not much to say, I have been busy in my own slowwww motion way. Yesterday was a big horse day, spent much of it in the barn, rode Zulu, the big black mare. I only rode for a little while, until the torrents of heaven opened...again. But I spent some time doing horse and barn maintenance. Janet came out for a while, we were gonna ride until the leaky sky nixed that. I had been on Zulu briefly before she arrived. So I worked on braiding up a few tails for winter. You braid strips of cloth into their tales and then tie them up, like in half. It keeps the mud and ice from ratting them up too badly over the winter months. I still have a few to go, as it can be a bit time consuming. Janet played with Joey, giving him a good once over grooming. We tidied up the tack room and swept up a bit. It is always fun, and relaxing to hang out and do horse stuff. I was outside from around seven thirty until after two thirty. So I was bushed. Drew brought dinner home from Bruno's which was a real blessing.

Today was almost as hectic. I had a Dr.s appointment in Elderton around eleven, took over an hour. Came home, ate lunch, slept, and Janet came back over today to do some more horse stuff. When the weather changes rapidly like it has been these last weeks it is very hard on the horses, causes them stress. The stress can effect their digestive system which I have explained is very delicate. We mixed up ground bran and water and stirred it into their regular feed, giving them a very mild laxative of sorts. Kinda keeps them from getting bound up which is what can cause real problems.

After that I came in, finished up dinner, fed the gang, the gang of two and got ready to go meet with a contractor for our house. Can't share much about that yet, but will in the near future. Pretty exciting stuff. We are going with a little bit different plan, but I am confident in God's hand in the project and am content to let Him lead. Funny, I give up a few of my desires to achieve a greater good. in other areas of the final production. Kinda sounds like a good lesson in there somewhere.

Nothing pithy or all that spiritual tonight. I am tired, and I need Jesus. Doc said I look OK, but have to have a couple of tests run. This aging has some interesting side effects. Gotta get some sleep, morning comes fast.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another Family Gathering

Here we have my family oh...forty seven years ago or so. I think that's my cousin in the bassinet. My mom was so beautiful.
Yep the cutie in the back is me right beside my grandpa. Ah, what a memory, well maybe the picture triggers some later memories, but I do have some that go way back. I may have been two or so. Don't know if this was a holiday or not, but back then every family meal was a little on the formal side. The table was set, tablecloth, napkins, all the silverware lined up properly, butter on a dish, all the food in/in its own serving dish on the table. Look, even candles. No burping, ever.

Ha, my mom would just choke if she saw my dinner table. Food served from the stove, butter sitting in the wrapper right on the table, only as much silverware as needed; no spoons unless there is soup or applesauce. Sometimes the day's mail or newspaper lying around spread out, 'course that could serve as a tablecloth. And burping, you might think it was required. I do not prefer it, but I have grown accustomed.

Like right now, some burping is going on, but at least we are not at the dinner table. Watching the World Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas on TV, so maybe burping is appropriate. Some guy just left his horse and landed hard and into the rail around the outside of the arena. He was competing in a steer wrestling event, missed the calf but nailed the railing pretty good. The horses are beautiful, of course I am wondering if that one got a thumping. Their job is to keep their rider safe and out of trouble. It was not a bronc event.

A fine thing happened to me this morning. We broke into small groups at church to pray for an upcoming outreach. I was blessed to be in the same group as My son and got to listen as he prayed. I was blown away by his maturity and love for the Lord and the ones we hope to reach with the gospel. God often gives us little gifts of joy to temper out a day's grind of the ordinary. We must listen and look closely so as not to miss the small blessings. Blessing of sweet words spoken, a kind thought, a bluebird in a neighbors tree, no junk mail in the box...well haven't seen that one yet, but you get the picture. I am practicing recognising and enjoying the everyday. Because the everyday is the life we live; it should be the life we enjoy. God has ordained it, it has to be good.

A Family Christmas Portrait
Scary enough for you Rob? Ha. No...its not the Adams Family. My mom and dad, and my brother and I about oh, thirty years ago. At Christmas too, so the pic is seasonally relevant. I am on my was down for a nap. We had the company Christmas party last night and everything went real well, except that we were late, the last ones to arrive, no not true, the next to the last ones to arrive. Doug and Cynthia came in a bout five minutes after us. So no one was there to greet our guests. Yikes! Did I ever feel like a heal. Our tardiness did not keep anyone from enjoying the appetizers or getting a bar drink or two. I was glad to see every one relaxed and having a good time. I wonder if they would have even noticed if we did not make it? Maybe when the waitress brought the bill?

Sleep coming quickly.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Been two hole hours now...

OK, just got home, well an hour or so ago; had a wonderful time at Ned's birthday dinner. He thought it was going to be just family, and Hannah. We surprised him with just a few friends; the Snyder gang+spouses and significant others, Molly and Andrew, Sarah, and Josh. David was away, Meg working. The cool part, Ned was surprised. No one is ever surprised, at least not any party I have ever planned. Well, I do remember one for Skip when he turned 75, but that has been awhile. Ned thanked us over and over. He was so sweet. Truly incredible what the Spirit of God can do. What has happened in Ned is so fun to watch, and so God. That I have had to do nothing is even better; it has been all the Lord. I am tired. The cold really takes it out of me. All that energy my body uses to keep itself warm is draining the pool usually tapped into for other things. Like maybe walking, speaking clearly, brushing my teeth, which I have not done yet. This blog will drive Rob back to the Japanese, pretty dull stuff.

Oh, here's a funny; a few months, maybe six or more, I bought a book, Organization for the Creative Mind. I loved it, dove right into the first chapter or so. Laid it aside and promptly forgot all about it. At the time I thought it would revolutionize my cluttered mind and home, I was that impressed. Today...I needed a safety pin to fasten the sleeve of a flannel lined jacket I wanted to wear to the barn. I knew I had a pile of them, but where. I looked in the half dozen or so places they should/could have been. Nope. I started rummaging through a box, in a cupboard I have not been in for ages. Ned is in the other room on his computer when I start laughing our loud, alone. I explain that I have figured out my problem and hence what causes the him and the rest of the family to live such a kaotic life. The book, the one I loved, that would change the way I think and live, was in a bag, in the bottom of a box, in the back of a cupboard I never go in. Maybe I should just read my Bible. I know what pile of clothes its under, beside what chair, in my room, by my bed. I would only have to dig around for a few minutes...Good thing God loves me, Good thing He has a sense of humor. Ha. Ha. Good thing He blessed me with one too. Bundle up and burrow in. Hold on to the Fire of God.

Ooops, I got the title wrong, and the premise; time management, organization, same ting, but you get the idea.

Hey guys...I posted my brains out last night; where in the heck are ya'll?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

If you see Ned on Thursday be sure and wish him a happy 21st birthday!!

