Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ginger and Katie

Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. We only had Ginger a little over a month but she was a special horse. She had a ton of potential and a great future ahead of her. She was a love at first sight horse, kind, willing, and ready to please her rider. Her pedigree was impeccable ; so her breeding future was limitless. We lost much in how we will miss her, but we were cheated out of many happy and productive future years. Her painful last hours were heart wrenching. I have never seen any living creature in such agony.
Today was better than yesterday, but still a long sad day, even tho I slept until 12:30. Ha! OK, it is late and I must get to bed. I have a miracle kind of story to record, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jer and Ginger
My dear sweet friends... We had to take Ginger to an Equine hospital in Ohio last night, or early this morning depending on how you look at it. I had checked on her before I wrote last evening and she seemed under the weather, but not worse. I finished up in the barn office and stopped to check on her one more time, before I went to bed. She was down on the floor drenched in sweat and panting a bit. I rushed in and was able to get her up off the floor, called Katie and the vet. I gave her some tummy medicine and drug her out to the driveway to walk. The light drizzle revived me enough to focus keep walking. Katie and Luke arrived shortly and took over the walking drill. She went down hard once and we had to yell and pound on her pushing and pulling her till we were panting, well at least I was panting. I thought we were to lose her then when she lolled far over on her side. Her sweet head resting on the damp grass, she stared at us blankly, and then away as her eyes drifted shut. No! Luke was yelling, Katie was at her head my heart was screaming silent prayers. Suddenly she rolled over and stood up. It honestly felt like a miracle. 45 more minutes of walking and prodding, whipping her damp rear with leather reins, willing her to stay up. Finally the vet arrives; she does lots of vet type stuff. I could go into it, but its too much for now. After an hour or so, she asks if we would consider talking her to an equine hospital facility. Of course I will. I drag Drew out of bed; he Katie and I are on our way. She arrives in Ohio much worse, and continues to decline. The good doc cannot keep her pain managed, a risky and expensive $6000+ surgery is ruled out by the family. Around 12:15 PM this afternoon I give the word to relieve her suffering. We are very sad. She was a special lady and we had many future adventures planned for her in our barn and in our lives. We had her buried on Ohio at her old owners farm. She lies alongside a lifelong pasture buddy. It seemed right.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ginger, her old owner, and me

My Ginger's not so Snappy

My new mare, her name is Zippo's Ginger Snap, Ned's horse, is ailing. She woke up this morning and had not eaten any of her last evening' s dinner; grain, but not hay. She seemed lethargic, and dull in the eyes. After several hours and still no appetite, I called the vet. I guess this was precipitated by a phone call from Jer saying her pee was red. Kinda scary. I saw her "go" tonight and its not so much red as dark burnt orange. I hope your reading Rob. I know how you love it when I talk about horse anatomy and equine secretions. But she puts me more in mind of a urinary track infection or something. Anyway, I am killing time in the barn hoping to check on her one more time tonight. I have been praying for her and if she is not better in the AM will get the vet out here. Animals are like baby humans they can't tell you what hurts, of where it hurts. Its real frustrating to see them hurting or sick and not no what to do.

We went to a church softball game this evening. Randy is on one team and Ned is on the other; so tonight was a loving grudge match. It was a ton of fun. Got to watch the game, and got to yack with a bunch of people I love but never see. Lots of laughter. Later we went for a late dinner and were supposed to go to the Meadows, a local ice cream place. But, Drew must have forgotten, I am not feeling like I had a chocolate waffle cone. Hmm! I guess it was raining buckets and sky illuminating lightening was turned up on high.

Ok, my head is starting to pound. Better check on my horse and get to bed. If you think of it, pray for my pony. Horses can go down real quick, like from a little sick to dead. Ok, 'nuff.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Uncle Jer

So much has happened since this picture was taken. Little Kaleb is going to be six weeks old. Can anyone imagine it would take me this long to post a pic, let alone to do any grandma bragging. So often I want to sit and write. Writing has always been the way I can best express my musings and mutterings. I know my my mind and spirit are all jumbled from lackings in my spiritual diet. Each day just blends into the next without my taking the time, making the time to delve into the word of God, or even to spend more than a moment seeking His blessing on my day. Why? Why? I know I cannot function on any level without the peace and power of the holy spirit in my life. Yet, I scurry out of bed already behind on the limitless list of tasks to be attempted that day. My mind and body are weakened by various health issues and still I do not partake of he most nourishing regenerating sustenance available. I stumble through each day fluttering from one unfinished chore to the next only to eventually fall into bed exhausted and yet unable to sleep as the pressure of the undone weighs heavy on my heart.