Monday, September 29, 2008

Bottle Baby

Kaleb is asleep; DA is sucking down his evening cocktail of baby formula and rice cereal. Yum, yum! I have just tried to type that four times. My fingers are sure not doing the walking tonight. I swore I would never prop up a bottle for a baby. Oh, many things change. I do have to grab him and burp him or the sleeping may not go so well. He smells so good right now it would be a shame to stink him up with baby puke...fluids again. OK, burping with one hand typing with the other. That's not working so well either.

All is complete. Both babes are sound asleep. Jer brought me some stuff that needs filled out by tomorrow; at least its not two dozen cupcakes or something awful like that. As soon as I get the pics from my camera from my dad's I will post one or two.

Babies keep getting cuter, but I am getting a bit weary. I need my spirit stirred for the long haul. On one hand I cannot imagine not having them, but on the other I am leaning heavily on the Power of God to bring me through this on so many levels. These tiny little people so dependant, so helpless to continue on without their every need being met through the grownups in their lives. The honor, privilege, responsibility of it all is awesome in the overwhelmingly filled with awe kind of way.

And, in a completely different way than the other day I am undone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So much that God is revealing to me these days comes from the dark side of my heart. I am not overwhelmed with condemnation or even a conflicted soul. In His unending Kindness, He is simply letting me know that MY time, MY energy, My thoughts, were not all about Him and His business. I LIKED my life. Oohh bad thing to say out loud. And; I had. Ha. You know, I still like my life, but my time, energies, and thoughts have been redirected by His Hand in my life. For His Glory and my good. I guess He got my attention. It is my prayer that I allow Him to keep it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More on Fluids...

Now that Granny has begun to strap me in for the night I sleep much she thinks Brudder got a new toy, all I have to play with is a drawer of baby safe kitchen junk!
The yellow wheel spins around, plays non-sensible tunes and I just love it.
Oh heck, here let me help.
Rob, the stain on the front of DrewAllen's tee shirt is drool. A body fluid, yes; but so much of life involves those pesky liquids. Hard not to mention them; they just sort of come up...yes that has a double meaning. Hee Heh!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pics n Puke

I have a baby on my chest and can only peck one-handed. The mason has begun to lay the stone across the front of the house. And I love it. I have hordes of hilarious granny/baby stories. but i am very uncomfortable typing this way. So many ways to puke, poop, or wail; I never knew. Or at least I do not remember. The third seat, leather, in a Lincoln Aviator can hold a surprising amount of clear liquid vomit, all the while not lessening the amount needed to saturate an entire outfit to the skin. i believe this event only occurs when the grandma is unprepared during a quick carpool run to town. For now that will have to satisfy. The wee one must be put to bed and so must I.

Keep up the good work in my absence,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Come Back...

Yea, we are cute
The little men return tomorrow when I pick them up around 2:30 pm, just before I get Jer from school. I am looking forward to the weekend, crazy yes, but should be fun. I am hoping to get Jer to his first Transformed meeting on Saturday night. I will have to find a sitter for the boys I suppose, in addition to finding out like time and how late the meetings go. I spoke with Kathie earlier to make sure Jer could attend but I did not get any details.

I have enjoyed my "days off". Rode this morning with a new friend, Gingie Alshouse's cousin Kate, a wonderful horsewoman and all around fun lady. We went to bring Dory home this evening, sans pregnancy. But that's OK, I have one baby on the way; and with the two human babies I have that is probably enough for now. We will take her back in the spring and try again. For now I am basking in God's Goodness and Grace concerning the we one we do have brewing.

I love this fall weather. Cool nights and perfect days.

I am going to sleep now. Last chance for a full night before the babies come back.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pictures and stuff

Here are a few pictures from my day today. Much less hectic than yesterday. Even took a walk this evening up the drive and down the road a piece. Lindsey my neighbor/kimmel cousin went along and drug her two in a wagon. We must have looked like a parade, four kids and three dogs. Ha Ha.
Also, my new mare is pregnant, 60 days pregnant. I am so excited. I got to see the baby horse on the sonogram; its little head and its heartbeat. Gosh darn cool!!
I hear a baby on the monitor, probably DrewAllen needs another bottle before sleep. Well, he sleeps until two or so then eats again. Then four to sixish. Oh well. Still the Grace runs abundant.

