Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Night
Well, well, well. Where on earth have I been? Seems like forever since I have written anything. I am missing my own words... Heh, heh! I have been very busy. I had a dr.s appointment this morning, just in Elderton, a chiropractor's appointment this afternoon, also in Elderton. I babysat baby Isabella yesterday while Alison went for my groceries. We played and told stories for a bit and than took a nap on the couch together. She slept in her little seat beside my feet and I curled up above her. We were sleeping when Ali came back. It was kind of cute. Sounds a little bit presumptions, but the baby was cute I just happened to be in the picture.

My horses have been having a blast playing outside. They think there is grass in the pasture; there isn't. They sure spend a lot of time chewing dirt I guess. Horses won't eat dirt really; they are able to sift apart even the smallest of particles in their feed. I have a mare, Zulu, who would eat everything except a soft powdery additive, Rice Bran. It has the consistency of powdered sugar. I am amazed at the dexterity of her lips. My new filly, oops forgot to say about that.

Wednesday afternoon I brought home a yearling filly, kind of a light red roan. It's hard to say what color she will shed out too be. But she is a real sweetheart, a Paso Fino with a black and white pinto paso for a sire. She could throw (give birth too) pinto marked colored babies. She was left to stand in the field for most of her first 12 months so she does not act her age. Though she seems very eager to learn and very, very anxious to be loved on. I had her out in the round pen today most of the day. I had some hay, a water bucket, and a feed pan with her own special sweet feed all outside in the sunshine. We walked around practicing walking with a lead rope. Some of the time I just sat in a lawn chair enjoying the fine weather. Mia, short for a much longer official Spanish name. My camera is broken so I will have to get Ned to take few photos so I can post them up like a proud mama.

OK, I must get some sleep. No funny stories or lessons to be learned, my mind and body are weary.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Twist'n the Night Away

Interesting is a good word to describe my life. Never boring. Not for as long as I can remember anyway. My battery is going to run out and I am too lazy to go and hunt a cord (nap time). Just had to respond to Roberto's comment. Heh, heh...shipped, cooled, horse semen, nothing like the stuff. We really are in a brave new world, do you think? Sometimes I sit and just wonder about all the stuff we have access to in our lives. I never had a TV until I was almost in elementary school, then it was a green and beige 12 or 13 inch black and white that my dad could fix by taking the tubes out of the back and going the drug store. At the drug store and some hardware stores there was a machine where you could test your TV tubes to determine which ones needed replacing. Usually the store had the new ones on hand. Dad would head home and replace bad with the good and whaula...back to the Mighty Mouse. The only plasma involved was any you might need if you cut yourself on a broken tube. More on this thought after my nap...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two Days Good
The baby I
went to see
Yesterday was fantastic, and today way up there again. I rode two horses today, made supper, cleaned up from supper, washing a load of clothes, and am on my way to read to Jer. Also, I went and looked at a little filly I am considering buying. My husband Drew and I are planning on easing into the horse breeding business/hobby. My black mare is contracted to be bred to a beautiful stallion out in California. His stuff, semen, is coming here, not him, nor is she going there. It is called AI breeding for anyone not up on modern horse breeding. They will FedEx the cooled semen overnight, then comes the vet and hopefully in a month or so we will know if we have a baby. Cool huh? I may try and post a link for the stallion's website.
OK, I guess I did it. Check it out; he is a looker.

Rode Sunny this Am...he did really well; considering I have not had him out for a few months. We walked down the driveway, up on the hill, and even out on the rode for a hundred yards or so. I was a little restless at first, but settled down and seemed to enjoy himself. I would have worked him a bit longer, but Drew invited me to lunch, so I could not pass that offer up could I? Forgot about that, I was a busy girl.

Ned went with me after supper and we took Cool up on the hill. I rode for a while and then he got on for at least 20-30 minutes. She was raring to go, and was in a big hurry to get up to the arena. She ran right through the gate and started down the rail. She was ready to fly, usually I have to kick the daylights out of her to get her to pick up a corto. (trot for a paso) I think I could have gotten her to canter today, but it was cold and I did not have that much time. She was wonderful for Ned. He seems to be a natural. He has nice long legs, makes it nice for him and the horse.

OK, time for me to go read with Jer. I am getting sleepy too and I have to take a shower. I need to think of some uplifting words before I sign off. The sun was out all day and it seems to keep my spirits lighter. If only I could focus on the Son of God more, then night or day, trial or joy my heart would sing the song of Life without hesitation. 'Cause His Son always shines. Today I feel His pleasure in my tasks well done. So much yet to accomplish in my messy, messy home but I know God will give me vision and direction each day's duties and the strength and wisdom to complete them for His Glory.

Monday, March 19, 2007

All Gone

For those awaiting the conclusion, whatever the before mentioned profound thoughts were. They are gone.

Drove to the city this morning. Sounds like something from a TV show, like we live not in THE City. Of course I don't, live in THE city or any city for that matter; not even a town either, just a town-ship. Sort of a sprawled out collection of folks who don't really live next to anyone else. I do have neighbors I can see, and probably could holler at if the emergency was grave enough or the miracle that incredible. Most likely I would pick up the phone or send a kid to pass a message, ie. a loose dog, or stray cat, or maybe an invite to an impromptu BBQ. In reverse, my received message might be my horse had stomped their rhubarb, or was last seen loping over the crest of the gravel road towards some illicit adventure. Hah! So goes life in the town-ship.

