Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday in Combermere

Today started with laundry. Don't feel too sorry for me, the Laundromat in Combermere doubles as a coffee shop/Internet cafe. The couple that own and runs the establishment are down home folks who retired to their dream. Well, they are retired and they run a laundromat that is also a coffee shop that sells free trade coffee in several flavors, also fresh baked goods, hot from some local oven. Racks of local goods are scattered about the steamy rooms. We bought socks milled in a family business somewhere in them thar hills. The owners help you load the machines, add the soap, and slip the coins into the slots. If you are reading and drinking coffee, or chatting with an elderly mountain person; when your washers are done they come and get you so you can load your dryers. Again, they put the quarters in, and when all the laundry is dry and the selecting of socks complete, and coffee cups are drained; you can square up your bill and leave with your warm folded clothes. Only in Combermere ON.

Today was Water Day. Skiing and tubing were the sports of the day. Whipping innocent children around in dizzying circles as they skim across the shimmery aqua water, amuses the adults and sets the young ones a giggling. Up here in the tranquil north country their are no nosey park rangers to inflict their Gestapo like rules on family fun...ahh huh. Anyway no one bothers you.

Later this evening after some artsy shop shopping we dined at a local Polish bar/restaurant which boast a mean buffet. OK, kids want to watch a movie and I have the only video machine available. Trying to upload one more picture but its not working for me. Drew and skis...

Oh, and you guys did real good keeping up the chatter while I was absent yesterday.
Go Vic, didn't know you had a specific agenda, but then silly me for not thinking that of you.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Biscuits n Gravy

Just finished enjoying a sumptuous breakfast cooked up by Ned n Hannah. Bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits n gravy. The day is rainy and cool, but a good time to relax and reflect. Sat by the dock this morning reading a bit and enjoying God's glorious backdrop. Now my belly's full and my heart content.
Played Pit last night with Kathy and her mom. Hannah, Ned, Jer, and I enjoyed the raucous trading game. Drew and Jr. sat in the living room chatting and sifting through farming magazines. Hannah kept the lead until we stooped for pie and coffee.
When we came home Jer got to see Jiffy Pop, pop for the first time, every kid should get that experience.

As far as the marsh...the bugs were only bad when be went ashore for a bathroom break. One foot on the shore brought our every swarming creature appeared ready for lunch. First time a restroom break ever required bug spray. Otherwise, only pristine hills, blue sky, and a scattering of water flowers. I have pictures, but I have not downloaded them to the computer yet.

Ned wants to check his email, and I need to stretch my legs and put on some day clothes. We may going for a drive since its raining and hit a few antique shops. See Vic we can meander and as long as you don't have to pee the bugs are not so bad in the marsh.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures Maybe

I am going to try and up/download some pictures from tonight's fishing. We had a good time again. If only Drew and Ned could catch some fish though. Us armatures just used worms and hooks, but the pros use fancy lures and wonder wobblers or some such gizmos.
I reeled in a nice small mouth bass tonight, yep just a worm and a hook. But the river is beautiful and except for the jet skis and power boats very peaceful. Tomorrow we will go up the river the other way deep into the marshes that is always a good time, much more pristine.
I am only going to try and get one pic at at time to see if that helps. The Internet is kinda slow up here and often times out before I can finish a job. Whoops there it is first picture. Hannah and her fish, and Ned. Ha Ha.

OK, try again; I am going for two this time, and then I am off to bed.

We had the best nachos ever, probably not as good as some Rob has had in Arizona but for Canada, darn tasty. The chips were homemade, smothered with cheese, hot peppers, fresh green onions, and shredded chicken. Yummm, but not so good for 9:30 PM...

Second batch of pictures did not come up. Maybe tomorrow. No, got one of Drew, but not the scenery one. OK, nite all.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

fishing n stuff

Just got in from a evening of fishing up river. Hannah and I caught the most fish, with her snagging the biggest. We had a fun time. The day started a little stressful, but has ended with peace and laughter. God is so good. Funny when I started praying instead of whining and wallowing in despair, moods improved and joy invaded.

The weather is cool and comfortable, not the blasting heat we had the last few years. I do hope we get enough sun at least one day for the fam to ski and tube. I am usually a watcher/spotter but it is a real blast. Drew's specialty is seeing how quickly he can dump whoever is desperately clutching the ski rope handle. We read the directions on the inter tube once just for fun...all the activities they suggest/instruct are dangerous are the ones our family considers are the most enjoyable. Huh!

Jer's hot dogs are cooked. So I guess I'll grab some grub.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Burlington ON

Had a great dinner. Now we are all snuggled into the hotel. A few more hours tomorrow we will be at the cabins. So far so good.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Canada Eve

Yikes, need to get up in seven hours. I think we are almost ready. Either I am getting so good at it that it went very smoothly, or we will get their with no underwear. Scary huh? I am my usual moderately stressed should increase gradually until we are at least 100 miles north, and then gradually subside until the day before packing to come home. Leaving vacation homes has permanently scared my soul for this earthly life. Recurring nightmares have disturbed my sleep several times a month for years. Odd yes, but true. Maybe for fun sometime I will narrate one out.
Not now, sleep beckons.

