Friday, August 29, 2008

A Long Day's Night

Off to sleep. Babies are in bed, Jer too. A long day, yes, but not a bad day. The boys are I are getting into a routine. Of sorts. My house is more or less baby proof. I have gates, a swing, two cribs, bottles, baby toys, diapers (lots), and a myriad of other baby stuff.

I have not been on a horse in almost two weeks. I am hoping to end that streak tomorrow morning.

OH, and the big, big news...Ned and Hannah Caldwell got engaged this past Wednesday. We are all so very excited. It has been a gentle breeze of fresh air blowing through this otherwise stressful week. Congratulations my to my son and his sweet new fiancee.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Week

One week has passed since Drew, Bev, and I began sharing the responsibility of caring for Allen's two young sons. The boys parents are unable at this time to do that. Drew has helped in countless ways but the physical care has been mostly Bev and I. I am the more fortunate one as I have Jer, friends, and other family to help me with my shifts. When she is on duty she is on her own. Please pray for her strength and endurance. We are all having fun and are overjoyed to be spending so much time with our little grandsons/nephews, but it is wearing and has more or less turned my old life upside down. But God in His goodness has provided wisdom and grace for every challenge. I will post a few more picture as I was snapping away this morning, but am going to take a much needed nap at the moment. My two little men just went down for afternoon naps. So instead of doing anything that needs done. Sleep beckons.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Updates

Lucy the Cat before her grand adventure usual beginning words. Or maybe "OK" or some other air/space filler to get my mind moving in the general direction of thinking and typing at the same time.

1st: I have a drs appointment in Black Lick at 2:00 this afternoon and must leave home here in a short time. I asked to be put on a waiting list so I could get in sooner than my scheduled appointment and of course they called yesterday for an appointment today. If you know me you know I NEVER schedule anything at 2 PM except a nap, of an N.A.P. meeting as Drew says. But I am resting in my chair with my feet propped up, which means I will not be able to bend them when the time comes to stand up. Feels good now, but we all know about that whole gratify my now pay later sentiment...

Ok, Allen is moved along with his beautiful family, and his lovely mom. I am excited for them. I know it will be a huge adjustment for all but he house is very tidy, newly painted and plenty big. Updated kitchen and other features with an old farmhouse feel. Our whole family pulled together and got the job done with no fussing or fury. A major miracle if you ask me. Moving is stressful under any circumstances and we typically excel at chaos and confusion, but for us A+ for the day. Ben Murphy and Randy worked the Indiana end with Bev until the rest of the fam minus me and Jer made it to town. I went to the farm but pooped out before they went on into town. Jer had a furious cold and was stuck on the couch, which is were I joined him after the first leg was complete.

2nd: I was pitched off my filly on Sunday. All is well, I am only bruised and not broken. Praise God. We were in the arena so I landed on sand. Twisted my neck a bit and banged my tailbone, which by the way I have hated my entire life. No matter how chubby I get my silly tailbone still extends past my rear end and makes sitting uncomfortable. Makes landing hard on your back even more uncomfortable. Ha. The horse was not truly at fault, just spooked as two year olds do. She went one way, I went the other way. And, the ground came up real fast. As I laid on the ground looking up at her she sort or just looked at me like, "Oops" and then took off at lightening speed doing laps around the ring. I think she thought if we caught her her she was going to get her butt kicked. Not likely, since it took me at least ten minutes to even make it to my feet let alone raise a hand to spank. No worries, Jer got back on top in only a few minutes and I followed after a brief respite collecting of wits and breath.

I was supposed to be brief. Cat is hobling along. House is coming. I know I need to get some recent pictures. Jer goes back to school in a couple weeks. Wow, quick summer. I love our new horse, took her out this morning she will make quite the trail horse. Dory is not yet pregnant, still waiting on her to say, "yes" to her man. Benign enough Rob?

