Friday, November 30, 2007

Something Old Something New

Welcome, Ms. Housewife. Thanks for joining us in the blogging room. I hope you enjoy your stay. Here at this ranchero we have five sons and seven horses. Of course three of the boys have their own homes, and only two still live at home, The older, soon to be 21; will probably be here only a short time longer. Ahhh, they grow up so very quickly. Ned, he was my first baby, youngest before Jer.

The picture above is from 4H Roundup a year ago. Jer took Poco this year. I have been trying to find good pictures of all the gang, but unfortunately Jer and Poco fill the mose space on my computer. Zulu is the black horse above. She and Cool were are first horses. We had just those two for a year or so before we started getting all crazy about it. Yeesh...We got big quick, good thing we are not into rabbits. Heh. Zulu, the queen of mean, is drop dead gorgeous. A guy driving by on the road 200 yards from the pasture asked Drew about her one day. The truck driver did not know they belonged to Drew, well me, but anyway he knew Drew lived in the area and asked who owned the black mare, he was going to buy her. Drew kind of chuckled and said he did not think she was for sale. The trucker insisted saying he had the money, still not knowing she was our horse. Drew told him he did not think his son would sell him. Ha. Ha. Anyway she is an eye catcher. She is wonderful with people unless you want to ride her when she is not in the mood. She hates all the other horses in our herd, except maybe for Cool, my horse we just lost. And honestly, I think she has been way crankier than usual since Cool's passing, like she is grieving but does not know how. When she has an experienced rider on her she moves like warm oil, an incredible thing to watch.

OK, I have to get some sleep, Drew accepted an invitation to a Christmas party in Pittsburgh tomorrow night, the offer includes a room overlooking the Point. Nice deal I guess, but I am overwhelmed by the physical effort the whole thing will require. I am sure God will uphold me, but the drive, there will be 900 people there, dancing, which we all know I cannot do with out falling over, I have to find horse care for two feedings, and Jer care for overnight. Yikes, better get to bed.
Remember His Goodness and Rejoice in all things.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ain't She Cute

Baby Mia, otherwise known as Princess Mia, 'cause she thinks she is, a princess that is. As the baby prima dona of the barn she loves to make her presence known at all times during all activities, no matter what else is going on. As seen in the above picture she hangs her head out the window of her door nebbing into any and all that happens. Her halter hangs, occasionally, on the blue halter hanger underneath her chin. If you do not pay her the proper attention the halter can be flung out into the hallway, drug over her window frame and into her stall, yes sometimes finding its way into something smelly; she has been witnessed chewing on it and twirling it around like a scarf.

She is affectionate to a fault. Imagine a 700lb baby wanting to climb in your lap. Not quite, but she loves to rub her head on whatever part of me she can reach. Forking manure, feeding, filling her water bucket all mean being inside her stall for a short time or a longer time. She will follow me around chewing on the manure bucket, or the handle of the fork; nibbling on my shoes, or jacket, or hair. Occasionally she will nibble to hard and receive proper chastisement. It is important she learn what is acceptable and what is not. Biting is not. Like Buddy pictured in yesterdays blog, she is a natural smile producer. Her baby like behavior and pretty little face can cheer even the crankiest. Good thing I've got her. She makes me smile and reminds me patience is an act of will that we must practice every day and depend on God to impart His Holy Spirit to empower us. 'Cause like any toddler, or older child she can try my patience. Ha. Nite time and lights out.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Girl of Few Words

Buddy or why I keep horses, the smiles never end.

Geezzz, I feel bad, it took me so long to post, Rob had to comment twice on the same blog entry. I am such a slacker. He He... OK really though, I am bushed, went to Kittanning in the morning and Indiana in the evening; too much running for me. Saw my med nurse this morning to get my happy pills and took Jer to meet with Ben M. for tutoring. While in Kittinning I stopped by Tractor Supply and grabbed a couple of gifts and some horse supplies, daily wormer and a new muck bucket. I wanted to mention the daily wormer just to get a rise out of Rob. Gotta keep him guessing. The new bucket will be a real blessing. The one I have now has broken handles and the sides are cracked a bit, so heaving its contents into the Gator can sometimes me a wee bit messy. But I picked up a few cool gifts and got my nieces finished up. Also purchased a late birthday gift for Sheldon and one for Ben M. Missed both their birthdays by several weeks. Good thing it is the thought that counts. I get lots of credit for good thinking, just not so many points for good doing. So, now I get both, even though I am sure to be docked for tardiness.

