Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Brio

Monday morning past, we welcomed Zippo's Cool Brio Bar into our barn family. The little filly was born just after 3:00 AM, as predicted by good friend Barry Beatty. After checking new mother Summer at 1:30 with nothing exciting going on, Jer looked out the observation window just after 3:00 to discover the wee one just kicking her way out of the birth sac. Rushing to call me on the cell phone we kept missing each other as I was trying to call him to see what was going on. Jer was sleeping in the barn and I was at home with daddy-no-arms. Ha...We have a bed and a day bed in the barn office. I will have to continue later as my patient needs a pill and I need to go to bed. Just wanted to post these pics...God is so good to continue to bestow such precious gifts on one so unworthy...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Time Passing

What a beautiful wedding. So much time has passed, and so much has happened. Our lives are full of God's goodness and love. My family is growing and I am loving it. Having daughters, in-law or otherwise, is the best. My sons are happy and blessed by these incredible women that God has blessed them with. I know, never end a sentence with a preposition. Oh well, least of my worries. Our lives are enriched by Jen and Hannah. It's like coloring in the circles that are our lives.
I miss writing. I can't seem to stretch my hours to include the time needed to consider my thoughts and weave them into words. Every day is an adventure; be it with babies, boys, men, or equine. Of course I still have Howard the Wonder Dog, and Lucy, and Lucy the Cat. Each human or animal keeps my life full of laughter wonder. I am filled to the overflow.