A Pile of it
OK Vic, If I had the energy I would laugh out loud. Ha...if I thought my nerves would have stood it, than yes I do wish I had been there. Truly though, it does not sound a whole lot different than me trying to get out of bed in the morning. "Oh Jesus, help me please, just help me get my feet onto the floor, I know you can help me lift my head off the pillow. Thank you, oh no there it goes again, buried back in the softness of it all." Roll over, pull the thick squishy quilt over my head. "Please help me not to hit the snooze, AGAIN..." It can get worse after that. I even get up, late, wake Jer, and crawl back in bed. The standing upright can be a challenge, down the steps, make the coffee, check the temp to know how many layers I need pile so as to not freeze to death feeding my equines. Back up the steps, start to squeeze into the under armour, sit back down on the bed, fight, fight, fight, the temptation to lie back down, even on top the covers, half dressed feels soooo good. Well, you get the picture.

Today the blacksmith, ferrier, horseshoer was here. Now that we have a barnful it takes five hours or so to get them all trimmed and reshod. Means five hours of standing holding one horse after another while Jeff picks up their feet, trims the hoof one at a time, pulls off the old shoe, nails on a new one, trims the nails, refiles the hoof to look nice in the new shoe. Not everyone gets shoes, only the horses that get ridden a bunch. We took the shoes off Poco, Jer's pony, since he has not been ridden so much lately, pulled the back shoes off the big black mare, since she isn't doing much either. Turns into quite the production. Except to go in once to pee, I was not in the house from eight in the morning until almost three in the afternoon. Bless you Janet, it you had not been here to relieve me and help hold the kids, I am not sure I would have made it. I even got you to hold the hard ones. Of couse Poco is not so big and bad with that chain tied under his upper lip. No don't anyone get all PETA on me, its humane, just a wee bit uncomfortable. Keeps 'em manageable in case they want to kill you, which he, Poco, does when Jeff is nailing on the new shoes. All of a sudden our sweet little pony turns into Jack the Ripper, really. So yea Janet, you are the best to come stand around in the cold for hours on end holding on to the angry end of a half a ton of angry horse.

I was almost too tired to even eat lunch, I found some leftover potatoes in the fridge, nuked 'em, and curled up on a heating pad just to bring up my body temp to somewhere near normal. Honestly thought a tough day, bad day, in the barn is better than a good day almost anywhere else. I have really found my sweet spot. Drew may be the one shoveling it up above, but I'd rather be shoveling manure than any indoor chore I can think of. Huh. Who'd a thunk it? God has poured His blessings upon me. Equine therapy, nothing better.

Here's a pic of me and my girl in Lexington VA at the one and only Paso show we ever went to. One was enough, not my game. But she sure looks purdy don't ya think? I miss her bunches, days like today, maintence stuff where she was such a good girl, just doesn't seem right for her not to be here. First time Jeff had been here since we lost her. When I told him about her light being burned out the next morning after her passing, I thought he was going to tear up. Again, the mercy God has poured into my life amazes me. That I should have such dear friends and horse folks in my life simply blows me away. The every day little blessings are the very best. They make life dear, precious, and sweet. Jesus physical hand in our lives comes in so many surprising ways.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Big Night Out

The night on the town in the City turned out to be quite a night. The party was held in the Hilton Hotel on the Point in Pittsbugh in the largest ballroom between New York and Chicago. Nine hundred guests enjoyed a delectable dinner, dessert, and dancing; well not all nine hundred danced, we did not. I guess last year The Clarks played; someone else did this year, but they were good, kinda retro rock. Each table sat four couples, eight people; four ribboned boxes from Sacks Fifth Avenue and a lovely wreath decorated the tables. The picture above is less than half the room and it does not show the dance floor; the tableclothes were white but other than that you can see how fancy it was. The company, Rosebud Mining Co., the business hosting the gala spared no expense to ensure all thier guests had a wonderful evening including a room in the hotel. Not all of us had rooms in the Hilton; we were sent a few blocks up the road to the Omni William Penn, which was simply WONDERFUl...100+ years old but with every modern convience. Our room even had bathrobes hanging in a closet half as big as Jeremiah's bedroom. I could wear one for free but if I wanted to take one home it cost $96. Ha! You can go on line and order on for yourself.
Too tired to continue...

Lobby William Penn

Friday, November 30, 2007

Something Old Something New

Welcome, Ms. Housewife. Thanks for joining us in the blogging room. I hope you enjoy your stay. Here at this ranchero we have five sons and seven horses. Of course three of the boys have their own homes, and only two still live at home, The older, soon to be 21; will probably be here only a short time longer. Ahhh, they grow up so very quickly. Ned, he was my first baby, youngest before Jer.

The picture above is from 4H Roundup a year ago. Jer took Poco this year. I have been trying to find good pictures of all the gang, but unfortunately Jer and Poco fill the mose space on my computer. Zulu is the black horse above. She and Cool were are first horses. We had just those two for a year or so before we started getting all crazy about it. Yeesh...We got big quick, good thing we are not into rabbits. Heh. Zulu, the queen of mean, is drop dead gorgeous. A guy driving by on the road 200 yards from the pasture asked Drew about her one day. The truck driver did not know they belonged to Drew, well me, but anyway he knew Drew lived in the area and asked who owned the black mare, he was going to buy her. Drew kind of chuckled and said he did not think she was for sale. The trucker insisted saying he had the money, still not knowing she was our horse. Drew told him he did not think his son would sell him. Ha. Ha. Anyway she is an eye catcher. She is wonderful with people unless you want to ride her when she is not in the mood. She hates all the other horses in our herd, except maybe for Cool, my horse we just lost. And honestly, I think she has been way crankier than usual since Cool's passing, like she is grieving but does not know how. When she has an experienced rider on her she moves like warm oil, an incredible thing to watch.

OK, I have to get some sleep, Drew accepted an invitation to a Christmas party in Pittsburgh tomorrow night, the offer includes a room overlooking the Point. Nice deal I guess, but I am overwhelmed by the physical effort the whole thing will require. I am sure God will uphold me, but the drive, there will be 900 people there, dancing, which we all know I cannot do with out falling over, I have to find horse care for two feedings, and Jer care for overnight. Yikes, better get to bed.
Remember His Goodness and Rejoice in all things.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ain't She Cute

Baby Mia, otherwise known as Princess Mia, 'cause she thinks she is, a princess that is. As the baby prima dona of the barn she loves to make her presence known at all times during all activities, no matter what else is going on. As seen in the above picture she hangs her head out the window of her door nebbing into any and all that happens. Her halter hangs, occasionally, on the blue halter hanger underneath her chin. If you do not pay her the proper attention the halter can be flung out into the hallway, drug over her window frame and into her stall, yes sometimes finding its way into something smelly; she has been witnessed chewing on it and twirling it around like a scarf.

She is affectionate to a fault. Imagine a 700lb baby wanting to climb in your lap. Not quite, but she loves to rub her head on whatever part of me she can reach. Forking manure, feeding, filling her water bucket all mean being inside her stall for a short time or a longer time. She will follow me around chewing on the manure bucket, or the handle of the fork; nibbling on my shoes, or jacket, or hair. Occasionally she will nibble to hard and receive proper chastisement. It is important she learn what is acceptable and what is not. Biting is not. Like Buddy pictured in yesterdays blog, she is a natural smile producer. Her baby like behavior and pretty little face can cheer even the crankiest. Good thing I've got her. She makes me smile and reminds me patience is an act of will that we must practice every day and depend on God to impart His Holy Spirit to empower us. 'Cause like any toddler, or older child she can try my patience. Ha. Nite time and lights out.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Girl of Few Words

Buddy or why I keep horses, the smiles never end.