Trying to remember if I bought anything for myself. Rarely do I go to TSC without rewarding myself in some way for my hard work and servant's heart. Tongue clearly pushed hard into cheek. I am just weak, and I do give into temptation easily at my favorite store. I think I picked up a magazine, not too big a splurge.

Sorry to hear about your rough day Vic. Too bad Robbo is so insensitive and rubs all his fun in your face. ;( Whoo I am getting tired, the nasties are coming out.

God is good, I am not, thank you Father for sending your Son.

We meet with the builder again on Friday to get his estimate for our new home. I can only pray it is not so high as to send Drew to...some bad place.

Much love to all.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Comments Galore

Picture...James on Poco (summer riding)

Wow! Robert riding bareback, Vic ripping up the sod on a renegade stallion, and Janet and boys cantering on the hill. Gotta love those stories. I am sorry I napped through the Hilltop Derby, for sure. And Vic is right, I love my saddle. I have tried riding bareback, but just do not feel very secure. I could ride Cool around in the round pen some, but Zulu is too big, Poco too small, and I don't think I could climb up on Joey with a ladder and a western saddle, let alone bareback. It's funny horses do bring out the cowgirl/boy in all of us.

All the equines in my barn are nestled in. Jer shut up the doors this morning, but no one complained. He said the rain was just pouring in, puddling inside the stalls. Joey was pawing a bit this evening but not so much that I was convinced to let him outside. The pasture would have been off limits today anyway, as the first day of buck season in Pennsylvania sends every non-hunter, two footed and four footed alike indoors and out of the line of fire. My Paso filly is a nice red road color with a blond mane, she may easily been mistaken for a chestnut brown dear with horns. Not in my mind anyway, but an anxious dear hunter might just do that.

The threat of a stray bullet is also a big scare for moms and pet owners. I remember when the boys were younger keeping them inside. The season lasts for two weeks and everyone stays indoors the first and second day, and also both Saturdays. The in between days they would have to wear orange knit caps or hunting vests. Seems strange to think about in a way, that I would fear my kids getting shot at so casually. What I mean is as I write about it, the hats and the vests where what we did but that I tell the tale without angst or irritation is amazing. Think about it though some folks in the world send their kids out every day into violent neighborhoods and locals. How do they cope with that. A few days a year I would pay special attention to my children's safety because of foolish carelessness. These moms must worry over their young ones because of hatred and evil. Why should God have allowed me and my family be born into relative peace and freedom. I am grateful, Jesus spur me on to a higher level of gratitude and larger world view that I might pray for those beyond my easy world.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

From the Horse's Back

I found this photo when I was transferring pictures from my camera to the computer. I believe I have most of my files moved from my old laptop to the new one. I even went through Drew's laptop and found some stuff I had not seen for a while. If I could just get my Outlook to work I would be thrilled. I know... I should like call Windstream or something, at least that's what Ned says. Its just so much easier to whine about it than to do anything that requires effort. And as Vic had said earlier, talking to someone in India after an eternity on hold, directed by a patonizing a computer genterated voice...requires a ton of effort. Heh!

Anyway, I took this picture from Cool's back earlier in the fall. If your were ever wondering what you'd see if you were atop a horse; this is it. Now of course, really you would see more of the horse, but this is where your eyes are supposed to be. The horse knows where you are looking and if your gaze is fixed straight ahead, confidently, he/she is confident. Your horse depends on you its rider to lead and protect. As herd animals horses depend on the alpha horse, usually a mare (female horse Rob), that the alpha is a mare says something else I won't get into right now; but anyway your horse depends on you to know if danger is in the wind, predators lurking nearby. A good rider must become the alpha and lead their horse companion confidently, not gazing anxiously about. Atop your favorite horse is the best place in the world to enjoy God's creation, but it must be done in a way that does not make your friend fearful. A horse will follow the direction of your eyes. Intuitively they know where you are looking.