Monday, September 08, 2008

All's well that ends...

The day is done, though I can still hear one baby stirring through the monitor. Kaleb went right to sleep, a little earlier than I would like, but he was so tired. Tired to a toddler means accelerated motion, increased volume, and a stiffly arched back and thrown back head every time you try and comfort, correct, or redirect. Can be a very stressful time for the adult in charge. And when the goal is to keep the young tot up to a certain time so that her or she sleeps the night through and does not wake up before 6:00 AM, well lets just say the stakes get considerably higher.

Quite a long day today was. I am weary, but the day is done, guess I said that. The hearing went as we had hoped. Allen and Stacey were there but they agreed to comply with the order and not contest the custody. So we have it. Drew specifically in our case. Bev is a different household and I am not the biological grandparent, so that makes me the ahhh, nanny I guess. I know the terms are for legal purposes but still my sin rose up a wee bit at the notion that I was merely a spectator. Again though my God reminded me that I do not to work for the praise or attention of men but for His Glory, and His Kingdom. My caring for the babies is a joy and a blessing in my life. And a service to their Heavenly Father first and above all. So amazed that I have been called by my King to a vocation so precious.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just do the next thing

Ever heard that before? Kind of the mode I am in right now. Set one foot in front of the other and trust God for dry land. All in all not a bad place to be. Seems sometimes in our lives God just steps in and takes over, no chance to say no, or even consider if you want to say no...wordy huh?

Drift is...its all about His Plan, His Grace, His Mercy, and His Time for everything in our lives.

I am content. Tired, but not overwhelmed. Blessed to know I am His hands and Heart, without even having to work at it. Yes, it is all work, and the prayers of the saints and the groanings or my own heart are put out there as pleas to our Kind Father, but He does it all. Gives us the chore, sends the Grace to complete it, and then blesses us with a sweet sense of His pleasure.

And, the soft touch of a baby's cheek, a tinkling giggle, or the pure fun of hearing, "horCEE".
Our God is so good and so kind. I am blessed to be His daughter.
Thanks so much for keeping up the blog in my absence. You lives are so interesting. I have had time to read, from my phone. But I cannot comment or post from there. Vic, your girls will be blessed beyond measure to have you for a mom. Sleeping bags on the floor will be OK. It is the love and laughter that goes on in a home that makes it wonderful. You will see.

Rob, I cannot say how amazed I am at where God has taken you. You have become such a humble servant to the children to care for and the people who you work for as well as your underlings. Humility is not always how we feel but how we are seen by others and by our God. He knows your weak heart, but He also knows your desire to be like Him.
Tomorrow is our hearing for custody. Pray all goes well; that God's will is seen and accomplished with Grace and humility.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Baby Talk

Tonight I hooked up for the first time, the baby monitor Mary Bennett was kind enough to lend me . While Kaleb is fast asleep baby #2, DrewAllen, is yet to nod off into dreamland. I can hear him grunting and stirring around on the other side of the wall. I am not sure if he is warming up to get louder or winding down to sleep. He fights sleep harder than his older brother. When Kaleb is tired a snort of milk in his bottle, a few fits of whining, and the snoring begins. Last time I peeked in at DA as Jer calls him, he was sucking both his thumb and his blanked while staring off into the blackness of his dark room. Not pitch black or anything, I am not a fiend; the door is open and the hall light is on.
Today was Jer's first day at his new school. He looked very handsome in his black and red polo shirt and black jeans. The only thing we forgot was his Bible. He needs an NIV, which I know that I have several, but do you think I could find one tonight? Not true. I did find a children's Bible that is an NIV, but I am not sure he will want to carry it to middle school. He seemed pleased, not talkative or real descriptive; but he was not complaining or grumbling either, so I am happy. OOh, I hear a squeal, drats. Anyway, I drove him, Jer, into Indiana and then went to pick him up at three this afternoon. Hopefully, I will be able to contact another mother who works in town and also drives her child in to school every day. I have tried several times with to no avail.
OK, time for me to get some sleep. Check on the baby and tuck myself in. I am oh so grateful for the grace God has poured into my life these last weeks. My friends and family have been so helpful and supportive. I can feel power behind the many prayers which have been offered up on behalf of my family and myself. Thank you.