Geezzz, I feel bad, it took me so long to post, Rob had to comment twice on the same blog entry. I am such a slacker. He He... OK really though, I am bushed, went to Kittanning in the morning and Indiana in the evening; too much running for me. Saw my med nurse this morning to get my happy pills and took Jer to meet with Ben M. for tutoring. While in Kittinning I stopped by Tractor Supply and grabbed a couple of gifts and some horse supplies, daily wormer and a new muck bucket. I wanted to mention the daily wormer just to get a rise out of Rob. Gotta keep him guessing. The new bucket will be a real blessing. The one I have now has broken handles and the sides are cracked a bit, so heaving its contents into the Gator can sometimes me a wee bit messy. But I picked up a few cool gifts and got my nieces finished up. Also purchased a late birthday gift for Sheldon and one for Ben M. Missed both their birthdays by several weeks. Good thing it is the thought that counts. I get lots of credit for good thinking, just not so many points for good doing. So, now I get both, even though I am sure to be docked for tardiness.

Trying to remember if I bought anything for myself. Rarely do I go to TSC without rewarding myself in some way for my hard work and servant's heart. Tongue clearly pushed hard into cheek. I am just weak, and I do give into temptation easily at my favorite store. I think I picked up a magazine, not too big a splurge.

Sorry to hear about your rough day Vic. Too bad Robbo is so insensitive and rubs all his fun in your face. ;( Whoo I am getting tired, the nasties are coming out.

God is good, I am not, thank you Father for sending your Son.

We meet with the builder again on Friday to get his estimate for our new home. I can only pray it is not so high as to send Drew to...some bad place.

Much love to all.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Comments Galore

Picture...James on Poco (summer riding)

Wow! Robert riding bareback, Vic ripping up the sod on a renegade stallion, and Janet and boys cantering on the hill. Gotta love those stories. I am sorry I napped through the Hilltop Derby, for sure. And Vic is right, I love my saddle. I have tried riding bareback, but just do not feel very secure. I could ride Cool around in the round pen some, but Zulu is too big, Poco too small, and I don't think I could climb up on Joey with a ladder and a western saddle, let alone bareback. It's funny horses do bring out the cowgirl/boy in all of us.

All the equines in my barn are nestled in. Jer shut up the doors this morning, but no one complained. He said the rain was just pouring in, puddling inside the stalls. Joey was pawing a bit this evening but not so much that I was convinced to let him outside. The pasture would have been off limits today anyway, as the first day of buck season in Pennsylvania sends every non-hunter, two footed and four footed alike indoors and out of the line of fire. My Paso filly is a nice red road color with a blond mane, she may easily been mistaken for a chestnut brown dear with horns. Not in my mind anyway, but an anxious dear hunter might just do that.

The threat of a stray bullet is also a big scare for moms and pet owners. I remember when the boys were younger keeping them inside. The season lasts for two weeks and everyone stays indoors the first and second day, and also both Saturdays. The in between days they would have to wear orange knit caps or hunting vests. Seems strange to think about in a way, that I would fear my kids getting shot at so casually. What I mean is as I write about it, the hats and the vests where what we did but that I tell the tale without angst or irritation is amazing. Think about it though some folks in the world send their kids out every day into violent neighborhoods and locals. How do they cope with that. A few days a year I would pay special attention to my children's safety because of foolish carelessness. These moms must worry over their young ones because of hatred and evil. Why should God have allowed me and my family be born into relative peace and freedom. I am grateful, Jesus spur me on to a higher level of gratitude and larger world view that I might pray for those beyond my easy world.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

From the Horse's Back

I found this photo when I was transferring pictures from my camera to the computer. I believe I have most of my files moved from my old laptop to the new one. I even went through Drew's laptop and found some stuff I had not seen for a while. If I could just get my Outlook to work I would be thrilled. I know... I should like call Windstream or something, at least that's what Ned says. Its just so much easier to whine about it than to do anything that requires effort. And as Vic had said earlier, talking to someone in India after an eternity on hold, directed by a patonizing a computer genterated voice...requires a ton of effort. Heh!

Anyway, I took this picture from Cool's back earlier in the fall. If your were ever wondering what you'd see if you were atop a horse; this is it. Now of course, really you would see more of the horse, but this is where your eyes are supposed to be. The horse knows where you are looking and if your gaze is fixed straight ahead, confidently, he/she is confident. Your horse depends on you its rider to lead and protect. As herd animals horses depend on the alpha horse, usually a mare (female horse Rob), that the alpha is a mare says something else I won't get into right now; but anyway your horse depends on you to know if danger is in the wind, predators lurking nearby. A good rider must become the alpha and lead their horse companion confidently, not gazing anxiously about. Atop your favorite horse is the best place in the world to enjoy God's creation, but it must be done in a way that does not make your friend fearful. A horse will follow the direction of your eyes. Intuitively they know where you are looking.

I believe we can do the same for those God has placed in out lives. As we fix our gaze upon the cross, and Jesus completed work, confident in His care and covering; others will be drawn to us and want to walk the path we have chosen. The path God has called us to travel, following in His footsteps, may not always be pleasant or easy; but definitely it will be a journey worth traveling. A journey that may wind through hills and valleys, across raging rivers and alongside gentle streams but our end destination will always be the arms of our Saviour. Hallelujah.

I do miss my horse though, this is a bit of a valley...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Day After

Today was a grand day. I am definitely whooped though. Got up a bit late, but was still in the barn by eight-thirty. Horses were ticked for sure, but they adjust quickly soon as they get their morning hay. Heh! Just like a pack of hungry men. I did not say much about yesterday, but it was a pretty cool day too, the best of days really. All my boys were here, my brother and his family, and my dad. Allen's kids, yes kids...Stacy has a a three year old, who is quickly becoming Allen's daughter. Kaleb, their almost six month old baby stole the day just by being the cutest guest. I put up the photos last night, but I am having some trouble editing the photos on the blog site. On my old laptop I used to be able to move them around easier; now pics do not even show up on the writing page, just a bunch of computer code. I suppose I will have to upload, or download, or overload some kind of upgrade. I imagine a Mac just comes with all that kind of stuff preloaded. Lucky Mac men.

Dinner went wonderful, the food was tasty; and Vic I had lots of help. I even got a bit of a nap. Drew roasted the turkey, the ham, and whipped up the deviled eggs. Stacy chopped the veggies for a relish tray; she also peeled and boiled the sweet potatoes. My hands cramp badly with too much peeling and chopping, so that was a huge help. I had boiled and mashed the white potatoes the night before, also baked the frozed pies. Ned and a friend baked pumpkin gooies,a yummy cream cheese and pumpkin cookie/cake bar, served up with Cool Whip. Mmmm Mmmm. I/we kept the kitchen sorta cleaned up as we went along, so it was not so awful this morning. My sister-in-law and Ned did a bunch of dishes and ran the dishwasher.I guess mostly it was just a blast the whole time, Wednesday, Thursday, and today.