I bought my book for care group, means I intend to read it and attend the meetings....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Riding Away

Jer, Sonny, and Christy @ Crooked Creek Horse Park last June
Update on Lucy the cat...her front right leg was crushed just below her shoulder. Most of the bone was broken or shattered. In a surgical procedure the good doc cleaned out the bone fragments and stitched it up as best he could. Her scar is probaly at least four inches long, a crooked sort of way. She limps significantly; her leg kind of just hanges there, though she uses it as a support without putting a lot of weight on it. Oddly they feel she should recover well; the soft tissue forming a new joint of sorts. Right now she is half starved and eating every minute she is not sleeping. I should get a picture to post. Not to graphic now for my squeemish readers. I could look throught some older ones to see if I have a "before"
I rode three different horses today. Wow, what a day for me. I took my first lesson in a few years from Jer's instructor. I had a blast, learned a ton, and can't wait until the next one. Jer was sick today so after Christie rode Sonny to "school" him, I got him after he was a little worn down. I want to learn to canter without feeling like I am going to kill myself. We did not do that this morning, but I am on my way; and what I learned has already helped with Baby Mia.
I rode her this evening. I have been having trouble getting her to take the bit. Not sure why. So instead of fighting with her this evening, I hooked her reins up to her hackamore and rode without a bit. Truthfully she was just fine without the her nasty bit. Of course I will not let her win this battle long term, I was alone though tonight and will wait till I have help to go for round two. I am not one to let the horse "win".
Summer was the other horse I rode today. I had not gotten her out since last Saturday and thought someone should take her for a spin. We did not stay out long, but Lindsey wanted to ride Poco, so I kept her company on our new black mare. Jer was sick so I was on my own most of the day. Hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning at eight we will meet here and travel up to Distant PA to gather Allen and his family and move them to their new home in Indiana. They will be living with his mom in a big farm house on south sixth street. It will be a big adjustment for all of them, but I know God will grace them for the transition.
OK, I must get some sleep for an early up tomorrow. Thanks to Ben Murphy and his crew who will be helping Allen's mom Bev get her stuff moved to the new home. I love my church.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Leg....acy

Our lost cat is home again. I went and fetched her from the animal hospital yesterday afternoon. Her face shows most clearly the weight she has lost. Previously she was one hefty kitty, not obese or portly, just stout. Now her little cheeks are sunken in. She wants to eat constantly and then sleeps like, ah, like me after a hard day...or any day. Simply, she really zonks out. There I go with that word really. The vet sewed her leg back on, leaving the joint to rebuild itself with soft tissue. I spose it will never be right, but she should have limited use of it. The story of her journeys unknown, but her return home is welcome. Her legacy as a Kimmel cat will contiue on.
Hence the title, leg...acy.
I have been shopping for lighting fixtures on line. I know what I do not like; some I kinda like; so far nothing I love. Johanna, HELP!
So many things to decide on. Some of it is fun, but for me who can hardly decide which socks to wear, it can be a tad tedious.
Rode my baby Mia this evening. Drew tagged along at my request. She can be a bit rambunctious, but today she was very well behaved; after we got her bitted up. At first I had no problem with her, but the last few times she started throwing her head up and be a real snot. I think I am doing something wrong, 'cause she is normally a people pleaser. Jer has been trying to coach me. He can do it with no problem, but I still have some trouble with my right shoulder and cannot put my arm up over her head to hold it in place. Either way it took Drew and I both to get the job done. And Drew got his first foot stomped on injury. I apprieciate his willingness to step up and help even after she stepped on his ankle...hard.
OK, I need to be praying for more self discipline and list making. I feel I am getting lost in the fuzzy headed fog again; just stabbing here and there at a blurry mental list of chores that need to be tackled. Not finishing any one project leaves me feeling frustrated and disappointed in myself.
I know God has ordained my tasks and my daily mission in life. I need to spend time trying to hear His plan and then work at pursuing it.
Nite now.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Too Late Baby Now

I had so much to share this evening. I had quite the day. But I am much too tired to spew it all out now. Not to be gross, but I don't think I ever even brushed my teeth today. I have been on the go since 7:30, yes I did have a nap; on the couch with my boots on. Passed out, slept, got up, back to the barn.
I was chewed out by a lady from the Indiana County Humane Society. Long, very long, story. I did not harm any animals, but took one in from someone who had adopted from there only to have the silly cat run off from my farm, get herself injured and taken back to the kitty Gestapo. My mistake, going to pick up the injured cat and take her to my vet to have her leg sewed back on. See what I mean, that is not near enough details to give you a clear picture, but it is as far as I can go at the moment.
But God's Mercy reigns. Now I am in my bed and going to close my eyes and sleep. Scarlett O'Hara did not have everything all wrong. Tomorrow will be another day. God's Mercy is new every morning. Hallelujah!