13 Days

As of yesterday afternoon, Dory was 13 days "prego" as Vic says.
Yippee. I cannot say how blessed I was. This was the 7th time in two years I have had a horse vet checked for pregnancy, and the first time it came back positive. I have the shower running as I have procrastinated beyond belief with my to do list for vacation. So I must keep this short. But YES the news is good. Rob, don't be too disappointed for I will include graphic details soon. I will have Internet in Canada. Go figure. But I will be in touch. I am taking that as a challenge to substitute the "uncomfortable words" with mac speak. Ha Ha.
Yes, you did good Rob, and God is awesome in the way He leads us into becoming more like Him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dory Day

Tomorrow is Dory Day. At least that is what I am dubbing it. The vet will be here sometime in the afternoon to determine Dory's state of pregnancy/non-pregnancy. Many friends have expressed to "having a good feeling" about the whole thing. I wish I felt so certain. I know whatever the turnout, it is by Divine Design as all of life is.

Jeff my blacksmith was here today. I just love him. I have learned so much from listening to his stories and advice. I try to gently pick his brain every time he comes. Plus, I can judge the growth/progress of my animals by his periodic visits. When he first started coming Sonny, Cool, and later my baby Mia, and Poco were all at different and sometimes difficult stages in their behaviour and development. Because he comes every eight weeks or so for the last three years I can see by how they behave for him, how he judges their behavior, and improvement in their manners and general development. Don't know if that all makes sense but it is always an encouraging day for me.

Rode Mia again tonight and again she responded well. I am anxious to get more serious about her riding when we get home from Canada. She too was very good for Jeff today. She is growing up very nicely. When I come home I also want to start working with Dory again. If Hannah does not have time to ride her I am going to put a few saddle hours on her myself. I think I can start slow and gradually get her used to having a rider again. She has been on sick leave since January because of her bad knee. She is such a smart little lady and very easy to handle.

OK enough horse prattle. I must get some sleep. Much packing to do tomorrow. Our estimated tome of departure is eightish Friday morning. Shew, in need of buckets of Grace.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to the newly engaged. Ben Kimmel and Jen Picard have finally made it official, and a late spring wedding is expected. It has been a great blessing to watch the two of them together and to be able to share in their excitement. They have been together for almost seven years and as a mom I am experiencing the joy of seeing on of my sons pull of a very romantic proposal. The months ahead will be filled with much chaos and some angst I am sure, but for now we are all enjoying the glow of a sweet love that has already been tested in the fires of life. Life trials are not new to these two young people and I know God has great adventures in store for them.
I will post house pictures soon. I want this entry to stand alone.
Join me in praying for their future and God's grace to reign on their life together.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot Day

I guess you are right Rob, its a very busy time. I have not even been on my computer all week. No lazy summer days around here. My trip to Ohio went well. Jer was a great travel partner and only gabbed a good bit instead of constantly. Ha Ha. Mia is home and doing great. She is still a baby but she is a joy to ride and only gets edgy when something new comes up. And her edgy is not awful. I think she is going to make a great horse. She will be a blast on the trails.

No news on Dory until Wednesday. The vet will be out in the afternoon. I pray she is in foal. I know God will sustain us through all disappointment and trial. But besides the huge monetary investment we have in this it has been an emotional roller coaster. I have been giving her medicine orally for a few days and will continue until the vet check. It is a hormone to keep her progesterone at a healthy level for maintaining pregnancy, in case that has been a problem.

My house is coming along. Water and electric are connected to the house. The electric works, but the water line does not run all the way to the well, but I guess that is an easy fix for Drew. The front yard has been rough graded and after the porch goes on they will finish that up too, I think. The shingles are on the roof and a few walls have been studded in on the inside. I do not have pictures of the inside as they did that today, and I only heard about it from Drew.

I think Allen and Stacey have a place to live, his mom has rented a place out behind the Holiday Inn, a big old farm house I believe. It sounds wonderful. I am very grateful that God has provided. Bev will be living with them and will be a big help I am sure. I just love them all so much. I am very happy about the relationship that Bev and I have enjoyed over the years. I count her as one of my dearest friends. I am also happy that the kids will be closer. I hope I can be more of a support than in the past. I have struggled with not being able to be more helpful or being a more involved grandma. The driving distance has been a challenge for me. The animals take so much time too that getting away for very long takes some effort.

