Saturday, June 15, 2013


Grateful for a lovely day. A gift from a perfect God. Grateful Ammie, mamma, friend, and wife; thankful for a quiet evening, competed chores, and lovely dinner with my gambling man.
Farming and fuel, coal to be exact, equals risky business. Faith, endless days, and and a never look back attitude drive a man, mine, to fall out of bed at 4:30 AM and go till the work is done. Some days he's the bug and some days he's the windshield. Every day is hard but every day is worth the heartache, the exhaustion, and the physical pain. Admittedly, he thrives on the adventure; the desire to beat the odds and to be successful. Yet, the life he has built by the grace favor of the Lord blesses many and provides for his family in a way the small town boy could never have imagined. 
Because of his example his sons have grown to be hard working Jesus loving husbands and fathers. Different choices, different paths have resulted in varied experiences; but each owe who they have are and continue to become to their dad.
Perfect man, of course not. Emotions kept locked up tight. His affections demonstrated though his work, his provision, and occasional kind word. Bristly exterior disguises a tender spirit seen only occasionally by his help mate, the exceptionally discerning or those brave enough to venture in close. Despite the crusty exterior I am blessed to be his wife and for better or worse we will make it to the end. God is our foundation. The Cross our lifeline. The family we have grown a blessed gift from our Heavenly Father.
Happy Father's day dear husband. May our sweet Saviour continue to lead us on this amazing adventure.