Wednesday, November 26, 2008

new carpet

Cheerios and grapes
litter the floor
reminding me of
the maple in the front yard
in October
yellow and crimson scattered on the grass below
Cheerios squish
Grapes smash
between baby toes and grind into
the knit of my socks

Howard cleans up even the grapes
Odd I think

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Aunties

Kaleb and DrewAllen are very blessed to be getting two new aunts. They already have four wonderful uncles. Two of which are soon to marry a couple of very beautiful young women. Pictured above are Auntie Jen and Auntie Hannah. Grammy Sandy is also very blessed to have the girls in the family. First, they are GIRLS. Female type people, a new thing in the Kimmel household; secondly, they are a huge help with two very busy little boys. The pictures above do not do justice in portaying all the incredible joy they bring into our very male oriented family. My two tiny male-childs kept me very busy today. In addition, I had two extra babies this evening for a while. Feeding two babies at once and two toddlers on the shift prior can be quite entertaining. Not to mention the damp spagetti noodles ground into my socks. But all in all the evening was exciting and fun. I would not trade the boys or thier two little friends for anything. Lend them out occasionally, yes, but not trade. Again, God's Gifts are always good.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Small Things

Geeze Ned your feet are bigOf course I can hold my bottle
I AM cute huh?

Howard the Wonder Dog forced to beg for Kibbles
Drew and I went to Lowes this evening and picked out some stuff for the house. Seems there is an never ending list of things we still need. I picked out paint a few weeks back and the painter has been busy primering and adding some color to my walls. If you know me, color has always meant something bold and daring. Not so much this time. Most powerful color we are applying is "Taupe #4." Neutral is a new and daring theme for me. But I think I am going to like it. Tile is down in the main bath and the laundry room-mud room combo. My kitchen cabinets are stacked high in the master bedroom. The kitchen sink was one thing I needed to choose tonight at Lowes. All these seemingly small things are necessary to complete the house. So many times it is so easy for me to deal with, handle, solve the big stuff and ignore the details of life. Details always seem like busy work that someone else should do...for me. Building a house and having babies, two very odd combos have forced me out of my comfort zone, into another universe truly; and now I must micro manage in a way I never would have. God is so good to use such wonderful blessings to bring a new discipline into my life and heart.
Bev and I split the kids tonight, I have baby DrewAllen and she has Kaleb. DrewAllen had his first trip to Lowes, and did very well, better than Jer who became a bit restless and anxious. I know I should have recent pics of the house, maybe tomorrow afternoon I can go up when there are no workers and get some pictures.
Please pray for the babies as they both have had ongoing colds. DA is coughing up a storm tonight, and some other disgusting body fluids that we won't get into. They seem to be passing this virus thing back and forth.
OK, time for sleep. I was going to move the baby into the nursery, but this cough is nasty, I guess I want to make sure he keeps breathing. I know he will, just good to hear the snores between the gagging. Yikes.

Chandelier for the dining room

Saturday, November 08, 2008

All day or just a minute or two

The two Lucys
From behind, house on right barn on left
Saturday morning and I should be doing a hundred different things. And yet alas, here I lie in my comfy bed doing almost nothing. Skimming though a few blogs, looking at some accumulated emails. Lucy the Cat is on the bottom of the bed keeping watch. Lucy the dog is at my side, and Howard is on the chair beside my bed. Everyone is to darn comfortable for me to be the one to get up and disturb all this well earned rest. I mean seriously, have you ever thought about all the work house pets have to do? In addition the dogs have a double life as barn dogs, not to be confused with working farm dogs mind you, but still. All that cat chasing, hole digging, horse harassing. My, My; what a life. No wonder they are so whooped!
While up looking over my new home and barn yesterday, I was again but more so, overcome with an incredible awareness of God's kindness and goodness. From the view, to the design of both house and barn; and the proximity of one to the other. No other place on earth will hold such unique charm and peace.

Dave's attention to detail and design is amazing. An amazing craftsman he is. Jay has worked diligently to capture my dream and desire of a barn that will be both functional and charming. With only a few short steps from my back porch can be accessed from the master bedroom, the barn will house some of my dearest friends. No, I am not going all tree hugger on anyone, just that much of my life is invested in these creatures. And now with the grandbabies as a part of my family, the new home will facilitate the interaction of all the aspects and responsibilities of my life with much more ease.

While originally the thought of long term care of these dear wee ones wrapped my heart with fear and yes even resentment; I am now more open to whatever God has in store for us all. I have seen His Grace and Mercy abound where I had no faith. Slowly Kaleb and DrewAllen have become a part of my chaotic life. It is not like chaos is a new development in the Kimmel household. Surprisingly babies are just little people, little people with big needs, and I am not underestimating their drain on my energy and brain matter; but we are slipping into a routine or sorts, that is becoming doable. Mabye that is why I am lounging here resting my mind and spirit, I know that in a few short hourse the chaos returns and again I will be on high alert.
Drew is home, guess lounge time is over. All God's gifts are always Good!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Most Wonderful TIME of the Year

Oh my yes, I L-O-V-E that wonderful day in October when the clocks all slip back one hour, giving moms everywhere that secret extra hour of sleep. Honestly it is like the best mental health day of the year. Christmas, birthdays, those are fun and all, but nothing compares to the unadulterated joy I get from crawling into bed and adjusting the time on my alarm clock to give that huge 60 boost of joy. I am sure I even tricked the babies last night. They thought they got to stay up and extra hour. But oh no, i was KEEPING them up and extra hour so they would sleep till their regular wake up time. I DID NOT want any babies up for the day at 5:30 or 6:00 AM. Yikes, that would have been like nutso. I am a little concerned tonight. DrewAllen, the baby, usually stays up until 9;30 or so, and he is already out like a light, has been for 15 minutes.
I know this is brief, but I am off to sleep now also.
I want to say though that today I was overwhelmed with how good God has been to me lately. I am so blessed by his continued Mercy and Strength in my ability to care for these boys, I should not be able to do this. It is a challenge but God has been faithful. My new home is going to be a true palace. I cannot believe Dave was kind enough to agree to work for us. Truly I cannot say enough at his brilliance and creativity. Again, God worked out what I did not think was going to happen. We were able to afford the new car to haul everyone and all their stuff around in. Not my car of choice, but good thing I am not in charge, cause it has been a blessing. I have been still able to get a day or two of riding in every week. Drew and I just got back from a three/four day get away with no kids and no animals. Wow!!
God is so very Gracious.