Tuesday, March 08, 2011

alone....for once

I wish I could figure out how to upload photos from my phone using this blogger/Droid app. Maybe if I wasn't so cheap and broke down and purchased an application I would get one I could use...though if I paid money for and and still couldn't upload then I might more frustrated yet. But, on a day like today it will take more than a silly electronic devise to to rock my boat. For sure, as I am home ALONE! I know you may be tempted to think I'm dreaming or hallucinating, or dreaming, or that I finally drifted over the edge. But nope, its true. Drew is at a political meeting (I love saying that). Jer is at a 4H meeting and my wonderful, adorable, mildly manic grandsons are at Amma's house, for the night. Until tomorrow. Night.
And me, I'm doing nothing, absolutely nothing. No TV. No book. Just me and my favorite chair. Only sounds are a clock ticking and an occasional scratching moaning noise from one of the dogs....wait that may be the refrigerator running, should I go catch it? Haha, I crack myself up. Ahhhh, myself, just me. Yep, all alone.
Lord you are so kind. Please bless Bev extra tonight and tomorrow ....
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