Monday, March 09, 2009


Its as close to official as I can hope for. We are moving on Saturday. So many thoughts, fears, hopes, worries, excitements, WORK, things to think about, to plan, people to feed, babies to care for. Please pray for our stamina, peace of mind, peace of mouth (for me). My biggest fear is that we (I) will not be ready on Saturday. I do not want to frustrate those who have graciously agreed to help. Again, I walk in Faith in a God Bigger than me....

Monday, March 02, 2009

Come O Spring; Come!

Too bad I cannot whip up a poetic sonnet to express my mournful desire for warmer weather. I am on my way downhill to napville, and as usual just want to quickly peck out some profound words to stroke my writing ego and maybe bring a smile or word of encouragement to someone. Procrastination and my usual lack of daily planning have once again placed me in the "do I write or do I sleep?" position.

I can hear the wind howling outside and know from earlier experience how frigid cold it is out there. I was up at the new house this morning and watched some paper and leftover building supplies waving violently in the fierce breeze. Yet inside I could barely hear the roar. Not a hint of the deluge could be felt within my sturdy new walls. Hearing the wind howl and knowing I am indoors protected from its icy onslaught gives me a secure and cozy feeling. Watching evidence of the wind up on the hill, and not hearing or feeling its effect gave me pleasure knowing my new home was safe and secure; warm and snug.
In God's presence there is always safety beyond my understanding or conceivable knowledge. Sometimes when the storms of life rage I remember God's care and take comfort in His Presence. But that is not always my first thought. Rarely my first thought; fear, anger, resentment, ingratitude typically flood my heart and mind. Some other force, or friend usually have to remind me of Our Father's care and His constant protection and oversight. Should I not more readily take comfort in a Powerful Omnipotent God, than the sticks and plaster of a home that will one day burn in the earth cleansing fire? Oh dear my feeble heart. Thank you Lord Jesus that you are always my protector whether I am walking in confident awareness or lazy fear. You remain the same.