Monday, January 10, 2011

to snow or not to snow

I am hoping for snow. Lots of snow. Snow day(s) for Jer. Snow angel play for boys. Hot soup or maybe a big pot of chili. Yep good old fashioned comfort food, a fire in the wood burner, and snuggling with my boys, big and little ones.

Grateful for my warm home and food in the fridge and pantry. Really grateful for an attached garage. Our new, not quite two years, home continues to be an amazing blessing in my life. Feeling kind of warm and fuzzy today.
*Happy anniversary Ned and Hannah. 2 years today.
*Only 12 short weeks till our newest Kimmel arrives. Hang in there Jen.
*Jer put the boys to bed all on his own; all was quiet in less than an hour.
*Jer scored a basket tonight @ his game
*ate dinner out w/drew alone
*had another one but it slipped away.
Time for sleep
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Thursday, January 06, 2011


I wonder if the disciples evera thought when they got up that ordidary morning, that they were enjoying the dawn of a day of miracles. A day to be recorded as a lesson to all of history. As the crowds gathered on the hill to see this man of mystery preach, did they grumble knowing it might be another long day in the scorching sun? Even as a boys meager lunch grew into a feast for thousands could they have imagined how many times the events of the day would be retold, demonstrating to generations the the tender care of the Creator God? how do we view a new day? Expectantly? Grudgingly? Confident in our Saviours design for or day, for our lives? Every day we draw a breath is an example to a broken world that Jesus loves the lost, and He's waiting to save and heal each hurting soul.
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another day in paradise or two tickets to paradise

Lying on the floor of the nursery; boys are asleep. Kinda a miracle it's only 8:18 pm.
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Saturday, January 01, 2011

rubber hose

Steal your heart,
Steal your nose,
Feel like you been beat with a rubber hose.
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a walk in the park

Shade trees the scent of pine
Crunching under foot

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