Friday, August 08, 2008

No Baby

Just a quick note, sorry for my lack of interesting or even boring chatter here.
My horse, Dory, who was pregnant is not longer, pregnant. I am taking her back to visit her stallion friend tomorrow. Though, I am not sure how much further I will continue after this try. I am worn out from all the messing around. Please pray that I will clearly hear from God how to continue from here. This "live cover" method is not costly as the AI was but it is emotionally wearing.
My vet has been very sweet. I believe she was almost more disappointed today than I was when she discovered that the baby horse was not more.
Off to bed now.
Oh, by the way. I have poison something all over my torso. Yuck.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Oops...I did it again...again

OK, Vic, you can quit talking to yourself, I am here now.
Jer's cell phone went into the washing machine with my barn jeans. It is now drying out on the chair in my bedroom. He, needless to say, is not very happy with me. He gave it to me tonight while we were riding in the arena. Before I got into the shower earlier I began to empty my pockets in the bathroom. Concious of having his phone also in my pocket, I could swear I set it on the sink or towel shelf. After showering I gathered up my dirty stuff and decided to stuff it right in the washing machine. Believing I had already taked the phones and other stuff out of my pockets, I never even checked them.

Later he asked me for his phone, I cofidently said, "its in the bathroom."

"No...its not," says Jer.

"OH sure it is honey, well check down in the kitchen. Maybe I took it out downstairs before I came up. I remember taking it out of my pocket. I just don't remember where."

No phone, anywhere. "OK," I nervously admit, "maybe its in the washing machine." It was. At least this one did not go into the dryer. I have done that before too.
Oh well, what ya gonna do. A middle aged mama, whose brains are shriveling.
Did I mention my mare is pregnant. Oh yea I did.
We are home from the nation to the north. I truly love it up there. I wish everyone could experience it just once. Even you Vic. There is a bed and breakfast just up the river from were we stay. It is much more civilized than the cabin/cottage life. Canadians call them cottages, and you go on a holiday, not a vacation. And, you say "AYE" any old place you want to in any conversation, in any setting. Its kinda cool. We all usually AYE for a couple of weeks or so every year until it wears off. I would peck out a demonstration dialogue, but I hate dialogue and I ready used up my weekly allowance of quotation marks in the phone in the washer bit.

Suffice it to say, saying AYE is cool. Try it.
Nuts, and I have poison something all over my torso and lower back. Some kind of Canadian poison leaf stuff. I am guessing anyway. It almost looks like Zorro attacked me with a red magic marker, except for the one place where the blotch is about as big around as a baseball. Not puffed out that big, just one two-dimensional. Itchy, yes. I am using this stuff called Zanfel. Works pretty well for the most part, which is why I think its some form of poison. Otherwise why would poison ivy medicine be working right? Only problem for each area that begins to clear up, two more show up. If this continues I may call the Dr. or be forced to try the one redneck home remedy of Clorox Bleach. And yes it burns and stings like...heck.
All that is left is to write something spiritual and I can call it a night. Oh, and the pictures above are a few more Canada pics. Drew in skis, on the dock. He ended up removing them, getting in the water and then putting them on again. Which is the way you are supposed to do it in the first place. Actually, he is a very good skier. The other two are the kids all jumping off the dock one night.
My wisdom well seems to be a bit dry. But the one thing I do know is that there are very few things in life that show off the mercy of God than know I have good friends. That they love me, and want to hear about my mundane little life. God created us to be intertwined with one another, in such a way that we hold each other up. Laugh together, cry together, and love HIM together. For that I am grateful.
Oh and Happy Late Birthday to Rob. The big day was Saturday, so be sure to let him know...ahh...he's getting older just like the rest of us....

Friday, August 01, 2008


Sandy n Anna
Drank my first Corona today complete with a slice of lime. And, I liked it. Drew and Jer and I sat on the swimming dock with some of our Canadian friends. We spent most of the afternoon in the water or just sitting in the sun talking about nothing in particular. Well one of the guys did ask us what we thought about the candidates running for president. I shuddered inside and out just thinking about what Drew's answer would be...with good reason. He proved me right. Yikes, but then it is true that there is not much good to say. Fortunately, we had already had a good long day to that point. Ha Ha.
Well, tonight is our last night at the cottage. We leave in the morning around ten, head south towards Toronto. Several stops along the way have become routine in our journey, some for food, some for shopping. We found a new shop earlier this week. One rainy day we went to town to get lunch and "dumb around". On the way home we stopped off at an antique shop, which doubled as a bake shop/coffee shop. I ate one of the most delectable sweet crumbly pastry treats I have ever tasted. Butter tarts they are called. Imagine warm, sweet, and butter all in the same tasty treat.

OK, I am too tired to continue on. We have had a good week. God is good to me, this I know.