Sunday, July 27, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Finish

To finish one must start. The starting can be quite the challenge. But the biggest mountain to ascend is the middle;'so that one can finish. Truly i only have a few short minutes. Sitting in the overcast early morning light of one of my most favorite spots on planet earth, I rush to peck words before the crew rises. My starting dreams soar high, proven by the sewing machine I researched, excitedly bought; my husband snarked that I would never use. I did. For a few weeks. Presently, I have no idea where it has run off and hid. How does one LOSE  a sewing machine? I am sure after weeks, months, maybe more of sitting in the corner of a hallway, my dear friend house-helper got to sick of sweeping around it and found it a home, in the storage room... How many of my hopes and dreams get stashed away in storage? Left alone, waiting for my restless soul yo stir and return?  
How grateful I am for today. It has a beginning and a n end. God created it that way especially for us happy starters but challenged finishers. Worry not about tomorrow for today has enough mini starts and finishes of its own. Breakfast. Loading the dishwasher. Playing. Spanking. Loving. Kids. Dinner. Prayers. Loving on a friend. Kissing boo boos. Feeding the chickens. Enjoying my incredible view from my front porch. Snuggling.  A glass of good wine. All fill the day with joys, a  sorrows. Enough to say I fished today.  And tomorrow I will start anew. One day. One dawn.  One sunset. One day complete. Finished. Praise God.