Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday. Sun, my favorite natural resource is pouring in the windows. Burrr-cold though. The temps are still lingering around the 25* mark. I did not dress for it this morning. Cool mornings have so quickly led to moderate to warm days that I forgot it was December 19 and winter is upon us. The horses are stomping in their stalls wanting out in that chilly sunshine, at least if they roll today they will not get mudd-encrusted. The ground is frozen into stiff pockmarked brown peakes. The most they might get is an invigorating rub down. Frozen goo does not rub off into their burly winter wool. Getting company today, Mary K. this morning to help wrap gifts, later some lady friends are coming over to help bring order some of my chaos. I had a mental stack of cute and curious to peck out into the world of cyber words, but most have passed into the black hole at the base of my consious thought, and the rest will have to wait until I return from warming my frozen toes. Not sure why the cold has such a grip on me today. Must have to get readjusted after our spring--like yesterdays. heh...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Found this in my drafts, think it is from last week when jer was sick. going to post it just for fun.

Sunny Thursday morning. I need to scurry to the barn. I have not yet fed the critters their morning rations. My head seems to have aquired the splitting brain ache that filled Jer's head. Such a beatiful day to waste being sick.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jer seems better today. He was up sometime through the night, boring around (as Drew would say) 'Took it upon himself to ingest an ibuprophen; he just recently, last night with two parents pumping and prodding, realized he could swallow one of the little brown miracle pills. I think the combo of the high fever and the desire to get us to quit harrassing him was the primary reason he choked the pills down. Now pill monster has been born. I will have to threaten serious bodily harm to keep this beast under control. He is quite independent as it is. 'Seems to think he should make major life decisions all on his own. Like maybe, rearranging the living room furninture, or setting up his own play dates, inviting large families over for dinner without informining his parents, etc.

Though that musky barn spell is feeding my spirit with calming energy, I must head to the house and make sure Jer is not doing any more self medicating.

Two dear friends took the time yesterday to grab me out of the bad place I was headed and point my rebellious little woman--child head back to the cross, and my sweet saviour. I could expound but the need to head to the port a john is pressing in. Perhaps I will humble myself at a future time.
Should I or shouldn't I?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Same place, different day, a little bit different circumstances.

Jer is one sick pup. A fever, runny nose, upset stomach, general malaise. I will call the DR tomorrow if he is not better. I hate if when my kids are sick. I feel so helpless. If I was a better prayer, maybe I would be more confident in God's healing power. But...I know better than that anyway. His healing, health, temperature, are not based on my abilty to pray well. God's grace is thankfully not based on us at all, our ability or lack of ability in any way.

I suppose I am preaching to myself here. I want my boy well. And, I sure do not my weaknesses to stand in the way of that. Maybe that is why we are supposed to talk to ourselves, not listen to our flesh fueled doubts. He lies here sleeping fittfully, half groaning. Please Lord, pour your healing mercies out on my baby boy. In Jesus name, let healing flow, let the fever come down. Jesus, take away the discomfort, ease his pain. Let your rivers flow.

It has always been easier for me to write almost anything than to speak it in words.
Time maybe for me to start stepping out and taking some baby steps in this area.

What do you think?
Oh Tory, where are you?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello out there.
Here I am. Just a'hang'ng out. Got a real pain in my back, coming from that bad place under my left shoulder blade.

I also have a tight spot in my lower right side. Funny thing is, I think I pulled something trying to put my chaps on yesterday. Oh yea...it is darn funny; so please do laugh. Last time I tried them on, the chaps, I had to have help. And there are pictures to document the harrowing ordeal it. Scary pictures.

So why would I ever try them on again, without losing twenty pounds? Heh, just dumb vanity I suppose. I do have a horsey friend though who showed me how I was putting them on wrong. Wrong enough it could maybe make a difference in how they fit. Or so I thought. Getting them on, around the waist, is not a problem; it is the zipping up the sides that can get challenging. The zipper runs from just below the hipbone all the way down past the toe of your boot. That is if you can get the zipper to the toe of your boots. My hips are the nearly insurmountable mountain. The zipper just seems to stop, snagged on some invisible blockage.

The pain in my lower back is I believe from bending over backwards while tugging furiously on a small strip of copper alloy. Adding to the trial was the tangled black fringe flopping unrestrained into the would-be path of my errant metal nemesis. The combination of my upper body twisting around nearly 250*, tremendous physical effort tugging and pulling, while attempting to keep the zipper path clutter free must have strained a muscle or two.

The chaps did end up zipped hip to toe, however I believe I had them hung a bit too low on the mountainous hips; there seems to be a fine line between resting firmly on the hips and just hanging on for dear life. Before to long they were sinking farther and farther down my leg. Yes, I did remove them but not before I strutted about in front of all equine friends. I am sure I gained their increased respect and a longing in each of their horsey hearts for that day soon when we will feel the brisk wind in our manes and the winter sun our backs. I am sure it was a collective covetous sigh I heard as I slipped around the corner to privately drop the drooping suede drawers. I am positive it was not muffled snorting.

What do you think?