My family, huh, usually at odds, or cranky, or just being a pain; they were all just wonderful. Wonderful!Definitely a day to be thankful for, a day to celebrate thankfulness in all its incredible, and credulous facets. I could not have asked for a better gift.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us Kimmels
What a grand day was had by all. How good our God is: mama Kimmel is very grateful!!I am missing a photo of my brother and his family. They were here too. All my best loved ones, all in my house, all at the same time. Laughter, good food, and feeling fine. What a blessed woman I am.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Achy Braky Bones

My skin hurts. Ha! I am feeling some better, thanks Vic. At least that was until I went with Drew up to the new farm where the cows live. We had to give the calves, like eight of them, two separate shots, an antibiotic and a stomach aid. Cows are not like horses, you cannot just put a halter on them, hold tight, and medicate. These guys, well girls mostly, six heifers, and two bull calves, are pure crazy. Drew has a chute with a gate that slides up and down on one end and a hinged saloon door looking thing on the other. We have to drive them through the sliding gate into the chute. Someone else drops the slider gate from behind, and then the calf has to be coaxed through he saloon door just far enough so that the double doors can be closed on their neck. Now it is not so tight that it hurts them, just holds them so you can do to them whatever they need. Sometimes, like today, they were sick and needed shots. Other times they might just need a vet check, or some other attention.

Today we had help, it is at least a three person job, two can do it, but not if one of the two is me. Ha. Our friend Hannah was the third today. She ran the drop gate. My job is to herd the calves behind a hinged gate that forces them into the chute. I have a big stick in one hand and the gate in the other. As soon as the calves look like they are approaching the gate, I have to swing the gate over and block them in so they can not escape, leaning on the gate with all my weight and strength. I have the weight...but the strength is not so great..Now I am so sore from chasing, pushing, climbing over the gates, just plain working to darn hard.

OK, just got done reading to Jer. I have a chill now burrr. My hair is still damp from the shower I could hardly take. Hah, this whole episode would be funny if I had the energy to laugh. At one point a calf in front pooped all over the head of the one just behind it. Hannah called her a poophead. I could go on and on I suppose, but I am too darn tired. So, its off to bed for me. I am enjoying girls day on the blog. Keep up the good work ladies. Once again I must end by declaring my undying love for the Lord and avowing His goodness. I got to watch two of my dearest friends ride two of my favorite equine pals; got to farm around with my man and Hannah, wrastled the calves, made a decent dinner. Now if only I could walk or stand upright...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Perfect Summer Afternoon...

I know it isn't summer, for sure; but I love this picture. I should have cropped it, but alas, my PC did not come with a photo program loaded. In addition, I only have a few photos transferred from the old one to the new Dell that I am using now. Maybe the mention of PC and Dell will draw Roberto out of the Arizona woodwork. Heh. Heh. Strangely quiet without his clever ramblings. Since I put up the leather couch welcome mat we have all been much quieter, though Janet has been a welcome addition.

I think the photo is to help me remember warm days so I can make the transition to wet winter a little easier. Cool and brisk I like, cold and dry I can dress for. Damp, drizzly, and cold is simply not fun at all. I am persevering though, I have been either in bed or on the couch; but I managed to drag myself into some outerwear and out to the barn to do the evening chores. I do believe the groaning and moaning had my dog Lucy a bit uneasy. At one point she was whining and trying to crawl on my lap while I was running the Gator. I must have just finished bending over or reaching or shoveling something, and was trying to catch my breath. The unpleasant coughing and wheezing had her spooked bad. That may be a bit of a streach but I did scare the dog once, and she did try and climb on my lap.

I am counting heavily on the healing touch of the Lord overnight. I have much to do this week. We are having Thanksgiving dinner here. My kids and there "others" bring our total up to ten or so, that is without my brother of his family. I need to take a break. God's grace to all. He is so very very good.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Much to say..

But as usual I am headed for a nap. I decided to insert that comfy sofa on the front page of my blog. Make you all feel welcome...Ha Ha. Truly, I think it seems right.

A dear friend stopped to see me last evening and brought me a frame with three pictures of Cool. It was such a sweet appropriate gesture. I am moved beyond words. Only a short time ago I was complaining about not having many pictures. Now I have three in a frame. How good God is to give us such wonderful friends.

Friday, November 16, 2007

High on a mountain...Not really a mountain, but the hill on our new farm not far from where our new home will be.

I Finally got this photo to upload. Turns out I was doing it all wrong. Go figure. Just beyond where she is standing is where I fell off and broke my collar bone. The fall happened during a different ride some time later. Ironic, I took the picture with my cell phone the first time she was willing to trail ride up on the hill. We were alone, and she was very brave. Both of us were very proud; it was a monumental moment. It is one of the few good photos I have, and its not the best. Our first real trail ride, my first fall, one of the only pictures I have. Huh!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ya'll pull up a chair...
and set a spell.
Heh, Heh?

I cannot believe I got up three times, well went back downstairs three times, which is worse really, to get the Reader's Digest and I forgot to pick it up each trip down the stairs. The quote I wanted to ah,... ah quote from was by Denzel Washington. I don't want to take the fire out of any future yarn I may spin. But I am just aching to explore or, expound upon his words, especially since the subject of the unmentioned quote is so where I am right now.

Trusting God when you do not like where He has taken you, or rather you, OK or rather I, I am not happy about what He has allowed to be take from you/me. We all mourn, grieve in different ways; not all of us sob wrenching sobs for hours upon end. Maybe, some, myself, sob wrenching sobs for short periods of time, at random times, alone.

I am positive beyond all doubt that my God lives, that He has all things under His control. Part of the quote, which I am not going to use here so I can use it later, when I remember to have it in my hand when I sit to write; part of that quote said something like, "He's got me covered."

How much more eloquently can it be said? I have struggled for words to peck out, eloquently peck out, from my inner core kind of words, that would convey my grief and yet not undermine my bottom line spirit peace. Grace deep in my soul has pervaded throughout this week as I have walked out what I can only state has been and indescribable loss. My Cool was like a best friend. Non-horse folks can draw comparison to a long time family dog, loyal, obedient (sort of), affectionate, desiring affection, coffee loving, willing to lead or follow, and possessor of the largest deep brown eyes. When I say deep brown, I refer to a spirit that lay beneath the pigment, a being who would stare back into my eyes, and know. Know what? Just know.
Our last minutes together were spent like that, just staring, sharing the knowing. I cannot write that without my nose scratching and my eyes itching. I hesitate to even share it as it is such a deeply personal, intimate moment. Recording it seems almost blasphemous. Not against the Lord, surely you know, but almost a betrayal of a whispered confidence.


Rob, I too would be sorry about your airport debacle, but I know how much you enjoy hotel lounging and random restaurant dining. The time at the airport sounds like airport H*&%l, but hey but tomorrow you will be in sunny Arizona being doted upon by the best doter around. How many boxes of ceral did she buy this time?

