Sunday, August 29, 2010

day at the fair

ok, took the horses to the fair. truck blew up on the way in. limped into the fairgrounds only to find someone blocking our reserved $50 campsite. security gets rid of offending subcompact. tow truck hauls away my big green diesel Chevy. after an evening of fair food, family, n friends we return to find the electric in the horse trailer non-functional. friends camping out are in the dark.
day one at the fair; done
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Canada 2010

Now there is a pack of super heroes for you

Drewbee and me

Three men on a ship

Squirrel watch...

after this dinner Jer was only allowed plastic silverware

Never once complained about the life jacket

Ben n Jen n baby makes three

Randy n Ned n Hannah and Jack (not visible in picture)

Sharing snacks and a quiet moment

House is quiet. Kids are asleep. Jer is out and Drew is away for the night. Only Howard interrupts my silence with his continuous yapping outside. Even with the annoying canine disruptions the peace is almost beyond my understanding. Countless stories and witty tales have bounced and rippled through my tattered mind over these long silent months. But now, time and space on my hands; I have nothing to give.

Fortunately I have countless photos from our recent annual trip north I can most likely entertain for a little while.