Saturday, December 31, 2016

only two months later?? wow!

Its quiet. 
I'm alone.
Dishwasher is running.
Washing machine is running.
I brushed the crumbs off the counters; floors always need swept anyway.
I sit. Listening to the fish tank, didn't fill quite full enough; the sound of water gliding over mossy stones ripples behind me. Sucking in the deep quiet. Measured
breathing. A good dog at my feet. 
My heart should be at peace. Resting. Relishing the moment. 
Morning chaos imprinted, leaves me with a rumbling heart. I know His peace is tangible. 
Touchable. I am close. For now that is enough.
The knowing. Is enough. So often we think we need. Deserve. More. 
He says His Grace is sufficient. 
His Peace He leaves with us. 
Expect trials. He carries us.
His Words. 
He is The Word. 
And it is good.

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