The love seat in the picture is similar to the one I want for my new house, so it may just be a pic I grabbed from the Internet or a prophetic vision of my new living room.

You guys are too much. I love having you on my blog. It's like one cool Kimmel hang out, which only fits with how my life should be. Hospitality has always been a love of mine. Only here in Blogville, I do not have to clean toilets or bake brownies or anything that seems like work. Reading 'n writing with my pals is a real blast. Please keep showing up and hanging out. Ha. Ha. What a gang.

I have some other stuff to yak about but I have to go find a Reader's Digest I was reading; contains a quote I want to work off of.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

pith·y adjective, pith·i·er, pith·i·est.
1. brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning; terse; forcible: a pithy observation.
2. of, like, or abounding in pith.

So that's what pithy means. I like it.

Thanks Roberto for your kind words. Cool has left a huge void in my barn. She was quite the lady; she had it all, looks, brains, personality, physical beauty and strength. She would be the last animal I have that one would expect to die an early death. I can only be grateful for the time she was part of my life. It will be a difficult walk to tread but I am confident that any and all afflictions produce mighty works in our spirits. Only those worthy of the call are asked to sacrifice. I do not say that with confidence in my own self, works, or deeds, but only by the grace of God in my life, and the knowledge that He will bring to fruition what He desires to pound into my week and willful being.

Nap time....

Monday, November 12, 2007

I lost my second horse today. Actually she was my first horse, but the second horse that I lost. I have tried several times to upload a picture of her to the blog, but something is foul. It says it is uploading it in jpeg, but then a bunch of jumble comes up. I guess that is how I feel anyway, all jumbled up inside. Cool was my horse, my friend, my confidant when I did not want my secrets shared. She woke up sick; the vet came; we took her to the hospital, an operation ensued and she was gone. We knew when she went into the OR that her chances were slim. Many were praying, but the damage to her gut was too severe. Horses are such funny animals when it comes to their digestion.

I am sad, very sad. My eyes ache from to many tears. My heart is numb from the suddenness of it all, last week we rode, now she's gone.

I need to get to sleep, and my tapping is keeping Drew awake. Cool was a loyal friend, a fun companion, and a darn good horse. Her loss will be felt my human and equine alike. Even Lucy the dog has been glued to my side. She sat in the stall until the vet came, waiting, keeping me company and hanging with her pal. Still I will yet Praise Him, in all seasons.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Crave Comments

Roberto, you cannot leave me commentless for ten days. Tory can pick up some of the slack but I have no other readers. Whatever will I do? How I will I know if I am being pithy enough? Who will listen to my PC woes. You will need to sound off about your mom's antics, I will need to hear about her MAC machine episodes...I am honored that you can blog about on my comment page. I mean what greater tribute to ones writing than to have inspired others to follow suit? I am in awe of your work life, your commitment to the today's youth. Your weekly schedule contains more appointments and activities than mine would in a whole year. I've gotten a headache just reading about it; now I need a nap. Not really, I had a headache and I am already in bed, ready for a nap. Ha Ha. But...well...I...I guess I should just take that nap.

Friday, November 09, 2007

New Computer Day 2

Still cannot get my Outlook to receive mail; I have followed the directions on several different help sites, only to get the "error" message every time I try and send and receive mail. Frustrating. Also, I have tried to download my "stuff" on to a CD to load into my new machine only to come up with messages as to why I have encountered an error AGAIN, and cannot save stuff to a CD. I used to could do that. Is my computer sick or am I really losing the little techie sense I had? Ned...lot a help that Apple Boy is, he just shakes his head and says, "no comprende no weendows." Humph! Mac snobs.

Spent some time with a friend today, had a blast as usual. My friend has some limits to his communication skills, but since I am pretty good at talking to myself anyway, I do not need much encouragement to go on about what's on my mind. But I was really excited today I think we are going to collaborate together on a secret project, sort of secret anyway, Heh, Heh, inquiring nebbos will just have to wait.

Jer was off school today. I always love those days, get to have him home, don't have to school him. Best of both worlds. He was a pretty good helper in the barn, went up to do the evening chores without being asked. Was even pleasant about it all.

Rob said something in a comment about watching out for crusty hidden attitudes,please know I welcome all comments, not just the ones that make me feel creative and witty. Adjustment and input are good for the soul. With my boy nasty attitudes are not so hidden. He is struggling with several biggies. I am trying to walk him through with grace, learning from and leaning on the Holy Spirit to guide me in discerning what is a punishable offence and what has to be realized in his own heart before God. Sometimes its both. You know this was easier when I still possessed a higher level of estrogen coursing though my pituitary. Couple those hormonal losses with my screwed up thyroid and you can end up with one nasty mama. Ha, well not so nasty; more like overwhelmed and simply cerebrally challenged. Feeling real dumb to be plain about it. I do trust that God is bigger than my limitations and will ultimately guide Jer and I to His throne of Grace for Mercy in this time of great need; Jer's growing testosterone levels, my declining estrogen levels.

Yikes, I just looked over and my clock on my new computer is two hours slow. Spose I will have to fix that too. Shouldn't some satellite far above the atmosphere zero in on my little Dell and beam in the correct time? Yish!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spoiled Rotten Me

Well, here I go, typing on a new computer. I did not want a new computer. My old one was kind of like my friend. All my pictures, email addresses, notes, ramblings, eek Wade's book. The hassle of trying to transfer all my stuff from one to the other is almost overwhelming. No, it is overwhelming. I am sure Macs have some nifty program that makes it all so easy.

I was hoping to just use Drew's old computer, an HP laptop. I already have some of my stuff on it. But, this new one is buck naked. Ha, that's a funny way to put it. I know I should be grateful and I am, very grateful. Drew is very generous. He surprised me with this new Dell. I told him I was more than willing to use his or just keep toughing it out with my old one, extra monitor and all. The keys on this one are similar to Ned's Apple though. I do like the keyboard. I am tired beyond words and still have some tiding to do in the kitchen. No news here. Rode my horse for a bit. 'bout all. Oh except for Jer's teacher conference, got an excellent report. He is doing very well this year, having a few problems with pre-teen social issues, but just normal kid stuff. The school is very anxious to resolve anything of note. Jer is very almost 12. I need more estrogen to deal with this stuff; I was younger first time around.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

All that Jazz

With all that being said about whether to Mac or not, this post will last only as long as my neck can crane hard to the left whilst. I am lying in bed typing; with my laptop on well, on my lap, plunking away on the keyboard of my computer. An old monitor set up on a TV stand beside the bed is rigged into the laptop. Of course if I move the wrong way the port slips out and I am left with two blank screens. Too lazy to sit at the table I have rigged this set up in my room. Of course if I cannot move my neck tomorrow I will be sorry and regret my slacker driven ingenuity.

I guess my neck is starting OT cramp with intensity. And Drew has come to bed mocking my mess of cords and such. He said "blogging" our loud a few times just to laugh at how funny it sounds. Ha, heh, time for bed for me.

