Sunday, October 29, 2006

Saturday nite and I ain't got nobody,
Old song here again. Now,,,just a few minutes I felt like writing. Only a few short minutes later I can hardly keep my eyes open. It seemed as if I were going to burst with unexpressed musing. My heart pounding and my thoughts racing. It seemed only natural that my page would quickly fill with the joys and dissapointments of this very hectic day. Oh well, At least maybe now I will be able to sleep.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Whose Life is it Anyway

We hear it all the time, "So sad they had their whole life ahead of them." truly though, are our lives our own? No, not if you believe in a creating God, by whose design we were all made, for His glory, for His pleasure, to work and to serve Him in all things. Nope, this life our ours is not ours. Just reading Larissa's entry in Ians Blog, brings it all into focus. "http://prayforian,com" "a new prayer"

If we view our lives from a human perspective, through secular eyes, through the eyes of the world, how can any mildly observant, moderately intelligent person believe that they have control over days and events of their own life. Each of us are only one raspy breath's moment from eternity. One slight error in judgment by the driver of a car, mine, yours, the guy from Cleveland; it doesn't matter. The lives we live are held together quite tenoulsly by a sinewy thread of cell tissue and brain matter. I have many more thoughts here, but my eyelids are getting heavy; for lack of an afternoon nap my consciousness is being drug me into the numb abyss. I will finish this ramble soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Sawed It

Today I used the circular saw. I wanted to be able to write, "Today I mastered the circular saw." Mastering the saw would be a bit of a streach. I did use the saw, a couple of times. Now, that in itself is quite a feat. The saw has been on the floor, where my workbench should be) for several months. My son Ben was working on a few projects for me a while back. He moved on to other things, the saw stayed. Old Circ has called my name a few times before, but today was the first day I got my girl on enough to pick it up off the floor, plug it in, and press the big spikey blade against a one by two or so, and squeezed the trigger. More than a few scraps cluttered the floor before I carved out the two chunks I needed to put together the lead rope hanger I was building. All went pretty darm well until the final screws needed to be driven in; something happened and the bit jammed. Drew arrived just in the nick of time. After some serious, "What in the He*% are you doing." He did drive in the last few screws, while commenting all the while how he was going to rip it down later and rebuild it better. My injured pride aside, the board was hung, the ropes were draped as planned, all because I over came the fear of the saw.

Of couse I was careful...with the saw. Well, Jay Leno is on cracking bad jokes so I think I am going to quit for now. I was glad to hear from my dear friend Emily Musser. Emily is one young woman who is very dear to me. She truly lives her calling and wears the mantle God has given her. I cannot wait to see where HE has her now.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Birthday 2 Me

Yep, 48 years young; at least that is how I Today has been a pretty good day. Went to the barn this morning; communed with all my critters. The work can be a bit hard, and this morning the temperature read 23*. I had to layer up to keep warm, but after fifteen minutes or so the first layer got peeled off. Funny how quick you can heat up working.

Physical work is not something I have filled my life with prior to becoming a horse owner. Not that I did not shovel share of manure as a kid, we had ponies and cows, and goats. We had to work in the garden, do chores around the house.
After high school, and my first college drop-out I spent almost a year working for Royal China, a dish pottery in Ohio. The kilns used for baking the green ware were not too far from my work station so it was always very warm. Hot! My job was strenuous at times, lifting stacks of greenware I had stacked on a waist-high board to a shelf an arms length ahead and above. I guess I had forgotten how hard that was for eight hours at a time. But then I was quite young and the $3.10 we made on third shift seemed like a fortune. I said it was a while ago. Minimum wage was only $1.65 and I had worked for that for several years. The pottery sweat shop seemed like the dream job.

All that being said, the physical labor of the animal care seems to be therapeutic. Barn work brings that immediate gratification found when hard work's evidence is quickly demonstrated. The grateful munching and snorting of the horses is almost melodic. A horse will stick its nose down in the water bucket and quietly draw a long, long drink; except for Sonny who sounds like little kid blowing bubbles in the bath tub, or maybe in his chocolate milk. Now that is a funny sound. When he brings his dripping nose back up, he shakes his head, snorts and goes back to munching. Sitting, drinking a cup of coffee while the dogs, cats, and horses eat their morning fare is one of the most relaxing, peaceful moments of the day.

So this morning I went to the barn, all bundled up against the cold. Ice almost an inch thick sealed off the outside buckets and water dishes. The electric heated buckets are still on a shelf in the feed room, taking them down and using them means watching the electric bill soar. So for now I will chip away the ice until freezing temps become more regular and the ice fills the buckets instead of just skimming the surface.