I believe we can do the same for those God has placed in out lives. As we fix our gaze upon the cross, and Jesus completed work, confident in His care and covering; others will be drawn to us and want to walk the path we have chosen. The path God has called us to travel, following in His footsteps, may not always be pleasant or easy; but definitely it will be a journey worth traveling. A journey that may wind through hills and valleys, across raging rivers and alongside gentle streams but our end destination will always be the arms of our Saviour. Hallelujah.

I do miss my horse though, this is a bit of a valley...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Day After

Today was a grand day. I am definitely whooped though. Got up a bit late, but was still in the barn by eight-thirty. Horses were ticked for sure, but they adjust quickly soon as they get their morning hay. Heh! Just like a pack of hungry men. I did not say much about yesterday, but it was a pretty cool day too, the best of days really. All my boys were here, my brother and his family, and my dad. Allen's kids, yes kids...Stacy has a a three year old, who is quickly becoming Allen's daughter. Kaleb, their almost six month old baby stole the day just by being the cutest guest. I put up the photos last night, but I am having some trouble editing the photos on the blog site. On my old laptop I used to be able to move them around easier; now pics do not even show up on the writing page, just a bunch of computer code. I suppose I will have to upload, or download, or overload some kind of upgrade. I imagine a Mac just comes with all that kind of stuff preloaded. Lucky Mac men.

Dinner went wonderful, the food was tasty; and Vic I had lots of help. I even got a bit of a nap. Drew roasted the turkey, the ham, and whipped up the deviled eggs. Stacy chopped the veggies for a relish tray; she also peeled and boiled the sweet potatoes. My hands cramp badly with too much peeling and chopping, so that was a huge help. I had boiled and mashed the white potatoes the night before, also baked the frozed pies. Ned and a friend baked pumpkin gooies,a yummy cream cheese and pumpkin cookie/cake bar, served up with Cool Whip. Mmmm Mmmm. I/we kept the kitchen sorta cleaned up as we went along, so it was not so awful this morning. My sister-in-law and Ned did a bunch of dishes and ran the dishwasher.I guess mostly it was just a blast the whole time, Wednesday, Thursday, and today.

My family, huh, usually at odds, or cranky, or just being a pain; they were all just wonderful. Wonderful!Definitely a day to be thankful for, a day to celebrate thankfulness in all its incredible, and credulous facets. I could not have asked for a better gift.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us Kimmels
What a grand day was had by all. How good our God is: mama Kimmel is very grateful!!I am missing a photo of my brother and his family. They were here too. All my best loved ones, all in my house, all at the same time. Laughter, good food, and feeling fine. What a blessed woman I am.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Achy Braky Bones

My skin hurts. Ha! I am feeling some better, thanks Vic. At least that was until I went with Drew up to the new farm where the cows live. We had to give the calves, like eight of them, two separate shots, an antibiotic and a stomach aid. Cows are not like horses, you cannot just put a halter on them, hold tight, and medicate. These guys, well girls mostly, six heifers, and two bull calves, are pure crazy. Drew has a chute with a gate that slides up and down on one end and a hinged saloon door looking thing on the other. We have to drive them through the sliding gate into the chute. Someone else drops the slider gate from behind, and then the calf has to be coaxed through he saloon door just far enough so that the double doors can be closed on their neck. Now it is not so tight that it hurts them, just holds them so you can do to them whatever they need. Sometimes, like today, they were sick and needed shots. Other times they might just need a vet check, or some other attention.

Today we had help, it is at least a three person job, two can do it, but not if one of the two is me. Ha. Our friend Hannah was the third today. She ran the drop gate. My job is to herd the calves behind a hinged gate that forces them into the chute. I have a big stick in one hand and the gate in the other. As soon as the calves look like they are approaching the gate, I have to swing the gate over and block them in so they can not escape, leaning on the gate with all my weight and strength. I have the weight...but the strength is not so great..Now I am so sore from chasing, pushing, climbing over the gates, just plain working to darn hard.