Zulu got her shoe back on today, she threw one a week or so ago.
Janet and I did not ride, sissed out because of the bitter wind.
Boiled a chicken for soup, and then did not have half the stuff to finish it.
Helped Jer study for a couple for tests.
Read the Bible with Jer.
Did not go to 4H meeting.
Hummm, 'bout all for today.
I am sure something funny happened, just can't seem to think of anything right now.
Oh, I voted did you?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I am so bad

Whoops, heh, heh...I am using Ned's computer. He left it lie on the couch. Since my screen is junk, I am tied to a desk, well the kitchen table if I want to write. Now I can lounge on the couch with my husband, more importantly with my feet up and and snuggly comforter wrapped around my achey body. Strangely some of the usual commands on the blog tool bar are not appearing. I cannot spell check, or other stuff. But I must say Roberto I like the feel of the keypads. Easy on the joints, just short little taps on the keyboard and the words appear. Hummmm. Course my cursor jumps around and I cannot seem to figure out where the backspace is; 'spose that with some coaching I could get some learning.

Here is where the really bad comes in. After dinner Jer does one of his, ", Mum?" I hate that inquiring type of "Mum". I never know what is going to come next. Could be anything from, "can we go..." or what do you think about...?" An inward groan often slips from my lips and becomes an audible moan. This was the case this evening, "Yes, Jer." I answer tersely. Not in the least wanting to hear the answer. As soon as the words slither from my lips I am convicted. Sucking in a deep breath I try again and ask a bit more motherly, what does he want. Well, turns out he is struggling with believing God in certain trials and feels like he needs to start to read his Bible more regularly...and would I read with him? More sucking in of large gulps of air and crow. We read the first chapter of Genisis. He asked questions about dinasours and other mysteries to which I had humbly minimal answers. Oh well, God's grace abounds, good thing, since my wisdom is severely limited by my lazy, selfish flesh. But isn't life a blast?!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Grandma X2

Yep, Allen is going to be a daddy again. They are ecstatic. Yippee! Several weeks ago, the day I picked them up to go up to visit my dad in fact, the proud mama spewed her breakfast all over the parking lot, at Joe's.
Clue number one..."Yea, she's been throwing up for the last couple of days. Must have a bug or something"
So goes the conversation as we order lunch; lunch that gets wolfed down by everyone at the table, even the puker. How many people do you know who can lose their breakfast and eat huge lunch of greasy, cheesy pasta all in the same hour? Huh? Some of us, me, got a wee bit suspicious of the puking, the eating, and the of the slightly protruding belly that got a whole lot of massaging throughout the rest of the day.

Turns out suspicions were confirmed a few days ago, Monday past to be exact.
Joe's I

The think about Joe's is it looks like an average run of the mill pizza joint. Someplace to get pizza, wings, maybe a good hoagie, or a gooey Stromboli; these luncheon lovelies would be enough to give the place an A rating. But Joe's, Joe's is a step, or two, or more above being only an A rated pizza joint. The menu is several pages long, with one page devoted only to pastas, a few of which I had never heard of before. Tortellocci. I am not sure I spelled it correctly but it is a large, two inches or more, tortellini styled pasta, that an be ordered with meatballs, sausage, shrimp, or plain. A list of several sauces can be mixed and matched with your choice of meats. Torellocci is only one of the the maybe thirty entrees listed under Pastas.

Jer is waiting. We are going to town to look at refridgerators. I will return. There is much more to tell about the restaurant listed in Drew's Top 10.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pithy Shmithy

No pressure on me; seems like my most creative thoughts come upon me when I am busiest. I suppose that makes sense. When I am productive; stuff happens, and I think about it, the happening stuff...profoundly of course. Bustling around, the barn in the early morning, OK maybe not bustling, the frost, or the wind, or the rain, or the horses, or WHATEVER, resonates against my creative angst and the desire to record my revelations burn within. Unfortunately, they never reach the without. In the past I had my laptop in the barn and I could weave the writing of great things around the doing of my morning horse chores. I could lug my computer up to the barn every day, I mean it is a laptop, portable and all. Perhaps lugging is a stretch, since I drive up every morning after I take Jer to the bus. Still, I would have to desert Sheldon, my barn boy, to do the chores alone. All alone, slaving away, shoveling manure, lugging water, sweeping the floors, alone. Sounds a bit like child labor. Child labor, now there is something that would spurn my emotions and charge my fingers to peck away!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pounding Rain, Healing Rain

Tapping, pinging, pounding; whatever decibel the falling rain assumes as it hits against the the tin roof of my barn; whatever level of deluge God sends down, it brings peace to my soul. Anyone who has experienced the soothing sound of rain on on tin roof knows of what I speak. Combining that with the monotone hay munching of six, seven, or eight horses in a cloud-darkened barn creates an atmosphere of the utmost simplistically profound peace, words are inept to describe. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Here were are, not me I guess, but Jer with my dad and his wife Hazel. We went to visit them last Sunday, the day before my birthday. Allen, Stacy, and Kaleb went along too. We had the most wonderful day. I picked up Kaleb from Bev's in the morning and was able to take him to church, not to show him off to my friends of course. was fun to have folks swarm around and ask about the sweet little one Jer and I were wrestling over. Despite the temptation to stick around an enjoy the spotlight we had to leave early in order to travel to New Bethlehem and pick up Kaleb's parents. My dad was expecting us after lunch. After grabbing Allen and Stacy we headed to Joe's for lunch. Joe's deserves a post all its own. So we will save that for another time. Ha. Ha. The leaves on the hillsides were so beautiful; the sun was warm and the skies were clear. So the drive north was exhilarating and restful.

Once at my dad's we were excited to meet his sheep and enjoy touring his new barn and other improvements. Kaleb was charming as usual so meeting his great-grandpa was a wonder for us all. Allen was so fun to watch as he showed off his young son. Allen and Dad seemed to hit it off as adults, discussing raising sheep, other agricultural topics, even wind power. Watching everyone relax and spend time yapping about everything and nothing was a great blessing to me. The one thing I wanted to do this year for myself, for my birthday, was to spend as much time with as many of my family and friends as possible. When we got home Sunday night I called my brother to catch up on the last six months of our lives. It was good.

I remember after it was all over being filled with a sweet peace as I reflected on the Sunday described above, and also the fun that was had on Monday the 15th, the real day of celebration. I am falling asleep at the keyboard. I will try and recollect and record Monday's adventures tomorrow.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I will soon have my last birthday before my fiftieth. Monday we will officially take possession of my new Lincoln and I will turn 49. Most likely more than half my life has passed; my life on this earth anyway.

I am going to meet my dad for lunch tomorrow. I haven't seen him for some time, I do not even know when was the last time. For some reason I have been missing my family. I called my brother just to say hey and see when I could go out and visit. I am hoping to take Allen and his family with me to see my dad. I can pick them up on the way to Clarion where we are meeting for lunch. I can't wait to show off Kaleb. I have not gotten them on the phone yet; hopefully in the morning.

