Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was quoted today in print...it is a big deal to me; not just someone I know or someone who loves me already, but a stranger. Hopefully a new friend. Late night early wake up.

Grace does rain new every morning; I count on that or would never get out of bed.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do not grow weary

The way it should be done
Two boys a high lift and a horse

Ice cream in bed at the Hampton

What to do when weary will not depart? Been reading Oswald Chambers again and I wish I could find my old hardback copy with old notes and musings in the margins. I have to wonder if I have made any progress or am still muddling around in the shallow waters. He leaves no room for excuses or worried fussing.
Today seemed harder than most. Not sure why really. Could be a combination or my bad attitude, feeling seriously allergy afflicted, high fatigue level, normal teen angst, and busy baby boys. Seems like typical day in the life to me. The above pictures demonstrate the joys and laughter that fills my life. I think what wearies my is my lack of ability to grasp contentment. I lack nothing. I am completely blessed and free in life and in death. Still way too often I give in to resentment and self pity wishing for a different easier life. Shame on me...
O Sweet Jesus give me Your Joy, Your Contentment, Your Patience and Courage to wake up tomorrow knowing You are carrying my heavy burden. Release me from the snare of self so I might fully give my all to You and Yours.