Friday, April 25, 2014

Friend for Five Minute Friday

Funny, I was driving home from driving kids to school, after my bi-weekly encounter with exercise, with a trainer, who pushes me, hard; driving home on my way to an over full to do list day, of one entire morning long chore that would leave me pretty well spent. Driving home I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit ragged, ragged on the inside; heart inside, my outsides were still pumped from the physical heart rate rising, weight lifting, cardio challenging, one thing I do purely for me torture. 
On this drive my silly mind wandered to the trials and burdens of my life and I nurtured my downcast spirit. But from the depths God reminded me of my friends. My true life friends, a few women I could call anytime, with ugly confessions, happy mother joys, gut wrenching brokenness, and in these women I would find solace, comfort, encouragement, laughter, a shoulder, open arms, kindred hearts. 
God has brought many amazing ladies into my life. Some I see almost daily. Some not for several years. All of whom I love deeply. Yet God has placed different women friends in different places in my life. Each cemented to a piece of my soul. In my life there are no casual friendships. Kindred souls for different spaces. 
Still the few women of whom just the thought of encouraged my ragged insides are God made sisters, and I am beyond words grateful that they are a gift given. 
Friends, God's hands. His voice. His unconditional love. In human form.