It will be my celebration of my birthday, at least part of it. I want to see or speak with everyone I love. Just to tell them I love them. 'cause I do. And, I need to tell them.
Love Love Love My New Car/Truck

Feels like a truck, rides like a car, have not begun to figure out how to work much more than the radio, and that's only if I want to listen to the stations already programed in. Ha! Of course of I park, drive, and reverse under my belt. I can put the windows down (and up), lock and unlock the doors. The heated seats were the first buttons I discovered and became friends with. Whoopee. I will post real time pics of the new ride, as soon as I am able. The vet is coming in a few minutes and I must get back up to the barn. Fall booster shots, and maybe an x-ray of Sonny's leg.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My New Lincoln...
I get to pick it up tomorrow.
OK, its not this one. Mine is in at McGills in Indiana. This is a stock photo I found on line. Its a 2004, super loaded. Four bucket seats, navigation system, side curtain airbags. The whole package. Yippee Me!! I will miss grandma's hot rod, but I needed four wheel drive and all that. Gotta run. The man with the big feather is waiting.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Stiff Neck

Yes, I have a stiff neck. It had been bothering me for several days, but I went to the chiropractor last Friday; I felt tons better after that. I went again on Monday, but do not feel as relieved as I did over the weekend. Seems like if I sleep wrong, or bend wrong, of look at at someone wrong, I end up with a stiff neck, then tightness between my shoulders, and of course the headache. That's funny that I said/wrote that; Drew always says he has, "the headache". Not a headache, but the headache. I did not mean to say I had the headache, only that when I get stiffness in my neck and shoulders a headache always follows. So the headache simply meant the usual headache I get with stiff a neck and shoulders.

I bathed the dog today. Ha, what a project. First, I had to find her. Lucy usually hangs out in or around the barn in the mornings until I am done with the chores. When I go to the house she will go to. After I had finished everything else I had to do today, I decided she had smelled horrible long enough. Of course at this point she was no where to be found. I phoned down to the house; she was with Ned. He was getting ready to go to class and said he would drop her off on his way out the driveway. He did.

I finished up a few things, then started calling her so I could get her scrubbed up. I was already getting tired, but was determined to complete this task. My smelly yellow dog had vanished. (Later taking to Ned he said from the moment I called him earlier to bring her up she had begun acting sheepish. He had to trick her into even coming to the barn, almost as if she had heard the word BATH.) I continued to calle her name several times, getting a bit more stern with every holler. Still no dog. After a few minutes or so I figured she must have taken off for the house. Remember at this time I did not know Ned had trouble getting her to the barn in the first place.

Oh well, another day. I walked back through the barn, checked every one's water and headed for the truck. Huh, there was my wayward dog sleeping, or fake steeping under the truck. She heard me calling and ignored me, blatantly. Oh yea, she was getting a bath today. I reached in the truck and retrieved her leash. Snapping it onto her collar we headed back into the barn and straight for the hose.

I began to gather up doggie shampoo, a bucket, sponge, stuff I would need to scrub a dog. Lucy thought her and I were headed to the house, she was happily padding along beside me. Until she saw the bucket. Already having hooked the leash on her collar, I was trying to fasten it to a pipe near the hose when she made her escape. Heading across the yard for the house, she should have kept running. Buy now I would have given up and called it a day. Instead she crawled into the gator parked under the pavilion and hid, yes hunkered down behind the seat and hid. Her leash hanging off the side was the tell tale, tail.

Needless to say she got her bath today. Four scrubbings later, a few fleas remain, and a faint odor lingers. But, I was not to be outwitted by a sneaky dog, even if she is cute and clever. The worst of it all was I had to undress on the back deck, just my soaked to the skin, wet dog smelling jeans. But still I kept my eyes peeled for passing motorists or incoming visitors as I thew the soggy pants on a lawn chair scurried into the kitchen. I headed straight for the shower. I needed at least four scrubbings...and a nap.

Photo taken at an earlier dryer time....

Saturday, October 06, 2007

New House Plans...

Below you will find a copy of the new home we hope to build. We are planning several modifications. The area between the kitchen and the garage will be extended so that it is flush with the front of the house. That space will help increase the size of the dining area and make room for a laundry room and a coat room. Also, on the site where we build we will reverse the house itself so that the garage will be on the other end and the "boys" rooms will be on the the end where the garage is now, literally flipping the house. I hesitate to use the term "flip this house" since it is commonly reference by the entertainment media in home reconstruction on existing homes.

The new house will sit on top of a hill with woods to the rear, the cows down over the hill in the front, and the horse barn to the left of the garage about 3o feet or so. (the cows will be several hundred feet, they are much more odorous) We will build a small barn up on the new property to house several of the horses we ride the most, leaving the rest in our current barn for riding in the arena or to be used as broodmares. Writing this seems really dry, but I am very excited about the whole project. I have deep, deep roots in our current home and moving in the past has always been unthinkable. Lately though, God has done a work in my heart. A house is just that a house, and mine has become increasingly unmanageable for me. Never very domestic, my decreasing energy level only makes the problem worse. I am looking forward to a kitchen across the hall from my bedroom and the living room around the corner from there. Instead of a deck in the rear of the house a four season sun room will annex the sitting room in the master bedroom, serving as my library/reading/writing room. I should be able to see the barn and the pasture from there and be able to drink my morning coffee and watch the sun rise if I gaze in the opposite direction.

We are building with the future in mind and hoping this will serve as the Kimmel Retirement Village for quite some time. Wide doorways and halls will hopefully accommodate any mechanical assistance we may need. I want grab rails in the bathroom yet, am planning quite the nifty shower room in the master bath...Sort of dream home meets the nursing home. Heh heh!

Wow! I just pasted the link for the home plans and it is a doozy. I will try and get some pics of the construction site and post them so I can show off how beautiful it will be. No home can ever replace the castle we live in now. God has so blessed me with the most incredible palace I could ever imagine. The memories and events that have happened here will stay with me forever; I am sure more than a few tears will be shed when moving day drawls near. But for now I am content to dream and plan and trust God for all that He has in store. I know the next twenty will be even more exciting than the last.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What a day...

What a day! What a day! Not that it was a bad day or anything, just a what a day, kind of day.

Jeff my blacksmith was here today. He is on my top ten list of favorite people. He is a brilliant horseman, and an all around cool person to be with. Now that we have eight horses though, shoeing day is a big day, a long day, sometimes an exciting day. Today was not so exciting which made it a good day. No one bucked, or kicked, or reared, or acted like a horse's...rear. Janet came over to take turns holding the shoe-ees. The whole job can take several hours, like from 10ish to almost 2:30 in the afternoon today. Standing there holding a lead rope for four hours can get a bit tiresome. The job can get a lot worse if a horse decides its not a good day for new shoes. An extra pair of arms comes in real handy.