OK, just got done reading to Jer. I have a chill now burrr. My hair is still damp from the shower I could hardly take. Hah, this whole episode would be funny if I had the energy to laugh. At one point a calf in front pooped all over the head of the one just behind it. Hannah called her a poophead. I could go on and on I suppose, but I am too darn tired. So, its off to bed for me. I am enjoying girls day on the blog. Keep up the good work ladies. Once again I must end by declaring my undying love for the Lord and avowing His goodness. I got to watch two of my dearest friends ride two of my favorite equine pals; got to farm around with my man and Hannah, wrastled the calves, made a decent dinner. Now if only I could walk or stand upright...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Perfect Summer Afternoon...

I know it isn't summer, for sure; but I love this picture. I should have cropped it, but alas, my PC did not come with a photo program loaded. In addition, I only have a few photos transferred from the old one to the new Dell that I am using now. Maybe the mention of PC and Dell will draw Roberto out of the Arizona woodwork. Heh. Heh. Strangely quiet without his clever ramblings. Since I put up the leather couch welcome mat we have all been much quieter, though Janet has been a welcome addition.

I think the photo is to help me remember warm days so I can make the transition to wet winter a little easier. Cool and brisk I like, cold and dry I can dress for. Damp, drizzly, and cold is simply not fun at all. I am persevering though, I have been either in bed or on the couch; but I managed to drag myself into some outerwear and out to the barn to do the evening chores. I do believe the groaning and moaning had my dog Lucy a bit uneasy. At one point she was whining and trying to crawl on my lap while I was running the Gator. I must have just finished bending over or reaching or shoveling something, and was trying to catch my breath. The unpleasant coughing and wheezing had her spooked bad. That may be a bit of a streach but I did scare the dog once, and she did try and climb on my lap.

I am counting heavily on the healing touch of the Lord overnight. I have much to do this week. We are having Thanksgiving dinner here. My kids and there "others" bring our total up to ten or so, that is without my brother of his family. I need to take a break. God's grace to all. He is so very very good.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Much to say..

But as usual I am headed for a nap. I decided to insert that comfy sofa on the front page of my blog. Make you all feel welcome...Ha Ha. Truly, I think it seems right.

A dear friend stopped to see me last evening and brought me a frame with three pictures of Cool. It was such a sweet appropriate gesture. I am moved beyond words. Only a short time ago I was complaining about not having many pictures. Now I have three in a frame. How good God is to give us such wonderful friends.

Friday, November 16, 2007

High on a mountain...Not really a mountain, but the hill on our new farm not far from where our new home will be.

I Finally got this photo to upload. Turns out I was doing it all wrong. Go figure. Just beyond where she is standing is where I fell off and broke my collar bone. The fall happened during a different ride some time later. Ironic, I took the picture with my cell phone the first time she was willing to trail ride up on the hill. We were alone, and she was very brave. Both of us were very proud; it was a monumental moment. It is one of the few good photos I have, and its not the best. Our first real trail ride, my first fall, one of the only pictures I have. Huh!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ya'll pull up a chair...
and set a spell.
Heh, Heh?

I cannot believe I got up three times, well went back downstairs three times, which is worse really, to get the Reader's Digest and I forgot to pick it up each trip down the stairs. The quote I wanted to ah,... ah quote from was by Denzel Washington. I don't want to take the fire out of any future yarn I may spin. But I am just aching to explore or, expound upon his words, especially since the subject of the unmentioned quote is so where I am right now.

Trusting God when you do not like where He has taken you, or rather you, OK or rather I, I am not happy about what He has allowed to be take from you/me. We all mourn, grieve in different ways; not all of us sob wrenching sobs for hours upon end. Maybe, some, myself, sob wrenching sobs for short periods of time, at random times, alone.

I am positive beyond all doubt that my God lives, that He has all things under His control. Part of the quote, which I am not going to use here so I can use it later, when I remember to have it in my hand when I sit to write; part of that quote said something like, "He's got me covered."