But anyways, I drove to the City this morning to see my neurologist. I like him a lot. He is like visiting a friend or old acquaintance. Friendly, interested in how I feel, even all the little stuff, achy shoulder, gimpy toe, 'cause those neurologists see everything as potentially connected to your neuro stuff. Oops, I have not even gotten to the point of this post and I have to run and get Jer at the bus. Rain is falling steady and cold. I am going to post and finish later....cliffhanger.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


White bright sunshine reflects brittle cold and my boots crunch into frozen snow; slow going over to the horse barn this morning. The blue of the sky shimmers gloriously floating wispy cotton tufts. How could anyone stay angry. Breathing in the cold air fills the lungs and energizes the brain. Lofty thoughts of the Most High God lift my spirit high above any trouble in my land.
I love the early hours barn work. Sonny nickers an impatient "Hello, where's my breakfast?" Eager snorting begs for morning hay and grain, anxious to munch down breakfast and head out to romp and roll. Nothing much funnier than a short stubby brown pony rolling in the snow, feet up in the air, sitting up like a puppy. Ha...nothing funnier.
Anyway, after a morning like that how can anyone stay angry. Seems like proof that God lives and cares for His own. He sends us smiles when we need the the most. Shows us how to find the gold underneath the muddy waters and the silver in the darkest cloud. Life is not about just making it through the trials but seeing past the darkness to the glorious light of the Son.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I am so angry; really angry I think. Of course I am not angry, or why I am angry, not really sure. I have a few guesses. Just nothing concrete. Like, "So and So did this or said that." No, there is simply this underlying simmering going on in my spirit. I feel like I could just blow a gasket at any time. Angry yes, empty too; not too uplifting for a Christian blogger to write about and claim or admit too. I think I am confessing sin maybe. I do not want to be seething. I want the peace of God. I want to feel love towards my family, overwhelming concern and care. The last couple of days some stuff has happened that just has me riled up. Some of it is just blatent inconsideration, some misunderstanding, and some maybe just plain ignorance, ignorance of the unknowing just don't get it 'cause I am a man kind of stuff. Either way I should be able to cry out to God for a forebearing spirit, overlook an offense, and forge ahead doing good in Jesus name. Instead, I am lying here in my bed pouting about my own selfish unmet desires. Silly huh? Sad maybe? Good thing I have a loving Savior who foreknew my sinful ways and loved me, and covered my sins with His own Perfect life. Good thing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Celebrate Wednesdays

Today is a celebration of Cool's first trail ride. I can hardly believe it. I saddled her up, rode to the end of the drive, and went left. Not up the hill to the arena, but left on the rode and then a quick right up the haul road for a local mine. After five P. M. there would be not traffic. Remember, I can ride after five since Cool's stomach is still on Eastern Standard Time, and five is four to her. Anyway, there we were, my horse and I, headed into uncharted territory. Trees on one side the back side of homes and fields on the other. I had never been up this road before, alone, or with Drew, and here I was atop my favorite horse on an adventure. Soon the fields turned into woods, a pond, probably a runoff pond from the cleaning plant. But to me this afternoon it was Lake Ontario. My jumpy, finicky, won't step in a puddle, sweetheart of a mare, just tromped up the dirt road like she was carrying a queen to her palace. At least that is how I felt. I kinda think she did too. She was a little hesitant a couple of times and she side stepped to avoid the muddy water, but she was the bravest steed ever. Whew, it was a blast.

Proof that stepping out into new and sometimes frightening adventures can be OK. More than OK. Incredible! Adventures under the covering of the Holy Spirit are adventures of the High Soaring spiritual type. No words recorded in Webster's can describe the joy, peace, contentment, more, more, more. The thrill and excitement of walking into a scary place and coming out whole are indescribable. Riding off the farm today was something we had never done. We stepped out in faith and returned victorious. The metaphor may seem weak, but the horses represent a whole new world for me. Everyday is a new risk-filled event. Every day, Jesus goes before me, paves the way and leads me on. Overwhelming gratitude and love for my Savior swell up and spill out, leaking and spraying ecstasy all over your/my world.

My horse is named Cool Rhythm.
I have been lazy about posting. But I have been horsing about a good bit. My house can show proof to that. Even now I must run to the barn and then to meet Jer at the bus. I do have laundry in the washer and in the dryer. I emptied and ran the dishwasher, and worked on putting away clothes from...get ready, from Florida. Yep, still had a huge pile that I kept moving around from the duffel bag, to the chair, to the bed, to the floor. You get the picture. I need to get back to writing. It is very good for me for many reasons.

Right now I have to grab some paperwork and run to the barn. I have stuff that must go out in today's mail. I just wanted to write something to get into the swing.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sunny Saturday

I am back in the north. The sun is shinning today. For now. Yesterday we had sun, but it kept playing hide-in-seek. Mostly hide by late afternoon; at which time it became clear why it had to keep hiding. The winds kicked up to well, to very fierce. Grey-blue clouds growled about the horizon adding to the ominous aura of the early evening. Jer had a basketball game in Kittanning. Allen and Stacy went with us to the game and then to dinner. It was a pleasant evening.
Today looks to be a fun one too. Jer is grooming Poco getting ready to ride. I would like saddle up Cool and take her for a spin. Jer is a bit leery of two horses out at the same time. Truly I think he likes me to be free to lend a hand if he gets in a pinch. And, he is con viced Cool is the root of that's scary and evil in horses.
The blog entry today is neither witty, nor informative, or the least bit spiritually uplifting. Just wanted to let anyone who reads I am alive, and home. Life is good. I rode my horse the other day; it was good. Oh, the guy is here to work on the floor. Gotta go.