Jer had to be in Indiana for a tutoring appointment, of which we were late, then we late picking him up. We, Drew and I, were test driving a couple of cars for me; did not find anything I really liked. When we went, late, to pick up Jer I did not have the cash to pay the tutor, felt like a heel. By this time I am getting tired, no real nap, running late, feeling like a heel; all this life stuff totaling up to what could end up in a Sandy melt down. But alas, dinner out with Ned and one of our dear friends takes my mind off my self pity, for a little while. The little while ended when I got home to find a light fixture dangling from some twisted wires in Poco's stall. All eight water buckets were empty, should not happen if they were all filled at four o'clock; Jer was to fill them before we left, before we left after four o'clock and we were late.
I am wondering if in a thirst induced rage our sweet pony reared and knocked the light off. All the while Jer is swearing up and down he that DID fill all eight of the buckets, some fluke of fate made all eight horses drain all eight buckets on a cool fall evening in only a few hours.

Really all this sounds like any ones any day, not a what a day kind of day. But lets add to this my husband, Drew had a run in with a good friend, and possible future neighbor; a future neighbor, if we move, if we find a builder, if we decide on plans for our new house. The builder we were hoping for called this evening to recommend another builder since he had decided not to be our builder. The possible future neighbor seems to be on the verge of...or already in in the middle of a of a nervous breakdown. From what Drew says she was ranting and raving and flailing and despairing, way beyond self-depreciating kinds of despairing. Even hearing about the conversation was quite disconcerting.

All this being said, when I flopped down in bed, what a day simply hiccuped up out of my esophagus and blurted onto the keyboard. Bed feels pretty darn good. What on earth do folks do who do not know and trust God hold their what a day days in His hands and near His heart? What do they do? Shew, what a day.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hammers 'n Nails

I had cement poured in the back of my barn this week. The rear pasture is getting a small shed that will act as a shelter from sun and rain and winter gales. Seems a busy place, my barnyard. The horses oblivious to the activity, are frustrated by the limits on their outdoor frolicking. Everyone has been stall bound to keep them out of the contractors hair, and to protect these inquisitive equines from self-inflicted mischief or even injury.

'Spose that could seem a bit like us, impatient with the process of new growth. A temporary inconvenience is challenging to tolerate even if the end result will be an improved living situation. When God begins a new work in my life, or on my character; my first response is to balk. But, dah...its God doing the work, why should my lazy soul complain? I get the benefits of greater peace, increased joy, and deeper relationship with my Lord. All I have to do is submit to His chipping, scraping, and burning away of the crust and chaff which weighs me down and impedes my spiritual growth.

Yet still, when God closes a gate and hems me in protecting me from dangerous pitfalls, I want to paw at the ground and nip at my neighbors. I know that when the constuction at the farm is complete, my four legged friends will have increaced safe space and be more content in their new digs. For now they will have to trust me.
Hmm...just like I should rest, be still, and be confident in a God who sees a bigger picture than I.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

In the barn this morning, a poem of sorts kept running through my thoughts. OK, maybe not running. Nothing much runs through my mind or legs in the morning... or any other time for that matter. But there were a few morning musings milling about in the gray matter; a thought or two about the sweet peace found in early morning chores and damp snorting horses. A soul provoking stillness echoes through the stalls in the post dawn moments of the day. White gray mist seeps around the open doorways creating a dreamy haze ripe with weighty thoughts and soulful sighs. The snorting and pawing has stopped and the sated equines munch as if in a chorus their morning hay. No symphony ever sounded sweeter than a silence broken only by the poetic crunching of a contented horse.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why I have's all about the smiles.
You think you have had a hard day.
You are scratching my nose, but I am looking at the camera

Janet and the giant horse
Good friends and cute horses.

Monday, September 10, 2007

As requested
photos of
Kaleb Daniel Kimmel
with his proud papa
Just looking cuteClowing around with Uncle Ned
With his mama, papa, granny, and Uncle Jer

And she fell off her horse...

God gave me a scripture this morning, speaking profound truths to me on many levels. I am in the bread of adversity and water of affliction leg of my journey. I have already fled and fallen, am still weeping a bit but I know the Lord is gracious and will hear my cry; He will bind up my brokenness and heal my wounds.

Jeremiah 30
15 For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel,In returning and rest you shall be saved;in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.But you were unwilling,
16 and you said,No! We will flee upon horses;therefore you shall flee away;and, We will ride upon swift steeds;therefore your pursuers shall be swift.
17 A thousand shall flee at the threat of one;at the threat of five you shall flee,till you are left like a flagstaff on the top of a mountain,like a signal on a hill.
18 Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you,and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you.For the Lord is a God of justice;blessed are all those who wait for him.
19 For a people shall dwell in Zion, in Jerusalem; you shall weep no more. He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry. As soon as he hears it, he answers you.
20 And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide himself anymore, but your eyes shall see your Teacher.
21 And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way, walk in it, when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.
22 Then you will defile your carved idols overlaid with silver and your gold-plated metal images. You will scatter them as unclean things. You will say to them, Be gone!
23 And he will give rain for the seed with which you sow the ground, and bread, the produce of the ground, which will be rich and plenteous. In that day your livestock will graze in large pastures, 24 and the oxen and the donkeys that work the ground will eat seasoned fodder, which has been winnowed with shovel and fork.
25 And on every lofty mountain and every high hill there will be brooks running with water, in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.
26 Moreover, the light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day when the Lord binds up the brokenness of his people, and heals the wounds inflicted by his blow.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Whilst I stood quiet my bones wasted away...
or snapped off as the case may be

I stand firm in the grace of God knowing my redemption is sealed and my transgressions covered by the Cross Work and Resurrection of Jesus. I need not walk in condemnation or fear of retribution for acts committed by my sin nature. Though unseated from its former evil throne it is still able to raise its thorny head spewing pride, anger, unkindness, selfishness, laziness, and immoral thoughts wreaking havoc within my spirit and peppering my loved ones with toxic fallout. I commit the very acts which I despise and do not carry through with the good deeds I my heart yearns to bring forth.

OK, I had planned to tell a story, a true story of which I am still writing in my personal book of life. But sleep is calling loudly. I will have to come back to it. Suffice it to say God is currently in the process of walking me through the fiery furnace of purification and dross burning. The pain is great, but I am in faith for the greater good, and finer silver that will be produced.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hunky Dory

Much time has passed since my last writing. Too much time. Truly...much has happened that should have been written about. Here is Dory, one of the wonderful horses God has blessed me with since the tragic death of my sweet Ginger. I am sitting here trying to find words to describe the events of this summer. I lost a wonderful horse, but was blessed by God with two sweet equines at no monetary cost to me. The stories behind both are incredible, touching my heart with the generosity and kindness of a new friend and also the surprising compassion a woman I have never met. I want to get it all down, for my sake before I forget the poignancy of it all, but also so that God's goodness can be seen and His praise be sung. But for now, I am sleepy beyond words and must hunt work clothes for my husband and put myself to bed.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ginger and Katie

Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. We only had Ginger a little over a month but she was a special horse. She had a ton of potential and a great future ahead of her. She was a love at first sight horse, kind, willing, and ready to please her rider. Her pedigree was impeccable ; so her breeding future was limitless. We lost much in how we will miss her, but we were cheated out of many happy and productive future years. Her painful last hours were heart wrenching. I have never seen any living creature in such agony.
Today was better than yesterday, but still a long sad day, even tho I slept until 12:30. Ha! OK, it is late and I must get to bed. I have a miracle kind of story to record, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.