How much more eloquently can it be said? I have struggled for words to peck out, eloquently peck out, from my inner core kind of words, that would convey my grief and yet not undermine my bottom line spirit peace. Grace deep in my soul has pervaded throughout this week as I have walked out what I can only state has been and indescribable loss. My Cool was like a best friend. Non-horse folks can draw comparison to a long time family dog, loyal, obedient (sort of), affectionate, desiring affection, coffee loving, willing to lead or follow, and possessor of the largest deep brown eyes. When I say deep brown, I refer to a spirit that lay beneath the pigment, a being who would stare back into my eyes, and know. Know what? Just know.
Our last minutes together were spent like that, just staring, sharing the knowing. I cannot write that without my nose scratching and my eyes itching. I hesitate to even share it as it is such a deeply personal, intimate moment. Recording it seems almost blasphemous. Not against the Lord, surely you know, but almost a betrayal of a whispered confidence.


Rob, I too would be sorry about your airport debacle, but I know how much you enjoy hotel lounging and random restaurant dining. The time at the airport sounds like airport H*&%l, but hey but tomorrow you will be in sunny Arizona being doted upon by the best doter around. How many boxes of ceral did she buy this time?

The love seat in the picture is similar to the one I want for my new house, so it may just be a pic I grabbed from the Internet or a prophetic vision of my new living room.

You guys are too much. I love having you on my blog. It's like one cool Kimmel hang out, which only fits with how my life should be. Hospitality has always been a love of mine. Only here in Blogville, I do not have to clean toilets or bake brownies or anything that seems like work. Reading 'n writing with my pals is a real blast. Please keep showing up and hanging out. Ha. Ha. What a gang.

I have some other stuff to yak about but I have to go find a Reader's Digest I was reading; contains a quote I want to work off of.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

pith·y adjective, pith·i·er, pith·i·est.
1. brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning; terse; forcible: a pithy observation.
2. of, like, or abounding in pith.

So that's what pithy means. I like it.

Thanks Roberto for your kind words. Cool has left a huge void in my barn. She was quite the lady; she had it all, looks, brains, personality, physical beauty and strength. She would be the last animal I have that one would expect to die an early death. I can only be grateful for the time she was part of my life. It will be a difficult walk to tread but I am confident that any and all afflictions produce mighty works in our spirits. Only those worthy of the call are asked to sacrifice. I do not say that with confidence in my own self, works, or deeds, but only by the grace of God in my life, and the knowledge that He will bring to fruition what He desires to pound into my week and willful being.

Nap time....

Monday, November 12, 2007

I lost my second horse today. Actually she was my first horse, but the second horse that I lost. I have tried several times to upload a picture of her to the blog, but something is foul. It says it is uploading it in jpeg, but then a bunch of jumble comes up. I guess that is how I feel anyway, all jumbled up inside. Cool was my horse, my friend, my confidant when I did not want my secrets shared. She woke up sick; the vet came; we took her to the hospital, an operation ensued and she was gone. We knew when she went into the OR that her chances were slim. Many were praying, but the damage to her gut was too severe. Horses are such funny animals when it comes to their digestion.

I am sad, very sad. My eyes ache from to many tears. My heart is numb from the suddenness of it all, last week we rode, now she's gone.

I need to get to sleep, and my tapping is keeping Drew awake. Cool was a loyal friend, a fun companion, and a darn good horse. Her loss will be felt my human and equine alike. Even Lucy the dog has been glued to my side. She sat in the stall until the vet came, waiting, keeping me company and hanging with her pal. Still I will yet Praise Him, in all seasons.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Crave Comments

Roberto, you cannot leave me commentless for ten days. Tory can pick up some of the slack but I have no other readers. Whatever will I do? How I will I know if I am being pithy enough? Who will listen to my PC woes. You will need to sound off about your mom's antics, I will need to hear about her MAC machine episodes...I am honored that you can blog about on my comment page. I mean what greater tribute to ones writing than to have inspired others to follow suit? I am in awe of your work life, your commitment to the today's youth. Your weekly schedule contains more appointments and activities than mine would in a whole year. I've gotten a headache just reading about it; now I need a nap. Not really, I had a headache and I am already in bed, ready for a nap. Ha Ha. But...well...I...I guess I should just take that nap.