I let the new horses out into the main pasture this morning. I figured it was time and they could celebrate my birthday with a little extra freedom. I celebrated with Drew up at the house sitting at the kitchen table; watching those two introduce themselves to Cool and Sonny kept me from the shower and made us late for church. Missing that preformance though would have lessened the joy of the day. The fearless chocolate pony quickly goes nose to nose with Cool who is never anxious to socialize with new folks. She snorts indifferntly, but does not back away from the show. Mr. Fearless sachets over to the cows and sniffs noses with the larger meaner one. Typically the cows are quite intimidated by the horses. Justifyably so, since Sonny thinks thier purpose in life is his entertainment. When he is bored tormenting his mom, or trying to get Cool's attention; Sonny's cow pony breeding surfaces and the shorter, rounder mooing pasture-mates are soon running in several directions at once.

Funny, I want to write about the joys of my birthday, today's smiles and chuckles, but I keep relaying more general details of my daily life. Maybe, that is what made today special, its ordinaryness. The difference is I think I paused a bit longer to enjoy and appreciate my life. Simple, physical, visceral in sound and smell, spirital, I did not even get to that. The fact that Jesus chose to be born in a barn is never far from my thoughts. It truely amazes me that the hay, the manure; that perfect perfume of warm horse flesh; all evidence of the common life the Creator chose this as his nursery. His first sounds, the incredible musical muching of large teeth on hay, contented snorting, a calf complaining impatiently for his morning grain, kittens mewing; a symphony of animal melodies providing the lulaby for the Child King. How blessed am I to daily sit in awe, listening to the same holy song.
Wow! and that was all before nine thirty this morning. He is so so good.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Breezy Horse Day

Did that wind blow today or what? Or what? Yea, it blew. Looking out the window the sun was shining and the day seemed filled with the promise of adventure. Janet, one of my horsey friends, and her kids were coming over...So as I dressed I was looking forward to introducing Janet's sons to our new "push-button" ponies.

Jer was already outside doing the barn chores, getting everyone fed and watered. For some unknown reason he forgot to clean the stalls; he claims he did not see the mountains of manure I had stacked just inside the doors of two stalls. He would have to almost climb over Zulu's poop pile to hay her. Guess he just missed it. The day did not dissapoint us in the adventure zone, but now alas, I am too darn sleepy to share the exciting details.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A horse of course (horse pictured w/Jer is Cool, not a new horse)

For those who do not have a horse of have had the joy of hanging out with them, have I got a story or two for you.
We recently added two new equines to our barn family. One, a short stubby guy; he looks sort of like a chocolate cake with a mane and a tail. The other a strawberry roan; I have always wanted a roan. He, Poco, is small enough to be considered a pony but large enough to haul Jer around at top speed. These two new guys, both geldings, are going to bring a lot of laughter to the farm. Buddy, the chocolate cake, loves to sit down on his haunches like a dog. Other horses might lie down in the warm sun, or jump up quickly after a luxurious roll in the mud or sand. Not this guy, He just sits there front legs up in front, rear under his bum and the other streached out to the side. Remember he is not much bigger than a large rotwiler so the comparison to a dog is not much of a stretch. The two of them are inseparable, waking, eating, just hanging out side by side, as if velcroed together. Except of course Poco does not do the sit like a dog thing. Sometimes Poco leads the way; this must irritate Buddy as he often nips the larger horse in the butt or flank. Almost as if he knows Buddy can't help himself with his impulsive orneriness, Poco just plods ahead ignoring the biting pony. Every once in a while Poco must get fed up, with the unsolicited nibbling, one of his short back legs will fly out to one side almost striking his little friend, most missing on purpose. The fake kick may be meant to remind the pesky pony that he is the bigger one, and could retaliate if he wanted.

Now I wanted to tell today's story about Cool turning on the light in her stall, yes, by her self. Stuck her head out the window in her stall door, streches it around and either her nose or long tongue swats the switch up; lights on! 'Bout scared me out of my wits, as I was closing up the barn and all was dark before she showed off her latest trick. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost and found:
I found this on my computer and thought it was kinda cool. It has been a bit since I had written it. Like finding buried treasure.

