Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

pperfect child disturbed adult

I've been pondering lately this notion that many modern parents have bought into; the idea that good parents should create perfect childhood experiences and environments for their children. Bests schools, perfect teeth, stylish clothing, cool cell phones, iPods, iPads, a plethora of after school activities, entertaining or exotic vacations. Never ending supply of personal preferences in food and beverages. Has all this lavishing kid-centered doting birthed a generation of better kids? Or, have we collectively as a society instructed our children that they owe nothing and deserve everything?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Nuisance Critters

So, sittin' on the back porch sipping lukewarm coffee, hoping my presence prevents any real injury one to  the other of small persons playing/arguing in the back yard. Somehow that sentence makes no sense, and I do not know how to fix it and still have it say what I wish it to.

According to my cadet WCO son Canadian Geese are now considered "Nuisance Creatures" in the state of Pennsylvania, similar to the groundhog. We have all been to that pristine pond or lake that appears so lovely until you try and hike the perimeter; only to find your self racing to find warm water and a rag to clean the slimy goo off of your shoes. Apparently at some point since the above picture was taken many of the black and white birds migrated from Canada and decided to stay south of our northern border . Please consider the fact, well known in most public circles, that my memory is not the best:, so my recollection of  the details of the my conversation about the geese may be sketchy. I don't think they can be hunted year round like the groundhog, at least not without the proper water fowl stamp. So before you decide to go out and bag a passel of them check out the PA Game Commission website for all the facts. Either way the fond memories of my childhood remain, all the while I am more than willing to acknowledge that not all that was, still is.

And, I am thinking that is true of far more in life than Canadian Geese. So much more to be added, but an electronic chirping coming from the kitchen alerts me to refrigerator invaders, summoning me inside to survey the carnage I most likely will find on the floor....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Winds of August

Blogging, something some do for fun, some to put public voice to their chosen cause or passion, some because they want to ad life and color to an otherwise humdrum existence . So, what would provoke me to put letters on a screen, words onto the computer generated paper of today; my thoughts or experiences sent into cyber eternity to be viewed or worse ignored  by family, friends, and strangers?
    If only I could keep after it well enough to satisfy the writer buried, possibly crushed under the weight of neglect, that writer's voice that has cried out to be acknowledged, to be heard, or to have the motivation to even speak. So long ignored that the very fingers pecking out the words do not recognize the noise they are asked to record.
   Even now, with blank mind and weary heart I seek to find the person I lost. or forgot, or allowed to slip away. Or perhaps. the savior has so rattled my soul that that I do not recognize the new creature in the mirror. Could it be that the old must die for the new to be born? Basic Gospel 101 has been the forest I have missed for my consternation with that silly old tree?
    On this side of heaven I now walk as an earthly orphan, yes redeemed for the glory of the Heavenly Father, but fatherless in my flesh. So many lessons, so much wretchedness this month of August. The emptiness of  anxiety echoes off of my cavernous heartache, yearning for clarity of mind and increased strength of bones. Of course i know that I possess all I could ask or imagine, so perhaps it is my imagination that needs to be stretched, expanded. My vision for the uncertain and a confidence that my own weak flesh and soul can be used by the creator not because of my abilities or brilliance but because His plans cannot be thwarted.