Friday, November 09, 2007

New Computer Day 2

Still cannot get my Outlook to receive mail; I have followed the directions on several different help sites, only to get the "error" message every time I try and send and receive mail. Frustrating. Also, I have tried to download my "stuff" on to a CD to load into my new machine only to come up with messages as to why I have encountered an error AGAIN, and cannot save stuff to a CD. I used to could do that. Is my computer sick or am I really losing the little techie sense I had? Ned...lot a help that Apple Boy is, he just shakes his head and says, "no comprende no weendows." Humph! Mac snobs.

Spent some time with a friend today, had a blast as usual. My friend has some limits to his communication skills, but since I am pretty good at talking to myself anyway, I do not need much encouragement to go on about what's on my mind. But I was really excited today I think we are going to collaborate together on a secret project, sort of secret anyway, Heh, Heh, inquiring nebbos will just have to wait.

Jer was off school today. I always love those days, get to have him home, don't have to school him. Best of both worlds. He was a pretty good helper in the barn, went up to do the evening chores without being asked. Was even pleasant about it all.

Rob said something in a comment about watching out for crusty hidden attitudes,please know I welcome all comments, not just the ones that make me feel creative and witty. Adjustment and input are good for the soul. With my boy nasty attitudes are not so hidden. He is struggling with several biggies. I am trying to walk him through with grace, learning from and leaning on the Holy Spirit to guide me in discerning what is a punishable offence and what has to be realized in his own heart before God. Sometimes its both. You know this was easier when I still possessed a higher level of estrogen coursing though my pituitary. Couple those hormonal losses with my screwed up thyroid and you can end up with one nasty mama. Ha, well not so nasty; more like overwhelmed and simply cerebrally challenged. Feeling real dumb to be plain about it. I do trust that God is bigger than my limitations and will ultimately guide Jer and I to His throne of Grace for Mercy in this time of great need; Jer's growing testosterone levels, my declining estrogen levels.

Yikes, I just looked over and my clock on my new computer is two hours slow. Spose I will have to fix that too. Shouldn't some satellite far above the atmosphere zero in on my little Dell and beam in the correct time? Yish!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spoiled Rotten Me

Well, here I go, typing on a new computer. I did not want a new computer. My old one was kind of like my friend. All my pictures, email addresses, notes, ramblings, eek Wade's book. The hassle of trying to transfer all my stuff from one to the other is almost overwhelming. No, it is overwhelming. I am sure Macs have some nifty program that makes it all so easy.

I was hoping to just use Drew's old computer, an HP laptop. I already have some of my stuff on it. But, this new one is buck naked. Ha, that's a funny way to put it. I know I should be grateful and I am, very grateful. Drew is very generous. He surprised me with this new Dell. I told him I was more than willing to use his or just keep toughing it out with my old one, extra monitor and all. The keys on this one are similar to Ned's Apple though. I do like the keyboard. I am tired beyond words and still have some tiding to do in the kitchen. No news here. Rode my horse for a bit. 'bout all. Oh except for Jer's teacher conference, got an excellent report. He is doing very well this year, having a few problems with pre-teen social issues, but just normal kid stuff. The school is very anxious to resolve anything of note. Jer is very almost 12. I need more estrogen to deal with this stuff; I was younger first time around.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

All that Jazz

With all that being said about whether to Mac or not, this post will last only as long as my neck can crane hard to the left whilst. I am lying in bed typing; with my laptop on well, on my lap, plunking away on the keyboard of my computer. An old monitor set up on a TV stand beside the bed is rigged into the laptop. Of course if I move the wrong way the port slips out and I am left with two blank screens. Too lazy to sit at the table I have rigged this set up in my room. Of course if I cannot move my neck tomorrow I will be sorry and regret my slacker driven ingenuity.

I guess my neck is starting OT cramp with intensity. And Drew has come to bed mocking my mess of cords and such. He said "blogging" our loud a few times just to laugh at how funny it sounds. Ha, heh, time for bed for me.