Bible journal

February 18, 2004
Leviticus 7: laws of the different of the different burnt offerings are discussed in this and the preceding chapter: the burnt offering, the grain offering, the sin offering, the trespass offering, and the peace offering. Each offering has its own purpose and set of accompanying rituals, spelled out meticulously by a meticulous God. Just reading quickly or even a thorough read-through will not give the insight needed to truly absorb such a visual, literal passage. Much is here in this primordial passage, and should not be overlooked by modern Bible students, as Old Testament rhetoric. Every word of His Word is as much for today as it was for the ancient ones. If the offering is not presented in the proper way, particularly with unclean hands, unclean processing, the one offering is to be banished, cut off from his people. God demands purity. We had a great high priest who has taken all sacrifices onto Himself. However, we must still approach His throne with clean hands and a pure heart. Never, will we be sinless until eternity yet; we must repent and keep from known and willful sin. We cannot expect blessing and answered prayers presented by lips that deceive, lie, or callously injure others.
Matthew 25: 14-46 This passage describes the parable of the talents. WE must use the gifts God has given us or suffer punishment and the possible removal of those gifts. We also read about the “least of these” passage. Famous for the sheep and goats division where Jesus makes clear that service to the lowly and weak is a vital, imperative, requirement for his disciples. The disobeying, inconsiderate “goats” too are cast aside and told he never knew them. Sobering words. Should we ignore the cries of the needy, within our realm of advantage; we will be held accountable.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Too late to tell much now
ok, so it is not even a close parady of the old song. guess which song and you will show your age.
I wish I had started earlier to tell the current horse stories. suffice it to say, i rode cool today; she was better. jer got out the new pony and john shilling rode him bareback while jer led him back to the barn. see,now aren't you wondering about the new pony? we have two new additions to the stillwater barn community. i guess i will just have to wait until tomorrow to fill you all in on that adventure.
ok, again, the only you all here is my onw alter ego who reads this blog regularly.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Interesting Horse Day
Rode Cool today. It felt good. Not that the experience was without challenge. Seems like there is something irritating her back under the saddle. I cannot figure out what is causing it. I have moved the saddle, changed pads, loosened the saddle, and still after a ride she has a swollen spot on her backbone, about four or five inches below her withers.

I thought I would try a new headgear. Well, an old headgear. I have a western, cool-looking side-pull bridle. I had bought it for Sonny, but it was too small. I wondered if it would fit the sassy girl. I think it was a bit too large really. It seemed to fit in some ways but was uncomfortable around her mouth. So, changed back to the regular one I normally use. Thought I might get a bit more pressure and increase my level of influence. Maybe next time.

We rode for almost an hour and a half. She went back and forth between wanting to fly and not being able to drag herself out of a walk. But, overall it was an ok ride. When I got her back to the barn, she seemed to be sweating where Katie said she should be. I think the big thing is I just need to ride more regularly. I suppose I am a bit over cautious after taking that little toss into the air. Hesitation and fear are two big enemies of successful riding, and training. Cool has been working well of my legs and minimal rein pressure. Success? I guess.

Now as far as the rest of life. Ian...seems to be better. The threat of brain death has passed. Still many hurdles are ahead. Funny, when Ned and I were in Old Navy the other day, I kept seeing Ian-like clothes. I pray for the time when he is again strutting around in his easy self-confidence, sure of himself, but not arrogant. Pleased with his image, but only because he is comfortable in his own skin, and enjoys wearing it. Amazingly, his pretty face is nearly unscathed. I noticed that the other day, even his trademark hair casually lay behind him, almost waiting for him to run his fingers through it and toss it around. Jeremiah is remarked that both he and Ned seem to enjoy playing with their hair. Young ones, see things.

Ok, I am beat. Riding stiffens my bones, and I did not sleep much last night. My prayer would be that God would continue to build some kind of routine into my days. That I would be productive, and pursue my Savior more passionately.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I cannot believe I just lost an hours worth of force-writing; dragging and prying, from my brain to the keyboard, words that would somehow reflect my skewed emotions. One wrong peck of a key and...

There will be not catchy title to today's scattered ramblings. A disconsorted explantion had been pecked out on the lost in the invisible cyber dump version. I guess I feel like I need to write, to record the current events of the week.

Saturday morning only a few miles from my home a horrific auto accident occured. So often we heard how most car accidents happen withing ten miles from our homes. In only a brief moment countless lives have been permantly affected; only a few miles from my home. The young man was further from home, from his home. He lives maybe twelve or fifteen miles from the scene. He still lives. Hours have passed since we were told he would enter eternity soon. Still he lives.

I hear a door close. Drew is home. Randy is coming with him, he too is here.