Well I have tried twice to post a few recent pictures but to no avail. I will try again another time.
Trusting God every step every day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Real Quick

Phone is working about 70%. Some keys are still not operational. I have insurance and want to get a new one before I leave for Canada, since it can work as a modem and I will be able to keep everyone up to date on my "holiday"

Thanks for not expounding on the whole "public toilet" thing Rob.

My mare Dory is home; I just love her. She is so much like a big, very big; dog. We will know how her live cover experience panned out in two weeks.

I am going Ohio tomorrow to pick up Mia. I am very excited about that too. I should be able to take to the trails now.

Our house is coming along. I took some pictures of Drew laying the water and electric lines this morning, but left my camera on the kitchen table so I cannot upload/download them into my camera. I will try and get to that soon. I do not know why posting was so difficult this past week, seemed like I was so busy. Several no nap days, that was tough.

Pray for me tomorrow, as I will be traveling to Ohio and back in the same day with only Jer as a traveling partner. He cannot spell me behind the wheel of the truck. I will be pulling the horse trailer and that requires even a bit more of my attention...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oops...I did it again

Dropped my cell phone in the toilet that is. In a public restroom. Enough said. I did everything right and then did it all wrong 'cause I have an impatient nature. Reached, grabbed, laid it on the counter and tore off the back; and took out the battery. Dried it off the best I could with a paper towel, after which I dropped all the pieces in my purse and fumed out of the ladies room. Later, it seemed to be dry so I put it back together and turned it on. Powered 'er up; it looked good. Alas though, power was all I had; the neither of the keyboards worked. Can't answer a ring, or make a call, can't text, can't check my calender; whatever will I do tomorrow. How will all my business associates, or companions get in touch with me, or me with them? How will I know how tomorrow's breed goes? I could use an old fashioned land line except all my phone numbers are buried in the dead washed out cell phone.
Otherwise, a pretty quiet day for me...oh maybe because I did not have a cell phone for over half of it, over half the day that is.

Vic, I meant you would lecture me about too many ibuprofen.

Care group tomorrow, and I am going. So everyone ask me about it to hold me accountable.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Whoa...I'm Back

Sorry it took me so long to return to the keyboard. As I see while I was gone there was no lack of exciting, stimulating dialogue. Glad to see that. I like the idea of a topic. That could get really, oops, could get exciting.

I wish I could blog from my phone, then I could at least interject a comment or something. When I get busy or tired, I check in from the phone but do not always get to my computer. I pretty much slept all day Saturday, except for waking up to take more ibuprofen. Don't lecture Vic. I needed it. Handfuls of it.

The trip to Exton proved relaxing albeit tiring from all the driving in such a short time. But my brother and his family are well. The girls are growing up so fast. I got to see Emily run in a 5K race; she did very well. Ellie is like a little blond, fair skinned Jeremiah. Full of conversation and confidence. They played for hours doing nothing. Talking probably. Ha Ha.
I did bring home a sink. A large very, VERY, heavy sink. Looks much like the one in my kitchen now. I hope it works out.

ALERT: My horse Dory did not get impregnated by any of the (semen) from the horse in California. Nada, zip, no bambino! She is now bunking in out in Cherry Tree PA visiting a handsome Stallion named...Rocky. Yes, Rocky, certainly sounds like a stud, huh? After sharing a barn with him for two weeks, they had their first encounter this morning, and all seemed to go very well. He was a gentleman and she was a lady. They will hook up again on Wednesday and Friday. And, then we wait, wait, wait for two long weeks. Live cover is the official name for horse to horse insemination. So no more talk of semen or other personal body fluids. That should make some of you more comfortable. Live cover seems fairly innocuous.
Canada is only a few weeks away. I want to try and start to at least think about packing and preparing to be gone so it does not sneak up on me. Funny, the first year we went I wanted to go back a stay for a month. Now, I can almost hardly stand to be gone for a week. I think if more of my own kids were going to be there, and I did not have such a barn full of critters I would be more content and relaxed. Hannah, Ned's girlfriend is coming this year, so that should be a fun change. But Drew's aunt and uncle, our past travel companions will be in Europe, yes Europe, now doesn't that just sound pretentious. Anyway they are going and we are not. But we will miss them. They go to Florida with us too.
OK, off to sleep for me. I am going to start to shoot for 10 to 10:30 for a while and see if I feel better, or can at least get out of bed without an act of Congress.
God's grace abounds, my family is entering a season of growth. And...I am loving it. Grandbabies, Serious girlfriends, maybe more around the corner...God is so very good and I am so very proud of my grownup blessings from Heaven.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I should be writing, but I am going to bed. I have enjoyed the responses to my last entry. I wish I could rattle of the word list from Vic as well as Rob does. Shew what a cache of talent we all have...
I am going to Philly tomorrow evening to visit my brother and to pick up a sink Drew and I bought on eBay. I am hoping we can use it in the new house. It is almost identical to the one we have in the kitchen now. I will catch up with everyone when I get back on Friday.