Zulu got her shoe back on today, she threw one a week or so ago.
Janet and I did not ride, sissed out because of the bitter wind.
Boiled a chicken for soup, and then did not have half the stuff to finish it.
Helped Jer study for a couple for tests.
Read the Bible with Jer.
Did not go to 4H meeting.
Hummm, 'bout all for today.
I am sure something funny happened, just can't seem to think of anything right now.
Oh, I voted did you?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I am so bad

Whoops, heh, heh...I am using Ned's computer. He left it lie on the couch. Since my screen is junk, I am tied to a desk, well the kitchen table if I want to write. Now I can lounge on the couch with my husband, more importantly with my feet up and and snuggly comforter wrapped around my achey body. Strangely some of the usual commands on the blog tool bar are not appearing. I cannot spell check, or other stuff. But I must say Roberto I like the feel of the keypads. Easy on the joints, just short little taps on the keyboard and the words appear. Hummmm. Course my cursor jumps around and I cannot seem to figure out where the backspace is; 'spose that with some coaching I could get some learning.

Here is where the really bad comes in. After dinner Jer does one of his, ", Mum?" I hate that inquiring type of "Mum". I never know what is going to come next. Could be anything from, "can we go..." or what do you think about...?" An inward groan often slips from my lips and becomes an audible moan. This was the case this evening, "Yes, Jer." I answer tersely. Not in the least wanting to hear the answer. As soon as the words slither from my lips I am convicted. Sucking in a deep breath I try again and ask a bit more motherly, what does he want. Well, turns out he is struggling with believing God in certain trials and feels like he needs to start to read his Bible more regularly...and would I read with him? More sucking in of large gulps of air and crow. We read the first chapter of Genisis. He asked questions about dinasours and other mysteries to which I had humbly minimal answers. Oh well, God's grace abounds, good thing, since my wisdom is severely limited by my lazy, selfish flesh. But isn't life a blast?!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Grandma X2

Yep, Allen is going to be a daddy again. They are ecstatic. Yippee! Several weeks ago, the day I picked them up to go up to visit my dad in fact, the proud mama spewed her breakfast all over the parking lot, at Joe's.
Clue number one..."Yea, she's been throwing up for the last couple of days. Must have a bug or something"
So goes the conversation as we order lunch; lunch that gets wolfed down by everyone at the table, even the puker. How many people do you know who can lose their breakfast and eat huge lunch of greasy, cheesy pasta all in the same hour? Huh? Some of us, me, got a wee bit suspicious of the puking, the eating, and the of the slightly protruding belly that got a whole lot of massaging throughout the rest of the day.

Turns out suspicions were confirmed a few days ago, Monday past to be exact.
Joe's I

The think about Joe's is it looks like an average run of the mill pizza joint. Someplace to get pizza, wings, maybe a good hoagie, or a gooey Stromboli; these luncheon lovelies would be enough to give the place an A rating. But Joe's, Joe's is a step, or two, or more above being only an A rated pizza joint. The menu is several pages long, with one page devoted only to pastas, a few of which I had never heard of before. Tortellocci. I am not sure I spelled it correctly but it is a large, two inches or more, tortellini styled pasta, that an be ordered with meatballs, sausage, shrimp, or plain. A list of several sauces can be mixed and matched with your choice of meats. Torellocci is only one of the the maybe thirty entrees listed under Pastas.

Jer is waiting. We are going to town to look at refridgerators. I will return. There is much more to tell about the restaurant listed in Drew's Top 10.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pithy Shmithy

No pressure on me; seems like my most creative thoughts come upon me when I am busiest. I suppose that makes sense. When I am productive; stuff happens, and I think about it, the happening stuff...profoundly of course. Bustling around, the barn in the early morning, OK maybe not bustling, the frost, or the wind, or the rain, or the horses, or WHATEVER, resonates against my creative angst and the desire to record my revelations burn within. Unfortunately, they never reach the without. In the past I had my laptop in the barn and I could weave the writing of great things around the doing of my morning horse chores. I could lug my computer up to the barn every day, I mean it is a laptop, portable and all. Perhaps lugging is a stretch, since I drive up every morning after I take Jer to the bus. Still, I would have to desert Sheldon, my barn boy, to do the chores alone. All alone, slaving away, shoveling manure, lugging water, sweeping the floors, alone. Sounds a bit like child labor. Child labor, now there is something that would spurn my emotions and charge my fingers to peck away!